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  1. Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    Ah thanks for pointing out the correct phenomenon! I knew there was one regarding what I was going through but I definitely didn't know the name. How did your class like Ouroboros?
  2. Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    Ever since SCV announced their Ouroboros show last year, a word that I have never heard before in my life, I swear it's been popping up everywhere! First it was a truck as I was driving down 101 on SF Bay Area peninsula belonging to a farm called Ouroboros Farms. Then this board game I bought called "DropMix" has an expansion pack/series called Ouroboros. Then just now, a user has the username of Ouroboros on Gizmodo. I know I saw it at least 2 or 3 more separate instances but I can't remember. Just so weird how confirmation bias(not sure if that's the correct term) is true. Anyway, I know it's pertaining to last season--it was just an interesting thought.
  3. I did everything possible to improve the stream. There was nothing else in my residence that was streaming as they are all out of the house right now. I did a speed test and my ping was low and download speeds as high as I expect them to be. It's hard to say why it's so inconsistent but this is the first year of DCI partnering with FloMarching. I am guessing they don't have very good servers running because of all the webcasts, The Finals was the worst by far. Serious potato quality the moment I logged on.
  4. I joined in the final month of DCI and every stream I was able to watch (not much due to work) has all been really bad. Constant bufffering and skipping, terrible video quality. I have the highest tier of Xfinity before gigabit speeds and no one else has been streaming anything on my network when I watch. It's like watching images streamed on a potato. I hope I can get a refund for this--ridiculous that it's 2017 and this is still an issue with a company as large as Flo. As an aside, every other streaming serivce I use works perfectly fine, including 4K content to a 4K TV over wireless. So IMHO, the problem is not with my network or bandwidth, but Flo themselves.
  5. I want an effing refund. Problems EVERY #### stream. I have never experienced such lag with ANYONE ELSE. Un-f-ing-believable. And CONSTANT buffering.
  6. Anyone else have absolutely horrendous video quality? I have Xfinity, the highest bandwidth before gigabit speeds. I just started watching--just got home from work.
  7. SCV 2017 - 50 Years of Class

    what addition?? I didn't see Qtrs. :-(
  8. Teehee. Sorry my mind is....elsewhere tonight.
  9. One of my favorite songs from Wicked. Of course the stream stutters during it. (Hi cam) Crowns program will definitely be in my drum corps playlist of future listening.
  10. Ooh Crown,such a lush brass sound. Love the opener.
  11. Humid and Sticky Houston

    Anyone have a link to periscope? Annoying to look for on mobile.
  12. TOC - Broken Arrow, OK - July 18

    Seriously... )(&Q FloMarching. LAte at starting the sound AGAIN.
  13. World Class Signature Banners

    Yes, I was hoping to do exactly that. The logos I came up with were kind of crappy but looked ok since they were so small
  14. World Class Signature Banners

    I'll try to make the time! If not, then I'll work on some in time for next season. Yes, I'd definitely ask them because those logos are pretty nice! I think there was another version of logos I saw float around here on DCP that I was thinking of--and I think they were circular. Hopefully I'll pass by em as I browse.