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  1. I have been looking at the FloMarching website for a few weeks and saw they had a monthly $29.95 option. I was thinking about doing that as a test. But now I see that monthly option has jumped to $49.95. Or are there other sites which offer the lower price?
  2. I wrote on April 10 to RCC and got a reply within two hours as shown below. However still am waiting to hear that they are actually on sale. ================ Hi Jeff, I’ve added you to my contact list to notify as soon as they do go on sale, or as soon as I know the date. I’m in the process of finalizing our paperwork for the show with the college so the tickets can go on sale. I’m not sure of the date at this time. Kurt Kilgus Music Specialist RCC Marching Band Riverside City College (951) 222-8295
  3. jeff61108

    TOC - Warrensburg MO

    Everyone with emphatic and definitive judgments on any and all performances. It is amazing all the statements being made just watching on a TV or computer.
  4. jeff61108

    TOC - Warrensburg MO

    I like their show too - but I am finding it amazing all of you can make such clear-cut statements on how the performance was watching it on Fan Network. Perhaps you are sitting in the stands and making these statements - otherwise it really seems like it is just wishful thinking. (just my opinion here before you attack me.)
  5. jeff61108

    Where is DCI headed?

    I am thinking that summer marching bands soon will become a part of or a new division of DCI competitions including championships. As we get fewer and fewer corps - they will be needed to bring in additional revenue. After this happens and much of the original fan base leaves or is aged away - it will morph into a marching competition which will just be a total blending of bands and corps. After all even now any high school band could join the competition with sousaphones, trombones etc - they just have to use their woodwind players to enlarge the percussion and color guard sections. When DCI allows woodwinds there really is no reason whatsoever to make a distinction between bands and drum corps and likely the name drum corps will be totally eliminated so it is more descriptive to what the activity has become. DCI will become MBI (Marching Band International) or something similar. Perhaps not by 2020, but in the not too distant future. It will be characterized as a natural change, progress, and something "for the kids" so as to make any naysayers sound like they just don't get it. Sad, but I think inevitable.
  6. jeff61108

    Stanford Showdown

    Good example of a rude comment there!!
  7. jeff61108

    "Tour of Champions" 2013

    Monday, Aug. 5 – Buffalo, NY Tour of Champions – Eastern New York (Drums Along the Waterfront) Ralph Wilson Stadium Read more: Has DCI moved Buffalo to "Eastern" New York? Last time I was there it was in the western part of the state.
  8. jeff61108


    3 chats and 2 live feeds here.
  9. jeff61108

    Stanford Live!

    I thought when the talking began - it was kinda like the announcer microphone was open accidentally.....then it sounded like a party going on in the background. There he is again.....
  10. jeff61108

    Stanford Live!

    Not sure when the broadcast begins....but likely a few minutes before the first corps. The info below is from the Regiment website: Show: Stanford, CA WhenSaturday, Jun 23, 2012 Description------- Housing Info ------- Arroyo High School 15701 Lorenzo Ave. San Lorenzo, CA 94580 ------- Show Info ------- Stanford Stadium 625 Nelson Road Stanford, CA 94305 6:55 PM Renegades 7:10 PM Blue Devils C 7:25 PM Blue Devils B 7:40 PM Vanguard Cadets 7:55 PM Intermission 8:30 PM Mandarins 8:47 PM Pacific Crest 9:04 PM Boston Crusaders 9:21 PM Blue Knights 9:38 PM Phantom Regiment 9:55 PM Santa Clara Vanguard 10:12 PM Blue Devils Contest Coordinator - Tom Hope Chief Judge - Andrew Cook Color Guard - Kyle Miller GE Music - Jeff Harper GE Visual - Frank Miller Music Analysis - Chuck King Music Brass - Andrew Cook Music Perc. - Jeff Wilson Visual Analysis - Scott Pizani Visual Proficiency - Curtis Costanza
  11. jeff61108

    The Five Judge Panel

    The Phantom Regiment daily Calendar has a listing of judges and captions for each show. Just go to their website, click on the calendar on the upper left. Then on the calendar for a particular show click on the show city heading. A popup then lists the show information including the site address, performance schedule, and judge panel. The upcoming Stanford show lists a full judge panel. This is very convenient location for all this information - don't know about all other corps websites, but it would be nice to have all this info available.
  12. Perhaps it is listed somewhere - but I have not located the thread. Thanks for any help with this.
  13. jeff61108

    Jump off the Clifton

    I just got this email from DCI regarding my recap inquiry..... ---------------------------------------------------- Thank you for contacting Drum Corps International. We apologize for any inconvenience at the delay. Typically recaps are posted within a few days of the event, however that time can vary due to many factors including contact with the judges, show promoters and our verification team in the office. We are working to post the recap as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience. Sincerely, Jenny L1 Drum Corps International
  14. It is the email I get every year from DCI.....I ordered last year about the same time also. (I know it was BEFORE Championships in Indy.)
  15. I just ordered the Super 3 package at LOS for August 11 - 13, 2011. Is it naive to think that G7 is dead? I did think it was interesting that DCI did not force the Super "5" on us by selling the Open class tickets with the World Class as they have done for the last several years. Perhaps this is a marketing decision and not related to G7 corps leaving in any way - but perhaps they are saying Open and World class would combine without the G7 corps there. Just speculation of course, but it would allow for some "eliminations" as they progress from Quarterfinals to Semifinals to Finals. Without that someone on here posted that only ONE corps would be eliminated each show....not much of a competition. There was absolutely no mention of the Open class corps tickets in the DCI 2011 information packet.