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  1. The British are coming!

    Where are you guys rehearsing leading into Reading?
  2. Well, I know we'll miss your reviews, W. Makes me bummed Bush won't be in Williamsburg this year. We're in PA a lot, but not that one.
  3. As a staff member/performer, I liked having it as an exhibition. Every sport has a Spring training where they play exhibition games (actually does basketball? Not sure about them.) Anyway, I think its great for newer performers to have a weekend where its a show situation where they get a feel for how DCA works, with a bit less pressure because it isn't scored, but the staff can still get some early feedback from the judging community. I think it may have had something to do with everyone being done with the show, too. In past years many groups haven't had the full show out at Wildwood, this year I can imagine they were more willing to just get it out there, knowing they still had another day or two to clean before they get a score.
  4. 2017 Uniform Thread

    Sure, I don't mind an overhaul every 4 or 5 years. I just prefer that in those blocks of time there's a semblance of continuity. And, while unrealistic, I think that when there's a complete redesign, that should be announced early, maybe even with preliminary sketches. I know members who marched a corps in a year there were uniform changes, and they were majorly disappointed. I guess with the more frequent changes it becomes less of an issue, but the uniform is part of a corps' image, and part of why people want to march in a specific place. Of course they grin and bear it, but if you grow up idolizing Maroon and Gold, then show up and get handed an all black uniform, it's certainly a bummer
  5. 2017 Uniform Thread

    Yeah, that was my point. I knew immediately that this was Bones. Same with the changes Crown makes every year. I like when a corps has an identifiable template, and fit the show theme from there. Kinda like it was an organized activity with rules about membership, timing and instrumentation, and then you make your creative vision fit within those parameters.
  6. 2017 Uniform Thread

    *Double post
  7. 2017 Uniform Thread

    That's really my issue. An earlier post said "you can tell Crown, from, Boston, from Devs, etc. And sure, you can. But to me, I feel like a uniform should identify the organization on sight. Modifications for the show are ok, as is a major overhaul on occasion. My worry is when we get to the point that I won't recognize a corps on sight, because of how frequently the uniform changes
  8. 2016 Practice Sites and schedules

    Bush at South Ave Rec center
  9. 2016 DCA - Latest Scores

    Top 5 is all about scheduling for next season. Except for when hosting a show, 6-10 will always be on before 1-5. Same for non-finalists, they're always on before the finalists.
  10. Thanks for the review Kyle, good points all around. And I agree on the Metheney License :)
  11. Line-Up for DCA Prelims?

    Thanks, I thought that reverse order sounded wonky
  12. Is it wrong that I hope you end up not jumping in with anyone, because I'm looking forward to your review? :) Seriously, good stuff. Thanks, I hope youkeep it up.
  13. Was there an exhibition last year? I remember in 2011, when Bush didn't get in, we played, likely because there were on 11 corps in open, so why not. Last year we were 11th again, but there were 12 corps in open, so I don't think anyone played. I do agree though, there didnt seem to be any logical reason for the 11th place corps to do an exhibition
  14. Is the Pennsauken show cancelled?