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  1. My prediction...Boston takes the Cavaliers in Indy, if not before.
  2. This live streaming is not my world, but I am curious; if someone knows... During WGI and now DCI, the sound is completely muted in between performances, is someone manually doing that or is it a program? My fear is that someone manually turns the sound off and then forgets to turn in back up. It happened during WGI and resurrected itself again last night during BD and SCV. This seems like such a simple fix....just leave the sound on.
  3. I'm not so sure...she hits the right notes, but it reminds me of my days as a child going to church and watching the same 65 year old woman who thinks she can sing her way into heaven. There's an old lady wobble to that sound. For reference check out anything by Sandi Patty
  4. Nah...they won't beat Boston
  5. And the sad reality is that the Phantomettes (by no doing of their own) will finish either last or 2nd to last in guard tonight and will be somewhere between 8-10 in Indy for guard scores
  6. Yes because you can never have enough human props running around in cloaks....
  7. It's the Home Team! The Pride of Broken Regiment!!!!
  8. God I hope BK beats the cadets, just because
  9. How many hail marys for this to be over?
  10. Flomarching: We're aware you just missed the top 2 current corps shows, please enjoy 14 uninterrupted hours of Pioneer.
  11. Sound has cut out twice again
  13. Jesus Christ Flo.....sound issues again with SCV, you can barely hear it
  14. Bottom left Corner to switch to high cam