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  1. Can't really do anything about it though. They never respond to emails, and at this point obviously don't care. This is the only way to watch live all season and it sucks.
  2. Holy bejesus Blue Devils! That was superhuman. My Bluecoats got a ways to go to catch up I think.
  3. That's what I was thinking too
  4. Blue Stars vs. Crossmen is interesting too. Love both shows even more than I thought I did.
  5. I'm soooo pumped for this season now. Didn't really say much outside of posting an SCV video the other night. But I saw this coming. Maybe/definitely not yet but this SCV group is special. Still think Bluecoats have the better show, but SCV were underscoring for a while, that hornline is #### impressive. Wait till you hear it.
  6. CONGRATS!!!
  7. Vanguard's hornline is not to be messed with. That group comes out firing all cylinders.
  8. I mean, whoa. I saw SCV the other night, but didn't expect this! Props. Love the show, this is gonna be a fun finish!
  9. Yeah. Zombie Woof definitely helps. but that sprint to the audience is so epic. And horns popping in and out of the prop. It just works. Everything just works. It has sooooo much GE. They need to fix the ending a bit, but I know that's coming just like they did last year with running up the ramps at the end.
  10. It's better than Down Side Up. There. I said it.
  11. Blue Stars! Calm down, this is too awesome! (but still, need to get rid of "hey sista, go sista, flow sista")
  12. Ugh, Phantom, I just don't know. Those uniforms are horrible (thigh-knee pads?). The show still doesn't make much sense. Performing it well, but...yuck.
  13. That might be my favorite Crossmen show ever.
  14. Troopers drill and hornline have been awesome. Don't really like the theme or tarps, but meh.
  15. Props worked awesome as the barricade. I had to squint early on to see what they were though.