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  1. Denton in July Average Low: 74 Average High: 95 Record High: 113 (recorded in 1954) Denton Yesterday Actual Low: 81 Actual High: 109
  2. mingusmonk

    How bad is this year's percussion?

    It would be pretty funny if Crown beat this year's SCV in percussion. Funny peculiar. Not funny ha-ha.
  3. mingusmonk

    Hardware/Software for burning to disc?

    Make high quality masters that you keep for archives before making MP3. Like FLAC files. You'll lose significant quality going to small files like mp3. If you ever want high quality again, you'll have those FLAC files. A nice lightweight free burner that I frequently use is img burn. But I work with a lot of other disc needs in addition to audio. http://www.imgburn.com
  4. 1 of 4 songs recorded in Session 44. http://www.billieholidaysongs.com/recording-sessions/1941-sessions/
  5. mingusmonk

    St Louis, MO - July 15, 2018

    What these two have in common is that they aren't afraid to call them as they see them night to night. Not being influenced by the pack. What they don't have in common is that one of them has a tendency to let hype, vibe and effect bleed into his field execution analysis and one does not.
  6. Phantom Regiment 1996 a defiant Heart SCV 1999 New Millennium Cavaliers 2006 Machine Bluecoats 2014 Tilt
  7. Even sadder this time. To put the reason for this recording into context ... RIP Greg Swartzlander. http://obits.pennlive.com/obituaries/pennlive/obituary.aspx?n=gregory-p-swartzlander&pid=189508727
  8. Year-two with Townsend in Boston, not exactly a shock in the guard caption.
  9. If I was safe, I would wait until SCV, Bloo and BD have all met up by the 17th. Poll ends the 21st. But I am living dangerously here.
  10. mingusmonk

    2018 DCI Finals

    Yes. I am.
  11. Ghost is basically inviting some fun brainstorming with current show theme developments. Ghost even concedes that some of his ideas are probably not even "legal." Why the nay-saying?
  12. Double Standard implies a binary interpretation. Some elements are very different and some are the same. Loved shows from those that you mention ... VK, Bridgemen, etc. I miss that those corps aren't here. But I think the reasons you don't see them anymore are layered, varied, and have little to do with clothing choice. And using one poorly designed 2018 show as some kind of exception doesn't really prove much of anything.
  13. Reading this thread brings a song to my mind. https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/joejackson/fastforward.html That is all.