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  1. SCV...ugh. I freaking hate this show. Crown is on a different level.
  2. See, you can always find a positive!
  3. Some have, some not so much.
  4. And yet their placement has not changed since mid-season. Someone please inform the judging community that the Cadets have made great improvement.
  5. The competitive aspect of DCI is becoming boring and predictable. Even with the recaps being all over the place last night, placements were the same as they have been since mid-season. Night after night some corps improve, some don't; however, the placements remain the same. Slotting is real folks! Flame away.
  6. You speak the truth sir!
  7. That's your opinion...not fact. My opinion is that SCV's music is boring and their costumes look horrible from the stands.
  8. What is your problem? I expressed my opinion...that is all. I'm really tired of you...leave me alone and go watch SCV.
  9. I wasn't looking for a conversation. I was simply stating my opinion regarding 2017 SCV. I have seen them 4 times and each time I enjoyed them less. That is really all I have to say on the subject. And your Kool-Aid comment was not consistent with trying to have an "intelligent conversation."
  10. Good for you. Glad you like it. I don't...not even a little.
  11. Thank you. Well said!
  12. Glad you enjoy them. Honestly, short of the flag feature near the end, they do nothing for me this year.
  13. Drum Corps is a very subjective art form. Glad you enjoy SCV...I usually do.
  14. Maybe they will surprise us and have some engaging music in their show?