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  1. Cadets 2018

    I think there's a concept in there somewhere that's intriguing, but the current show title right now seems to focus the idea too much, IMO. I'm guessing it'll be tweaked as they further flesh this thing out.
  2. Cadets 2018

    Actually, I was with you in wanting to see an update like JonWoody (I think) had as his avatar a while back. But yeah... the traditional uniform wouldn't lend itself to this theme. I'm not really sure I see that this one does, either. But the staff seemed a bit muddled in trying to convey exactly how the theme would be portrayed, so we'll see if this look ties things together more on the field when all is said and done. The Slenderman fingers are creepy af though.
  3. Cadets 2018

    It's like Jem and the Holograms meets the Gimp from Pulp Fiction.
  4. What kind of disturbing stuff?

  5. Cadets 2018

    I'm hoping this was meant as a joke. The thought of Hopkins and the Cadets' staff engaged in some sort of deep-state, false-flag attempt at throwing DCPers off the scent of a drum corps show is ridiculous, even by GH's standards.
  6. Cadets v.s. Boston Crusaders

    We just hosted one of the Cadet camps and their staff mentioned to us about how they will get an influx of brass auditionees after the first round or two of Crown cuts. But that's just the nature of the beast. Crown has been more consistent from a placement standpoint and much more consistent from a brass perspective. Most brass players are going to want to try their luck there first. It's not a dig. Things are always in flux and it's just the way things are currently. Hoping Cadets quickly turn back into being the 'it' corps for the East.
  7. Cavaliers v.s. Bluecoats

    Bloo. Still at a loss as to how that mess of a Mars show edged out Canton at finals.
  8. Cadets v.s. Boston Crusaders

    Cadets are well overdue for a good year. I think they regain some competitive ground this year.
  9. All time shows: The Cadets

    Best In Order of Importance: 1. 1993 - This is the year I first got a taste. 2. 1998 - This is the year I got hooked. 3. 2000 - This is the year I realized I had a problem. 4. 2005 - This is the year that put me in rehab. 5. 2011 - This is the year that reminded me of my first high. Worst In Order of... Worseness: 1. 2006 - .... No. 2. 2008 - .... Nope. 3. 2014 - .... Uh-uh. 4. 2016 - .... Move along please.
  10. 2018 Rules proposals

    Hop should've commissioned you to make the argument. This at least makes a little more sense.
  11. 2018 Rules proposals

    Yeah.... I mean, if the corps are still seeing the scores in critique, then what's the point except to keep fans from knowing them?
  12. 2018 Rules proposals

    I don't get Hop's logic for the ordinals given that nothing would change with the judging system or what information the individual corps would be privy to. It would just be less information for us fans to chew on. Am I missing something?
  13. Video edits 2017

    So they're just struggling with the digital downloads for some reason....
  14. Video edits 2017

    Any idea when these things are going to be shipped/released? Struggling to figure out what the delay is in uploading the audio files to