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  1. If we were talking about an isolated incident, I'd most likely agree with you. But Hop can no longer seem to stay out of his own way, and it's becoming a pattern. If this is what he posts on FB, I can only imagine the crap that's going on behind the scenes. Not one single other corps has to deal with the same type of self-inflicted drama. The pros of Hop being so open and honest have officially been outweighed by the cons, IMO. Anyone who doesn't think that he was a major factor in the Great Exodus of 2016 is fooling themselves. If he keeps this up, I'd expect there will be turnover after this year as well, when the Cadets need stability more than anything. Yes... taken as a one-off, this would probably be no big deal. But it isn't. And the corps I grew up idolizing continues to suffer for it.
  2. There were certainly things to like in the post. I wouldn't take that as a ringing endorsement for the entire message. Look... this is bush-league, amateur-hour, ########. A CEO cannot take to FB to publicly vent about their staff. Period. Full stop. It is the height of unprofessionalism. No wonder that staff retention at YEA is as abysmal as it is. If you have an issue with what they're doing, address it privately within the organization. The staff is under enough pressure as it is trying to get this organization rebuilt without having to deal with getting thrown under the bus by their boss.
  3. Boston is selling the #### out of this show.
  4. Crossmen now currently moving as much as BD. GE Visual off the charts.... #floworld
  5. He just has no off-switch.....
  6. You certainly don't give them the middle finger and then constantly solicit them for money....
  7. I hope it was. Most are in agreement that this show needs less, not more.
  8. Even still. Doesn't sound like this was something they had planned for as Hop is looking for last minute volunteers. More throwing #### to see what sticks....
  9. One of my concerns, right there. A corps as celebrated and storied as the Cadets should have no problem attracting the top dogs in the activity. Instead.... they're leaving (for the most part).
  10. All this means is "We get to keep your money when we #### the bed and can't do what we say we can." Doesn't mean we don't get to gripe about them ####### the bed or DCI's partnership with them or them not being able to follow through on what they advertise. It's like McDonalds showing you a picture of a BigMac as Extra Value Meal #1 but disclaiming that you may get a kid's burger instead because, well... #### it.
  11. 1.03 stars out of 5, from customers dealing with their sports market (which they've been doing for awhile). BBB rating of F. Wondering what their pitch was to convince DCI that they could handle this and produce a quality product.
  12. Very few are calling for their heads. Many are simply upset that they paid for a sub-standard product and then being told that it's really no big deal and to relax.
  13. I'm not sure everyone needs to take a breath. The frustration is justified, IMO. People are paying money for this service, often times as the only means to see their kid perform. It worries me that you say Tom Blair (whose work with DCI is exceptional) would indicate that FloMarching is doing an even passable job. Maybe you don't need an expensive camera to get quality audio/video, but you do need to be able to point that camera at something interesting when it's happening.
  14. I was pretty shocked at the s***show that was last nights broadcast. I had tuned in to both Denver and Dekalb this past Saturday and had zero issues (apart from the horrible multi-cam shots of mallet heads and soloists who aren't soloing at that moment.) What is FloMarching's history? They obviously had to have some sort of experience in covering the performing arts for DCI to approach them and bring them on board. But it seems like a smooth, issue-free broadcast is the exception, not the norm. And more importantly, why does DCI continue to struggle with finding an acceptable platform to deliver this content to people at home? They've been trying for a solid decade now and every time it seems like they're starting to figure something out, they completely change gears and effectively start all over again.