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  1. I have known what their show is for several months and I have seen the corps play most of the music. As I stated, programming is my concern for 2017. Programming has been their biggest issue in recent years. What music they play is of lesser importance than how they program the music into their theme /concept.
  2. The Cadets have been fairly consistent when it comes to the audio part of their shows. Almost always one of my favorite corps to listen to.
  3. I have been to all camp's this off season and there is reason for excitement. However, modern drum corps is all about the programming and I have serious doubts about Mr Hopkins ability to program a modern show. He has given the Cadets some embarrassing stinkers. Shows that I could not sit through.
  4. Some of us have very short memories. Have you noticed the considerable exodus of good talented people from the Cadets? Have you noticed the steady decline of competitive success? Have you noticed the number of bad shows the Cadets have fielded in recent history? Failures that would have gotten Mr Hopkins fired from most other corps. As a huge Cadets fan, I will try to be hopeful. However, recent history and the number of disappointments from the Cadets over recent years, make me very doubtful.
  5. That was a different time; the activity has changed. The Cadets need fresh ideas, not Hopkins tired old ideas. This is very disappointing.
  6. George Hopkins: Program Coordinator Oh my. This is a buzz kill for my excitement about the 2017 Cadets.
  7. From what I heard yesterday, it will be soon. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, the Cadets have to be silent right now.
  8. Brass has a camp in February. Percussion done until April.
  9. There were several brass contracts given out this weekend...I believe they are close to being set. Some very talented brass soloists in the line this year!
  10. Yes, the pit is doing some cool stuff with the set up. They seem to be in capable hands with the new staff. I attended Cadets camp Saturday and Sunday this past weekend.
  11. I agree with your statement. And the percussion is already very good!
  12. No hype machine here. Just commenting on the positive changes at the Cadets and the renewed sense of optimism at camp last weekend. No predictions of competitive success...so what's the problem with some positive energy about the Cadets. Has there not been enough negativity surrounding the Cadets in recent years?
  13. Tom Aungst and I have been friends for years. We marched together in the Reading Buccaneers snare line before Tom joined the Cadets. I have heard some exciting things about Tom's future with the Cadets!
  14. I feel that the acquisition of Tom Aungst by the Cadets is the most undervalued and significant move of this entire off season. I honestly don't believe that any other staff changes in DCI will have the positive affect of this great move by the Cadets.
  15. I understand exactly how you feel. The Cadets have been such a disappointment over recent years that it's very hard to be hopeful. I went to camp last weekend with a ton of doubt and skepticism, but I REALLY liked what I saw and felt! And given the current design team, paired with the staff members who are calling the shots, I'm very confident that this edition of the Cadets will not become derailed.