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  1. The show seemed a bit low energy in Denver. No standing up at the end, which is a first in a long time in Denver. My emoji review Drums - Brass - Usually , occasionally Visual - Trumpet soloist at the beginning of the show - Lots of changes going in this week.
  2. I think she's just getting back from a big pinochle convention in Muscateen.
  3. I marched with her Dad, Daron in 1988. We were in the University of Wyoming Marching Band together for five years and Kappa Kappa Psi for five years. He introduced me to her Mom in Laramie when I went to watch a rehearsal in 1991 after I aged out of corps. I went to their wedding and remember when Katie was born. It makes me feel really good to see Katie out there as a Trooper. And also really old....
  4. Love it.
  5. Yeah, a couple of cool things coming out soon......TROOOP!
  6. This is amazing. Yesterday there was a topic that seemed to indict Crown for "revoking" past scholarships, insinuating that Crown is being unfair. Today someone provided "proof" of the situation that seems to undermine the victimhood narrative, and then an epic exercise in rhetoric ensues. The psychology (psychopathy?) of our community must be experienced to be believed.
  7. I love Southern's band. I love drum corps. They're related to each other, but not the same. So what.
  8. If only each goosebump paid out a nickel....
  9. I wish we'd have thought of having large tech staffs BITD. It would have cut the per-person cost of the kegs. I kid.
  10. It's pretty simple. You go where the talent is, or wants to be.
  11. This is a great idea! Win-Win
  12. 1989. They still won. I never believed they did anything wrong, the members had fake papers. SCV didn't know.
  13. The uniform smack...she gets old....
  14. It's silly season for scores. That's for sure. Partial panels and lack of head-to-head competition make them random, guesswork and subject to last year's final scores.
  15. Apparently, it's on. Like really ON.