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  1. I was an at Enterprise car rental office in Orlando a few weeks ago and they were explaining the difficulties of reclaiming stolen rentals due to similar sounding circumstances that vary from state to state.
  2. Must be a little more complex. Especially in regards to the physical phone which can be separate than the phone service contract. Who pays or paid for the phone. If YEA didn't pay direct, did they reimburse. etc. I could see how it would be a bit of a rabbit hole and take some time.
  3. Tricia Nadolny (Philly.com) twitter thread incoming. A few new details on top of the WFMZ report. Answers a few questions being asked. No documented resignation on file. Regardless, multiple attorneys have suggested to fire with cause either way. Adding a corrected tweet. Company Car, Company Laptop. YEA has yet to determine if phone is YEA property.
  4. Not a problem. Just doing my best to let people know. It comes in waves now and can get a little hectic when stuff breaks.
  5. I put links to these tweets a few posts previous to this. I also added links to them on the OP updates.
  6. Considering how much the old CEO and Director controlled absolutely everything I would expect every element of their operations to be in serious flux.
  7. Hm. FWIW, There used to be a show in Terre Haute in the 80's and 90's. The actual crossroads of America.
  8. OK. I will try an stop the procedural stuff in the thread to keep the topic moving. If you have links or ideas for OP updates, please PM me. Thanks once again to @Liahona for doing most of the grunt work while I tended to dinner for 9, went to the post office and Dollar General.