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  1. Western Burger

    Drum Corps One-Liners 2017

    I just kind of did this haphazardly as I was reading and quickly copied things that stuck out to me and kept reading. If you guys want, we could make it a more collaborative thing and send me ones that you find funny/entertaining. I wouldn't start until about May though, because I'm not on here very frequently in the offseason. Either way, I'm excited to collect more next year as you guys try to be more clever than the other posters! haha
  2. Western Burger

    Drum Corps One-Liners 2017

    I just felt like I had heard some of your material before... I'm glad you guys like the list, maybe I'll make a more dedicated effort next year and try to include more people!
  3. I figure we all could use a break from celebrating (or grumbling) about another spectacular season of drum corps. Over the course of the summer, I have been collecting "one-liners" from this board. These are posts that have made me laugh or stuck out in some way or another. I think we have a great group of people here and when our favorite corps are scoring well (and we haven't had too much to drink yet) we share some great banter and insight among us. So here's a snapshot of the summer, presented with no context and in no particular order. p.s. I made this with no intent to offend any particular poster or corps. Just having some fun! Academy At this stage, it looks like they might have to pull a rabbit out a hat to do so. But... they're in the hunt. - BRASSO That's the Academy's male colorguard members warming up their rifles for the wabbit hunt later tonight. - Cadevilina Crown Bluecoats Bluecoats set up their audio in three minutes ... Flo had all day - Jurassic Lancer Bluecoats are the closest thing to a Super Bowl Halftime Show DCI has to offer. - Fred Windish When you guys need me I'll be over here trying to figure out how 4th place in an ultra-competitive year counts as "getting the shaft." - Saxfreq1128 Bloo turns me into a sobbing 13 yo girl at a biebs concert - Fracker Cadets make me wanna come to Jesus. Bluecoats just make me wanna......... I'll stop there. - Furious-winter Blue Devils I'd love to see Bloo repeat, but my eyes say SCV, and my ears say BD. - Mrk I like seeing BD stretch their legs with something different like white props and mirrors. - Chaddyt As of Friday night, BD is 100-0 in shows following silver medal finishes since 2009. Unreal. - Chief Guns Based on all these comments it looks like BD is coming in 5th tonight. - Yorkvillain Blue Knights One thing's for sure when it comes to those BK uniforms: You will always lose a staring contest with them. - Cadevilina Crown Watching the guard members on the podiums with the DMs. I'm not sure if I should bunt or steal second. - CrownBariDad To be honest I have no idea what is going on but I like it. Who doesn't respect a corps that shows up to finals in their onesies! - Sideways Blue Stars By the way, Blue Stars have at least two deaths in this show. That's why they're doing so well. :P - Kevingamin Boston Boston wants you to never ever doubt them making finals again. - Quijeros I don't think hanging around the chest is a very effective way to execute someone. - Jasgre2000 I hope that's not baby powder. - Crownbaridad I KNOW YOU! I mean GET HER!! - TreeFidy I mean, did you see when they did the thing? And the thing with the rope? And the thing with the lady, then the thing with the other rope, then the drill thing, then the rifle thing? THEN THE FIRE THING?!? - MikeN Phantom Regiment It isn't a Phantom show unless there's a death. This year, it's the entire audience after listening to the brass through speakers for 13 minutes. - Cadevilina Crown I can see it now: Phantom Regiment presents Phamilton. - Ajlemm Carolina Crown Crown - Cool first half but Judy Jetson kind of killed the second act after a while. - Dmiggles GH would be SO disappointed in the condition of the yardlines and hash marks after Crown's show. - CrownBariDad Cadets Cadets just out scored BD and you can totally compare scores from cross country - George Dixon I was able to stop hitting the gym in the last week because summer 2017 Cadets vs. Crusaders threads are so exhausting. - Mjoakes It's a weird day when everyone is saying mostly positive things about Cadets - Cadevilina Crown Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm Drum Corps International welcome to, Jesus! - MikeRapp Please remember watching The Cadets perform the Mass does not count for going to Mass for real. - ThirdValvesAreForWimps Jersey Surf To be more authentic, that subway announcement should be "STXXX BXXXX MMMMBGGFFF XIXBOOTOULKDJSDJ"" - 2muchcoffeeman Madison The unis give me a Mad Max came over on the Plymouth and had Thanksgiving dinner with the Natives vibe. - Dcsnare93 Scouts get GE points for covering the Colts helmet. - KVG_DC Mandarins Wow they really put the roar and the shock in Rorschach - skevinp Troopers My first look at the Troopers and it looks like they raided a tarp factory. - Barigirl78 They have the drum major from the troopers going over to flip on the sound - Onion head Troopers 5th bass went down in a tarp like a seal during Shark Week. - CowboystauinDallas Misc When a mommy score and a daddy score REALLY love each other... - Precious Roy I'll take my burger medium, grillmaster! - Terri Schehr Because "Wausau Documentary" won't fit on a corps jacket - ThirdValvesAreForWimps No. I just want the best sound to win, not the best sound man - ThirdValvesAreForWimps The Chief Judge assures all payoffs are handled in a discreet manner. - pbeau I'm late to the party. Which corp had a "bad run" so we can brush aside their disappointing score, and which judges are on the panel that are in the bag for XYZ Corps so we can gripe about that? - Mboogey73 At least they're as loud as the g bugles unplugged now.:) - AROD24601 The other show is still going on. Can't slot scores yet. - Prd9601 He actually goes by "Damp Otter" now. - crownisking Ok, so I saw a little blue flag above one of my posts and wondered, what does this do"?. I think I just reported myself. - Newseditor44 Don't you mean "burn" a dead horse. More GE that way. - George Dixon Goo happens when a kid on a synth. takes his finger, and presses down with all his might, to blast out low bass sound. this is done at about 10 decibels more than a 747 taking off. - Alvinpr89 I do believe this is also the cleanest Weber drill I've ever seen. Now, I'm still waiting to see the cleanest Weber grill, but that's another story. - Kevingamin Every corps is simultaneously the best and worst of all time with everything they do or don't do. -DCP - Snare_guy_83 If you wanna come to Amarillo Texas and scarf down some food during one of my breaks in a hot band hall filled the the smell of teen spirit be my guest. - DrumManTx The crowd shots tell me drum corps fans need more exercise. - mcjordansc Well that's vague. You could judge Effect for dci with comments that nonspecific. - DCPusername Last years 12th place right behind last years 1st place. What a crazy year. - Defeldus2
  4. Western Burger

    2017 Garage Sale - Everything Must Go!

    Casper Craigslist - Need a tarp? Please come get a tarp. We will pay you to take a tarp.
  5. Western Burger

    2017 World Championships Finals - Aug 12

    It always amazes me how worked up some people can get about marching band.
  6. Western Burger

    2017 World Championships Finals - Aug 12

    This commentary seems to be a bit more unbearable than usual
  7. Western Burger

    2017 World Championships Finals - Aug 12

    Wow, BD sounds great from the tunnel cam.
  8. Western Burger

    Mandarins 2017 - Inside the Ink

    Great job Mandarins! Way to supersede all expectations and deliver a truly memorable show. We can't wait to see what you bring next year!
  9. Western Burger

    The Massillon Knock Out August 7

    You gotta admit, that would be some creative, and ballsy, fund-raising.
  10. Western Burger

    Best 4th Place Corps?

    This poll was incredibly difficult. I went with Phantom '03, but Bluecoats '06 and Vanguard '13 are very close behind.
  11. Western Burger

    2018 Silly Season

    Yeah, this activity has a long enough off-season as it is, I don't think we need to start early...
  12. I'm going to throw my vote in for Cadets '05 as well. Just pristine execution. (and a fantastic music book as well. I'm constantly playing this show in the car)
  13. I know it's just him typing quickly on his phone which leads to the spelling errors...but it's fun to imagine Liahona making drunk commentary as he watches the shows! (P.S. Thank you Liahona for taking the time to comment on the shows as you see them.)
  14. Western Burger

    Lighting: The new frontier

    So this is what the transition to dinosaur feels like...
  15. Western Burger

    SCV and BD in top 2...really?!!

    This thread is like an overturned tanker truck on the freeway in a snowstorm. I can't stop watching as more and more cars slide helplessly into the wreckage.