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  1. Bluzes

    Flo Music Satisfaction

    Thanks will look into that.
  2. Bluzes

    Top 12 All Time Shows

    I felt the same way and seeing all the shows that are all time favorites here that had me sitting on my hands I blame it on myself for not being the artsy type. However the last several years maybe 2013 on the excitement is back at least for me and maybe you to since we are both still here.
  3. Wonder why this show didn't make it onto FLO? It is not like it would affect attendance put me within 250 miles of the place and I don't care if it was in my local theater for free. Does dci/FLO not understand their market?
  4. FLO worked great last night in Denver. Keep up the good work almost all of my concerns have been addressed. Thank You
  5. I respect your opinion but don't think the corps you mention agree with you. Go on another top corps thread and folks are talking up Boston's show so much you would think they are in the running to win come Indy would like to see them medal. Lots of talk about what Boston can do with their SOS platform I wouldn't be too overconfident.
  6. Well attitudes didn't change much in the early 90's were I was the Engineering Director for Cablevision of Boston, told sales director watch who he sends into Southie of course he had to learn from experience when one of his sales force got an ax through his windshield. On a lighter note my son waited till I moved on to Southern Connecticut when he decided to join the Crusaders (94) would leave work early on Friday to get him to practice at some factory parking lot in back of South Station only to find some cars still in the lot and the corps marching around them. Would think I left early for this?
  7. Bluzes

    Flo Music Satisfaction

    Me too, great value. The pricing over at BOX 5 for 3 days of DCA coverage @92 bucks is outrages compared to months and months and months of shows on FLO - dci, BOA, WGI along with all the other channels.
  8. That may work but still cutting into the 17 minute window, good suggestion though.
  9. Bluzes

    Flo Music Satisfaction

    Depends do you enjoy BOA or WGI then the yearly package works. Also all the other channels like Rodeo where they run around to grab a red flag from a steer's butt (hilarious ). The wife likes the dance competitions.
  10. Yep tell me about Charlestown so tolerant back in the 60's that people of color were left on the bus for parades or we would get bottles thrown at us, always wondered why Phil Ochs singled out the south in his lyrics so much? Sorry for the rant but this still bothers me today.
  11. Yea maybe they all get in a replica of the USS Minnow and float around the concourse with the judges being dragged along in life preservers or on waterskies during their field show.
  12. Bluzes

    Flo Music Satisfaction

    Yep that depends on the venue the old dome in Atlanta with them red seats that low to the field was messing with the resolution big time glad it is gone maybe the new peace sign stadium (Benz Logo) will not be as bad as we are hearing with the sound. Fingers Crossed.
  13. Bluzes

    Flo Music Satisfaction

    I find it best to leave the resolution set on auto until FLO tells us that they have settled in on 1080p, 4k or vc1 don't think we are there yet. vc1 is the format movie theaters use no more delivering tape reels around the country. Early on when physical media was delivered to cable companies for on-demand Disney insisted on armored car delivery making us very uncomfortable that someone might think there was something valuable on site only to find out it's just Mickey Mouse Media.
  14. Bluzes

    Flo Music Satisfaction

    The great Stetson D Richmond and Ken De Bold had it down FLO just needs to listen to some of there recordings. Spent many hours in Stetson's basement helping him cut records from his open reel recordings. Wonder where his tapes are now, the records may not have held up so well since they were not commercial grade record cutters but never suffered from quality issues and I hope someone preserved the tapes. Stetson was an inspiration and was the reason I choose the career I did that led to 24 IPTV patents working for AT&T.
  15. Bluzes

    Flo Music Satisfaction

    Stream worked great last night. Sound was good no complaints. Have the field mics been pushed back a little so the corps speaker placement reach them better looks that way from home? The sound being pumped through the corps speakers then reach up to the field mics travel some distance and vary with the corps. This must be challenging for FLO when rock bands do this the mics are 2 inches from the speaker or placed inside a bass drum. Good job pulling this off.