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  1. rpbobcat

    YEA Board of Directors

    As far as I know,no one here was in the room when the old BoD were made aware of the accusations against GH by the then anonymous accusers. So, all anyone here can comment on is what they put out publicly. I presume the old Bod talked to GH in depth about this,what did he say ? Did the old BoD feel that,since the accusers were anonymous, they weren't serious , either in their accusations or going to the press,who knows. I'm sure that will all looked at as part of the outside investigation. What I don't know is whether any of the old Bod members would even be willing to speak about it. Regardless,the old Bod's handling of this was inexcusable. I disagree with the comment that the Bod's actions only make sense if they had a financial stake in the outcome. I think their motivations could have ,depending on what they found out at the time,been based on avoiding or minimizing potential "exposure" or liability.
  2. rpbobcat

    Cadets 2018

    This is a little O.T. I know the Cadets have a tradition of always walking in pairs. One of my friends asked if I knew why. I don't. Does anyone know how that started or why its done ?
  3. rpbobcat

    YEA Board of Directors

    First off, "the saving the organization" includes making sure that all Cadets supporters are comfortable with what has/is being done. Mr Ruhterford's time is indeed "precious". However ,he still took the time to email me,and answer all my questions. That says something about the type of person he his,and his concern for the organization. He also said that YEA would take my suggestion, and post on their website ,an explanation about the current BoD and exactly what they will be doing during their 6 month terms.
  4. rpbobcat

    YEA Board of Directors

    Just want to make sure that you know this as a fact . Presuming that is,I want to know where did the list of proposed BOD members come from . I would also like to know is where it says anywhere this is a temporary board,including at the YEA Town Hall. Again,as I posted before,YEA wants to restore trust in the organization. If that's true,then post how the new BOD was selected. I did send Mr. Rutherford an email. If I get a response,I'll let you people know.
  5. rpbobcat

    YEA Board of Directors

    I'm not questioning whether the new BOD are "well selected" or not. That being said, I do feel people have a right to know the "process" YEA used to select and appoint them. For example,since the entire Board resigned,who has the authority to name new members. I also haven't seen or heard the title "transitional" applied to or used by BOD members. Your assumptions concerning the process used to select BOD members may be entirely accurate,or they may not be. So far, all anyone here has are suppositions. YEA wants to restore trust in their organization. Personally I think this would be one step in that direction.
  6. I originally posted this on the Cadets 2018 thread,since it dealt with the YEA Town Hall video there. Anyway,I couldn't find it,so I figured I'd start a new topic. I apologize if this question has come up in the 400 plus pages on GH. The YEA Town Hall Video talks about the new Board of Director members. The YEA website provides the background of the new Board of Directors. What i can't see to find is who selected these individuals,or how they became BOD members. Does anyone know who selected them and what was the process to name them as Board members ?
  7. This is kind of "old news". DCI posted this on April 29,and its been hashed out on the other Cadets' threads.
  8. rpbobcat

    Cadets 2018

    The problem with trying to add the Cadets to the Tour Premiere would be the timing of the show,primarily the Fathom broadcast. With it being indoors,you can pretty much "lock down" its running time,so theaters can schedule after it. Adding another corps not only increases the length of the show itself,but requires the announcers to spend time to address the "elephant in the room" in detail. I would think that,now that they won't be on the West coast, the Cadets will now appear at their July 5 show.
  9. I have similar issues with pronating. I find that new Balance and Aiscs Trail Running Shoes work really well. I also use "arch" insoles. They helped with the pronating. I agree with the "break in " comments. I always have 2 pairs of "sneakers' that I alternate.
  10. I wasn't sure where to post this,and didn't think it justified a new thread. There's been a number of posts here on Stuart Rice and his "work". Some of us aren't all that "technically astute" when it comes to the nuances of marching. So could someone(s) please post,in a "Reader's Digest" condensed version,what PLanar Analysis is supposed to be.
  11. There seem to be 2 separate issues YEA has to deal with. First is GH and any/all legal issues. The Chicago law firm would deal with that. Second is YEA's financing. I would think that would include an audit by an accounting firm.
  12. To me DCI's probationary status isn't what could affect the ability to tour this summer. What I think could potentially affect the Cadets touring ,as well as all YEA programs, is their current financial situation. I presume ,since all the BOD members are new,their knowledge of YEA's financial situation was limited to the same public information everyone else could see. I would hope that, by now,the BOD has engaged a Forensic Accountant to determine exactly where YEA stands financially. As long as they are on a sound financial footing,there should be nothing to prevent them from touring.
  13. I would think a lot would depend on how YEA and their programs are structured. its unclear,at least from YEA's website, how YEA's programs fall within their "umbrella". It could go as far as YEA owning the "rights" to the corps name.
  14. Could you please elaborate on what exactly "de facto emergency fund" means.