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  1. Video edits 2017

    I'm sure this has been answered on DCP somewhere, I'm just too doped on on DayQuil to search: Do these edits effect just the blurays/DVDs or the CD/digital audio as well? Thanks in advance.
  2. Video edits 2017

    So almost an entire drum corps' show worth of time on the Blu-ray to watch in silence. Another year I won't be purchasing.
  3. 2018 Show Announcent/Rumors?

    I don't know that it's a question of who benefits. It just is what it is.
  4. 2018 Show Announcent/Rumors?

    The person they had negotiated the contract with at LB's foundation is no longer there. From what I understand, they bought the Cadets out of their obligation for the next two years, including the arrangement with the NY Philharmonic.
  5. 2018 Show Announcent/Rumors?

    Heard Cadets will *not* be continuing with their Bernstein contract.
  6. Cadets 2018

    I wouldn't limit it to just this past year. And I'm not sure it has to do with the energy of the field show. I'm talking about the overall perception of the corps. Cavies are certainly regaining the mojo they lost when Gaines left. BD hasn't missed a step. SCV still carries the mantle of DCI's classiest act. Crown and Bloo are relative newcomers to the top, but have some #### long souvie lines. I just don't get the sense from Cadets anymore that people are excited about them.
  7. Cadets 2018

    I'm curious what the general perception of the corps is in younger eyes. I've certainly lost some of the awe that first got me hooked on them in the 90s. But when we show quarter-finals to our marching band kids at band camp, the response seems generally tepid from them as well. I know that's not the case for the Cadet MMs, so they are drawing interest. It just seems like the air around the corps has grown stale to a degree, while that around Bloo, Crown, BD, SCV, and even Cavies is more electric. Is that an issue, or am I seeing things that aren't there? If so... how do they get their swagger back?
  8. DrumScorps v3 now available!

    No, thank YOU guys for an awesome app. Excited to see what you bring to the table for next season!
  9. Cadets 2018

    I see what you're saying (sorry... coffee hasn't kicked in yet). I'd like for 2018 to be a settling-in year for the team, but I'm not sure I see that happening.
  10. Cadets 2018

    Nope. Bernstein has plenty of material to pull from. Cadets need to put something new on the field. I know... crazy thought.
  11. Cadets 2018

    This. We do not need a fourth interpretation of WSS from the Cadets.
  12. Cadets 2017

    Cadets drop 5 tenths. BK up 8 tenths. 6 tenths from 8th place.
  13. Cadets 2017

    I'm curious what you feel is ahead of it's time with regards to this show.
  14. BD is clean and they are selling the crap out of this show. Not my favorite of theirs, but they're undeniable in their ability to write and perform to the sheets. I want SCV, but don't see how it happens.