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  1. Here is my observation and suggestion for what it's worth. Everyone who is a Bloo fan I think wants to see them medal (whether they say it or not) Based on the adjudication sheets, my guess is that they are getting dinged during the ballad in GE, Visual, and Color Guard. Now you could make an argument either way (on what, if anything should be done) but the design staff has decided that their vision is to have the guard dancing with bowler hats (which is probably not getting them the credit they deserve on the score sheets, and quite frankly is probably lost to anyone high up; let alone in a press box...i.e. GE Judges, Guard). So how do you fix that while still being true to the integrity of the design?'s too late to teach the guard any type of weapon or flag work, so what you do is add a long strip of stretchy fabric (let's say in neon blue) and you continue to allow the color guard to dance with their bowler hats, but during the big push of the ballad they reveal the fabric (perhaps out of a bowler hat) and manipulate the fabric into a jagged line to tie in the visual effect and overall theme of the show. It's an easy fix that may just get them those extra tenths in a couple subcategories they need to push them into 3rd. ...or maybe I'm just crazy :-)
  2. McNasty's is really good, as are most of the Dayton area food trucks. McNasty's is mostly sandwiches.
  3. The smoke could actually be water vapor, it would dissipate pretty quickly. ..Carmel did that a few years back
  4. That Boston Guard is BONKERS! WOW!!!
  5. LOVE the Bluecoats, but it's the ballad that's holding them back, it's not staged well, the guard is not getting credit, it's hurting the visual and GE just needs completely reworked if they want a chance at a medal. Other than that...I love everything else.
  6. My prediction...Boston takes the Cavaliers in Indy, if not before.

    This live streaming is not my world, but I am curious; if someone knows... During WGI and now DCI, the sound is completely muted in between performances, is someone manually doing that or is it a program? My fear is that someone manually turns the sound off and then forgets to turn in back up. It happened during WGI and resurrected itself again last night during BD and SCV. This seems like such a simple fix....just leave the sound on.
  8. TOC - Broken Arrow, OK - July 18

    I'm not so sure...she hits the right notes, but it reminds me of my days as a child going to church and watching the same 65 year old woman who thinks she can sing her way into heaven. There's an old lady wobble to that sound. For reference check out anything by Sandi Patty
  9. TOC - Broken Arrow, OK - July 18

    Nah...they won't beat Boston
  10. TOC - Broken Arrow, OK - July 18

    And the sad reality is that the Phantomettes (by no doing of their own) will finish either last or 2nd to last in guard tonight and will be somewhere between 8-10 in Indy for guard scores
  11. TOC - Broken Arrow, OK - July 18

    Yes because you can never have enough human props running around in cloaks....
  12. TOC - Broken Arrow, OK - July 18

    It's the Home Team! The Pride of Broken Regiment!!!!
  13. TOC - Broken Arrow, OK - July 18

    God I hope BK beats the cadets, just because
  14. TOC - Broken Arrow, OK - July 18

    How many hail marys for this to be over?