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  1. Let's pile every corps in to this outrage, shall we. I'll go first. In Crown's 2013 show, I felt like that couple was two seconds away from doing it on the 50.
  2. I also had no problems and also use a roku with wired internet. We cut the cord years ago and have learned to not use wireless for streaming.
  3. The burden of explanation is on the judges. The corps and the fans all believe they did better.
  4. I find it odd that 83% of the corps had a worse night on Saturday than they did on Friday. The drops in scores are a reflection of the judges.
  5. Analyzing her signing, it was spot on! The problem with the general effect was the mic issue. So yes mic issues are GE issue, but singing is still under Music Analysis.
  6. It was pretty f'ing good until the mic issues.
  7. They had mic issues on both nights. Score probably would have been higher if it didn't happen tonight too.
  8. Drill is what makes it a sport. Or perhaps I should say, drill was what made it a sport.
  9. 2017... the year drill died.
  10. It's better to have a safe drill than a complex one. Score is about execution, not complexity.
  11. Multi camera feed was focused in on a group of horns, when the one in the middle took off early.
  12. Love the drums, love the pit, and love the guard (although the close up of the tall fat guy kind of freaked me out). And they obviously have horns that can play. It just bothers me too much how little they ask the horns to do drill wise. It's like they know they don't gain points by taking risks, so why take risks? It's too risky that a horn player is going to take off too early like that Bluecoat did tonight. I'm sure the judges are judging fairly, but it sucks that execution is more important to the judging than complexity is. It makes safer shows better for winning, and BD knows that very well.
  13. Love how many different times that show just grabs my attention.