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  1. chaddyt

    Cadets Announce 2018 Program

    I think "the four vocalists who busted their ### and auditioned to get in this corps before this whole thing broke should totally be shown the door because Hop paved the way for singing in drum corps and they need to send a message" is quite possibly the dumbest thing I've read on this forum so far this year. Thanks for coming guys, but the former director who was fired for grossly inappropriate behavior liked singing, so.... I guess if you want to stay, you could always run met for rehearsals!
  2. chaddyt

    Cadets 2018

    #### YES, CADETS! #### YES.
  3. chaddyt

    Cadets 2018

  4. Guess it’s par for the course then. Regardless, they still need to go.
  5. chaddyt

    Cadets 2018

    Agreed. I cannot wait to cheer these kids on.
  6. Anyone know what the process was to get on the board of YEA?
  7. Did some LinkedIn browsing.... The only board member that appears to have any connection to the marching arts is Roger Floreska. He was a band director for about 5 years, ending in 2001. The majority of the rest seem to be in positions that could not be further from youth, education, and/or arts. ... so weird that they botched this.
  8. Garfield made it up. Notes as much in the fine print.
  9. Did a quick Google Image search for "yea bod statement". Got a few hits...
  10. They weren’t asked for comment, but the board knew this story was going to break since January. You can’t prepare a response or two in that amount of time??
  11. They knew this was coming for three months. They were hedging their bets. Not the best course of action for allegations like these.
  12. Man, that’s gotta sting for him... I love it.