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  1. AMarcher

    DCI scores as of July 11

    Unless is wrong, Oregon Crusaders scored 66.0 yesterday and Pacific Crest scored 67.75.
  2. AMarcher

    Ogden, UT - July 11, 2018

    Everyone beat me to scores, so I will just say I can't wait for these corps to meet up with everyone else next week to see how things shake out with others. Looks like we are in for some fun battles at the top/middle/bottom of World Class this year!
  3. AMarcher

    Ogden, UT - July 11, 2018

    I don't know. I think it will be tough for Pacific Crest to beat Oregon Crusaders if they get scored only a minute into their show....
  4. AMarcher

    Sioux City, IA - July 10, 2018

    1 Mandarins 78.400 2 Blue Stars 77.600 3 Colts 73.800 4 Genesis 67.300 1 River City Rhythm 55.700 2 Colt Cadets 52.100
  5. AMarcher

    Seattle, WA - July 7, 2018
  6. AMarcher

    Mesa, AZ - July 2, 2018

    Writing from work after the show. Seats were right below the press box. I was standing and stretching my legs during intermission; as Troopers were setting up I was asked by a judge if I would be sitting during the shows or else she would have not been able to see. Summer Youth Guard - Always good to see kids getting indoctrinated to the joys of drum corps/color guard at such a young age. Loved the flag which was like the Academy "A" symbol but with a lower case "a." Arsenal - Sound Sport group from Albuquerque. Had instrumentation like a drum corps. Had a balanced membership of about 50 split between brass, percussion, and guard. Some nerves at first but seemed to grow into their performance. I think they have a lot of potential and hope to see them competing in Open Class in the near future. Phenom - Sound Sport group from Tempe. No color guard, but close to full brass and percussion lines with about a dozen woodwind players. I am absolutely blown away by their improvement over the last couple of years. I believe the group will stay Sound Sport since so many high schools in Phoenix start late July/early August which does not allow students to march a full drum corps season and this is the perfect experience for them. If they did make a move up (and they get a guard on level with their brass and percussion) they would very quickly contend for Open Class finals. Watchmen - Open Class from Riverside, CA. Did not count but would estimate 75 or so members. I can not believe how good Open Class is getting, especially their percussion section which I thought was stellar. Front ensemble was a little over amped in the beginning which hurt the impact of the first brass hit. Good program that I expect them to grow into through the season and think they could make some Open Class noise in coming seasons if they keep things up. Troopers - I absolutely loved the first half of the show. They had me hooked from the beginning, but felt it started to fade as the show went on a bit. Could be the programming of the show, could also be the fact that it was probably around 105° when they stepped off and they were wearing multiple tops leading to performance stamina issues that won't be present at pretty much any other show. Hoping they make top 15 so I can watch them again in the theaters. Mandarins - Almost the opposite of Troopers where it took me a while to get into the show, but I was totally digging it by the end. I understand that they have a stage they did not use tonight and it was noticably absent to the detriment of the show. Such a mature sound and visual program from this group. The show was too weird/dark for some in my group, but I was sold on it. If DCI had an award for Most Improved Corps, they would get my vote easily. Blue Devils - I really liked their show this year. Unfortunately for them, in the past when I have really liked a Blue Devil show it ends up not doing as well with the judges. I may be the only one, but one of my favorites is the 2005 Dance Derby of the Century show (Yowza!). My biggest complaint on the show is the synth bass was too loud in moments. Although even that wasn't too overpowering like some of the thunderous goo of the past. They were dirtier than I remember them being at this time in years past, but hopefully that means room for growth as I was thoroughly entertained by the show. Academy - I am biased as I marched here for four years. After reading some of the comments on this show the last week and a half I was nervous for the show, but I was blown away by the quality of it. They seem to have made positive changes and the members are really selling the show. I thought they were closer to the Mandarins tonight than the judges did, but I am biased and it was their home show. Not sure it has the legs to make finals, but if they keep layering and cleaning they can make it a fight to the end.
  7. Why would SCVC not make semis? There are 23 World Class Corps for 25 semi spots which means at least 2 Open Class Corps will make semis. SCVC and BDB are pretty much assured of spots in semis. Now if you are referring to them making top 17, like it used to be prior to 2011, it could be close.
  8. The Cavaliers 91.900 Blue Stars 86.150 Mandarins 82.700 Colts 79.850 Troopers 79.650 Oregon Crusaders 75.900 Pacific Crest 75.700 Genesis 74.400 Seattle Cascades 72.500
  9. AMarcher


    Quick thoughts on the show: Phenom Sound Sport was much better than I was expecting. A mix of brass and woodwinds with a decent sized battery and front ensemble and no guard. They performed a Japanese inspired show which held my attention and had the most unexpected part of the night when a clarinet player pretending that her instrument was a samurai sword mimed seppuku. Watchmen were able to convey their Valhalla themed show very well throughout. The strength of the corps is definitely their percussion. They need to do some cleaning for this year but seem to have a solid foundation from which to build on in future years. Vanguard is performing at a higher level than I have seen from them in recent years and are definitely going to be in the hunt this year. It is obviously not a finished product yet as there will be many tweaks added throughout, but this is their strongest package in recent memory. The electronics did become a bit much during the show (the amplification of the brass and the synth), but it is probably less noticeable from the pressbox than my seats a dozen rows up from some speakers. The opener and closer literally made my jaw drop and by the end I was laughing in disbelief at the astounding performance. Academy has a fun show, but plays into the gimmick a bit too much. The difficulty is definitely present compared to their last few shows, but there is still an abundance of dirt. There are also a couple of sequences in the show where the momentum seems to grind to a halt while the corps attempts to hit you over the head with the theme. This was incredibly noticeable during the encore when there is an extended period of front ensemble playing with "cartoon" noises being played on the synth that seem to detract from the show. If they clean up the show and fix some of these odd passages, then this has a shot to compete for finals, but it will not be an easy road for them to take. I really hope that by the end of the season they finish the show with the Looney Tunes end song. Phantom was obviously missed at the show. Dan Acheson addressed the crowd at the end of the intermission to explain the situation to everybody. I heard that there was a card that you were able to sign that they will be presenting to the corps and donations being taken as well. SCV playing Elsa was undoubtedly the highlight of the entire night.
  10. AMarcher


    Intermission. Fun shows from Phenom Sound Sport and Watchmen.
  11. AMarcher


    It has to do with the closing of the Georgia Dome and the new stadium not being ready yet. From :
  12. AMarcher

    BD-when was the last time...

    Cadets took every caption in 2005 which I am fairly certain is the last time the Blue Devils did not win a caption.
  13. AMarcher


  14. AMarcher

    Official DCI Prelims Thread 2015
  15. AMarcher

    Official DCI Prelims Thread 2015

    Oregon Crusaders with a half point penalty that took them from ahead of SCVC to behind them. Anyone know why they received a penalty?