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  1. Higgy

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Man if Boston’s music doesn’t get your heart pumping nothing will. That was intense!! Can’t wait to see the show on the field!!!
  2. Boston's camps are actually held in Bradenton,FL at Lakewood Ranch HS. Tampa is actually about an hour north of here.
  3. If you're referring to Madison I wasn't talking about that or what I was alluding to. Phantom has had men in the guard before ( 2005-2010 ) but now their policy now is a strictly an all female guard. So the question still stands, since you don't have any respect for Madison or the Cavaliers for their gender "policy", what about Phantom?
  4. Just curious do you not have any respect for Phantom Regiment as well since they do not allow men in their colorguard?
  5. It's not smoke, it's water vapor.
  6. Don't hold my feet to the fire on this but I asked about this and was told it was folks from Leander HS's(Texas)theater department. The connection is Boston's sound team are also Leander's sound team. They've been doing an incredible job at Leander for years !!
  7. I literally laughed out loud on this statement because "Silicon Valley" is one of my favorite shows!! Bravo!!!!!!
  8. HOLY HORNLINE BOSTON!! This music book is incredible!!!!
  9. Genesis is missing from the list.
  10. Higgy

    Cavaliers 2015

    Yep, got the announcement earlier today. The organization said they will announce to the public later on today.
  11. Higgy

    Carolina Crown 2013

    That's still not the full ending they will have in Indy.
  12. Higgy

    San Antonio Showdown

    Crossmen certainly came to play today!!
  13. Higgy

    San Antonio Showdown

    I maybe imagining things, but didn't Academy use chairs in their show earlier?
  14. Higgy

    San Antonio Showdown

    Loving all the variety in the programs so far!! So much more enjoyable!