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  1. Japanese all girls marching band

    I keep dropping my pencils like gangbusters
  2. This is worth the watch. Even some Cavaliers drill moves mixed in. Some neat playing and body movements
  3. Madison Scouts 2018

    Per Facebook. The Madison Scouts are pleased to announce Chris Tomsa as our Brass Program Director. Welcome home Chris!
  4. Favorite shows of 2017

    SCV, Bloo, Boston, BD. In that order.
  5. I am about as far removed from liking BD for many of the last few shows. All season I kept telling myself that SCV deserved to beat them due to their undisputed live attraction and crowd reation. As much as I thought I was right, I was wrong. I challenge anyone here to log into YouTube and watch nightBEAT vids of Bloo, SCV, and BD and tell me there is a better show than BD. The catch is watch BD first. Then watch 2nd through 4th. BD from start to finish has the goods. SCV who I desperately hope wins, has The best last 3 minutes in the activity. Problem is BD's whole show trumps (not Donald) it. Only thing you can tell is better from SCV is drums, and pretty easily so but seeing GE is king, not sure Vanguard matches what BD is doing. That said, the top 2 are far in a way better than 3-4. Good luck to all Corps this week and god man I hope SCV wins but if they don't, BD certainly deserves it.
  6. Madison Scouts 2017

    You and me both. What a roller coaster.
  7. Humid and Sticky Houston

    Go Vanguard!
  8. The Legends REALLY Need Our Help!!!

    Probably silly questions but, if you need 100k within a 24 hour period is it for debt? Or to continue the tour? Let's say they get to $85k, do they fold? What if 15k trickles in after the 24 hours is up? Then, if it's for debt what money do they use to finish tour? Or if it's to finish the tour, certainly the 100k isn't due tomorrow because they have yet to purchase food/beverage/misc. See where I'm going here? Im I'm a position to donate, but would like more clarification and need to know there is a plan in place to insure a successful finish to there season. I'm missing too many details to just shell out the clams without knowing more. Someone please enlighten me.
  9. Madison Scouts 2017

    As much as it pains me to say it, I wholeheartedly agree. I've felt this way for several seasons now, just didn't have the kahunas to say it.
  10. Madison Scouts 2017

    I think the show design is great. They just aren't drumming, spinning, playing and marching as good as the Corps above them. I believe the snare line has 1 returning vet. Can't speak specifics on the rest of the Corp but would only make sense they have lots of new faces.
  11. Magnificent Madison - July 9, 2017

    Just getting home from the show. Ummm SCV, WOW! They were incredible. Only knocks are the costumes aren't my favorite and lose the giant mic that amplifies the entire horn line. Other than that, they are just fantastic. Phantom was way better that I thought they were going to be. Love the uniforms, and look so great in the field. Madison, 3rd time I've seen them and probably my least favorite of the 3. I still love there show but following SCV really shows why SCV is 9 points better.
  12. Madison Scouts 2017

    Yep, agreed. I think it's getting harder and harder to move much in placement from year to year because the quality above them is just great. And really there are about 5-6 Super Corps that seem almost impossible to compete with.
  13. Madison Scouts 2017

    Any idea how that small gap behind BS from Thursday turned into a big gap last night? Did Madison have a bad Run? BS have a great run?