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  1. Thank you for the civil response. This can be a tough crowd at times. Really have loved recent Bluecoats percussion and I'm a big fan of Rarick; I actually marched with his father in the Reading Buccaneers. Just not feeling this edition of Coats percussion. The corps is great though and I wish them well!
  2. Dissapointed with the percussion. Not consistent with their level of quality of the past several years. The drum tuning sounded weird for them and the writing seemed very rammy and unmusical. Not characteristic of Rarick's arranging. Sorry, just my honest observations.
  3. Not a fan of this show at all. Not even close to their glory years.
  4. Wow...you're back. Here we go again. You're a very self-absorbed individual.
  5. I see potential with this show. Haven't felt that for several years. And the percussion is freaking money. Tom Aungst is the man! Great to hear him during ensemble rehearsal. He WILL make them better.
  6. Thank you George. Unfortunately, we got an email an hour before start time and ended up suffering through the broadcast! As bad as the broadcast was, I saw some things that peaked my interest though.
  7. That hat is just silly! Uniform looks good though.
  8. Are there any Maroon & Gold members that are planning on watching the live broadcast tonight? We do not know how to access the broadcast. Any info that can be sent by PM would be appreciated. We received a receipt from Cadets for our donation but nothing beyond that.
  9. Speak english please
  10. So excited for the Cadets right now. Have not said that for several years. As a matter of fact, I feared last season would harm the corps for years to come...relieved that this is not the case. Hopefully this season will be the beginning of their climb back to the top!
  11. Thank you Terri! Very kind of you.
  12. I have a Roku but can't find the Flomarching app on it. Help...please!
  13. To me, this is not an issue regarding hate for the Cadets. My experience with the Cadets tells me that the administration would not jeopardize the organization's well being over said staff member. Shame on them if they are willing to assume liability for this situation.
  14. This is not the appropriate forum to release this kind of information about any staff member. And yes, if my child was marching I would want to be aware of this; however, I would not want to learn about it on this forum! This issue is between the Cadets administration team, the members, and their parents...period!