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  1. The Cadets also played excerpts from Mass show in 1990's Bernstein show. So they have in fact won twice while playing music from Mass.
  2. So I was not able to attend the webinar last night. Does anyone know if there is an archived version available for those of us who were unable to make it? It would kill me to not get the full benefit of being a donor!
  3. So, since I am not going to be going to Allentown this year, I have decided to do Finals. SO, I am hoping to secure two tickets for each night. Best seats available. Can purchase one full set or individual nights. I you or anyone you know has any, please let me know. Thanks!
  4. As I will be moving away from Philadelphia, I will no longer be able to attend the shows in Allentown. If you are interested in the tickets, just let me know. Looking to sell them as a package, but can sell each night separately if necessary. Thanks.
  5. I am packing things up to move and I just came across the Academy 2016 Wedding Invitation that was handed out on the night of Finals. I was going to toss it, but before I do so, I thought I would see if anyone out there for whom this might mean more would be interested in getting it. So if anyone from Academy or one of their fans who did not get one last year and would like it, just PM me and I can send it to you. Better to find a home for it than to toss it!
  6. I think this year might be a good opportunity for the Cadets to do something centered around the topic that drives everyone crazy here: the uniforms. I envision a somewhat staged version of Mass that includes an actual plot where the very act of removong the uniform coupled with really "modern" drum corps elements such as trombone soloists blasting into microphones and some heavy exploitation of movable props culminates in the drum major ultimately shocking all of the other Cadets by losing faith and shedding the uniform. Ultimately, everyone puts the jacket back on and the Cadets close with a "classic" drum corps finale: a great company front. It allows them to use modern and classic elements in a way that has some kind of focus and purpose -- two things that were really missing from this past year's show. Oh well, just a thought.
  7. I would say 1994 Cadets WSS. I happened to see them several times throughout the season that year and I swear the ending was different every time, musically and visually. Also, I happened to have liked the otiginal BD "Ragtime" opener (forget the year), but they changed it to a a Joplin rag, I guess because it was more familiar.
  8. So, it seems that Cadets 2017 has nothing to do with everything that has been battled on the previous pages. SO, I will try to get back to the topic by asking that the Cadets tackle a piece that I have always thought would be great for Vanguard, the choruses from Deaf of Klinghoffer. Back in the late '90s, Vanguard had success with music I thought would haver been perfect for the Cadets, so it is appropriate that the Cadets take my ideas for Vanguard now. We'll see. Of course a David Bowie or Donna Summer tribute would be cool too.
  9. Can we just clarify that the Visual caption award is for visual performance, not overall visual. So, I believe that Bluecoats actually won the visual performance caption finals night, not BD.
  10. So, I just want to say that I have come away from Indy this week with much respect for the members and the staff of the Cadets. The fact that they got that mess of a show to the point where it actually finally came together (albeit not perfectly) is a testimate to the work ethic and the desire to be better that the Cadets are known for. I have nothing but respect, and I think that is what the take away from this year should be. Take that same effort and talent and start from a better place next year. The sky is not falling! On a side note, I actually have to say that this show could actually have used some narration at the very beginning to at least set up what we were about to see. The question thought is whether the narrative was ever clearly conceived enough to even draft such narration. Who knew, the one year they decide to not talk is the one where it actually could have been helpful!
  11. I would say Mandarins, Genesis or Legends. Obviously some are already close, but these three are the ones to watch.
  12. Bump. Still looking.
  13. If anyone has two tickets for Saturday that they need to get rid of, let me know. I am in Indy now and can meet up at the stadium for the transaction. Thanks.
  14. Excellent. Thanks.
  15. Has anyone had experience with getting lost or stollen tickets reissued by DCI? Anyone know if it is even posssible?