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  1. Madison Scouts 2018

    I'm not sure. You're talking about someone with female genitalia so you get into all kinds of potential predicaments,especially if you have have corps members who are minors.
  2. Madison Scouts 2018

    I read the Medium article on this. Does anyone know how co-ed corps deal with this. For example did he shower with the male or female corps members.
  3. Madison Scouts 2018

    I disagree that the corps was not prepared to respond to a "request of this nature". The article says that the corps uses the sex on someone's birth certificate to determine eligibility. That's a pretty clear policy. It would be interesting to see if this policy is in their bi-laws.
  4. DCI/DCA

    Was wondering. Is there any rule that, if someone marched with a DCI corps,they couldn't march with a DCA corps after the DCI season was over ?
  5. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    As far as I know the Rule/Policy has to do with announcing staff changes not making them. So ,the staff may have been changing by the time retreat was over.
  6. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    I know that DCI put a Rule in place that staff changes can't be announced until next Tuesday. Anyone know what,if any penalty DCI could impose if the rule is broken?
  7. How About Some Common Ground?

    I'd like to raise a different issue with A&E. Is there any time limit for a corps to straighten out problems with their A&E equipment when they set up? Several corps had issues getting their A&E equipment to work.At one show it was over 5 minutes they were waiting,after the corps was set. Just wondered if there is a penalty if they don't get the equipment working in "x' amount of time or if the judges can say "start",electronics or not ?
  8. Enough Judging Conspiracy Theories

    Is this available to the general public ? If it is,could you please tell me how to do this . I know I've tried to get DCI's Bi-Laws but couldn't
  9. Enough Judging Conspiracy Theories

    After reading through all of the posts on this thread i have a a couple of questions and a comment: The questions: 1.Is there some way to see the "resumes" of DCI's judges ? 2.Is there any place to see what DCI's requirements are to be a judge ? 3.Is there any place to see what DCI's training/testing of judges consists of. Comments: 1.I'm an engineer and land surveyor. I had obtain several years of acceptable experience,then take licensing exams to practice. I don't know if DCI actually has a "test" for judges. My suggestion,have a several judges do "sheets" for the same show, If they are properly trained,and "objective",their sheets should all be about the same for each corps. 2.I keep hearing about people becoming judges. Other then people in education,or possibly retirees, I don't know many people,including myself, who could work their full time job and judge contests all summer.
  10. Cadets 2017

    But,in either case,was the CEO the founder of the organization ? I know,when they were The Cadets of Bergen County,GH had a lot of influence over who sat on their board. As far as I know,YEA's By-Laws aren't public.So there's no way to know just what power the board has.
  11. Cadets 2017

    Technically a CEO works for a Board. Normally,a CEO has no say who sits on a corporate board. That's not necessarily the case with a non-profit. The question is,who appoints/appointed the Board for YEA ? If GH had a say in the board member's appointments,which seems likely,since he created YEA,he has a lot more control then a typical CEO.
  12. Cadets 2017

    My wife and I watched the theater show last night. Did we miss it,or did The Cadets.drop "For Holy Name,shall always be" ? If they did,does anyone know why ?
  13. Pioneers need our help

    Does anyone know if they're having a "pass the hat" pail at their souvie stand ? I know corps have done that to help out with fuel costs. That would get the attention of a lot of people who don't follow Drum Corps that closely.
  14. To me,allowing the use of any front bell brass instrument,pushed what could be considered Drum Corps to its limit. If WW are allowed,how is the activity not just summer marching band ? Then again when, as was pointed out earlier,high school band directors are the driving force behind show designs,and when you have one corps director running his own high school band syndicate,what would you expect ?
  15. To me,your food critic analogy points out exactly why GE judging cannot be truly objective. Say I'm a food critic. I hate liver. I come to your restaurant. That's what you serve. I don't care how great your presentation is,or how creative you are,I still hate liver. Same with judges. They're human. They all have preferences. That has to effect how they view a show's GE.