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  1. Seriously... )(&Q FloMarching. LAte at starting the sound AGAIN.
  2. Yes, I was hoping to do exactly that. The logos I came up with were kind of crappy but looked ok since they were so small
  3. I'll try to make the time! If not, then I'll work on some in time for next season. Yes, I'd definitely ask them because those logos are pretty nice! I think there was another version of logos I saw float around here on DCP that I was thinking of--and I think they were circular. Hopefully I'll pass by em as I browse.
  4. How about this response by the composer of "Wait of the World" Stephen Melillo in the video's YouTube comments: Stephen Melillo1 day ago I hope this will be comment 33! Dear SCV! There is much, perhaps too much to share about the piece itself, the response of 10,000 people in a Bull Fight Ring many years ago!, the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy and much more...but WOW to the brass players from SCV! WOW! Blown away! I think even the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy would be "wowed!" by your incredibleplaying! "WOW" was the acronym I used when composing "Wait of the World" 20 years ago. And that's the only word for you guys... "Wow!" Thank you and Godspeed! Steve
  5. Should I update?? I think I remember seeing a post or two somewhere here where someone had some really nice HQ logos within either a square or circle. Can anyone find it?
  6. BRB. Buying lotto.
  7. I just hope they can medal this year--that would be absolutely fantastic! At the very least, it seems like they've been consistent on Brass, Guard, and Percussion--they have a serious chance to nab all three caption trophies by the end of the season.
  8. They'll probably break 80 tonight. Or get a 79.95
  9. Ah thanks. So does this explain what I read around on the board regarding scores?: The larger the gap between Cont and Achv, the more "room" the corps has to grow; thus, the better a MMs perform, the better their content is? Gah, even that was confusing to type. Glad I'm not a judge.
  10. Don't forget Crown. They just scored a 79.2 with a full panel. Different show to be sure but seems close enough. 4 Horses. 3 Prizes.
  11. Question, is Content unaffected by Achievement scores and vice versa? For example, can a corps theoretically have a Content score of 80 but have an achievement score of 65?
  12. No kidding. Bloo took GE. SCV took Visual and Music. SCV won Guard and Percussion and were 1/10th of a point from tying brass. SCV's content scores are for the most part above Bloo. I'm hype.
  13. So I found a video on YouTube where someone recorded the webcasts. While I absolutely love this show--I have to say I did not necessarily enjoy it on streaming/ YT. I don't know if the uploader messed with the audio but based on what I know from this show, the amped/mic'd horn ensemble(?correct designation?) gave a weird "feeling" to the show. It almost felt like I was hearing that mic'd ensemble as if I was underwater. It's really bizarre because when I saw it live, everything, including the mic'd ensemble, blended EXTREMELY well together--it was fantastic. And also, other videos where people filmed the show from the stands didn't have any of that "underwater" sound that I saw in that recorded webcast. I'm not an audio/video person so I am having trouble wrapping my head around it. Can someone please explain? Honestly, if what I heard/saw was actually on the webcast, then it honestly sounded--not terrible but just bizarre--especially when my first viewing of the show was in person.
  14. Good tea! Nice house.