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  1. The voice-overs are from trial transcripts.
  2. I pointed him out to my son this afternoon.
  3. I believe Kansas City Star has pulled the upset!
  4. Wicked Games vocalist and brass hit!
  5. BITD - We use to joke that Crossmen brought rain. I saw it happen in the Meadowlands.
  6. First viewing of Spartans 2017. Very nice! The voice-over at the beginning was too long for me, but, wow, great show, Spartans!
  7. I missed the entire Pioneer show on Flomarching. Come on - unfreeze.
  8. Thank you for telling me this!
  9. I'll be experiencing FloMarching for the first time tonight. 9:33 says the schedule. Wicked Games blew me away last Thursday. Now, a week later! I was impressed when I met the kids in Castleton on June 8. And, now...
  10. Clifton: Part Dos - August 2, 2017

    Get up here! First ever BAC Make Your Own Sundae snack after the show. 33 gallons of ice cream. I'm providing (as usual) the maple syrup.
  11. RoeJicci! I love that guy! I wonder what he had on me?