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  1. barigirl78

    Drum Corps Map and Daily Rundown

    I don't know how many corps will be impacted by this:
  2. barigirl78

    Drum Corps Map and Daily Rundown

    The Crossmen are in Texas today, but drive to Little Rock overnight: 2018 Crossmen: 6-18 8:00 Wake 8:15 Breakfast 9:00 Visual 12:30 Lunch 1:30 Sectl 4:30 Dinner 5:30 Ens 8:30 EPL 10:30 Depart 5:30 am Arrive in Little Rock, AR
  3. barigirl78

    Crossmen 2018

    I am hardly an authority, but I think this is probably a good interpretation at this point. I think the singing portion may be controversial. After hearing the Crossmen's singer during a practice, I bought the original song. Michael Stipe's voice is a distinctive one that would never win a "American Idol" or "Voice" competition. The song is sung in by Stipe in a plaintive, sad way. It's not the type of song drum corps usually picks when they are going to have live vocals because it is almost under-sung. But, I think the lyrics are important to the show and I understand why the Crossmen chose to have a vocalist instead of someone playing a brass solo. While it sounds simple, I don't think it's an easy song to sing. Take a fresh listen to the original song if you haven't heard it or haven't heard it in a while. As an FYI, the singer is in the guard and has a featured role in the performance of the theme of the show.
  4. I wonder how I would rank if I put exactly the same scores these corps got last year?
  5. barigirl78

    2018 Uniforms!

    Not a full uniform reveal, but the Crossmen have new black Aussies this year: It also looks like they are going full sleeveless after having one sleeve last year. The rest of the uniform wasn't ready.
  6. barigirl78

    2018 Predictions

    Crossmen trivia: 15 years ago (2003) was the last time they came in 9th. If Crossmen and Phantom are duking it out, it will be happening immediately. They are head-to-head in many of the early season shows.
  7. barigirl78

    Crossmen 2018

    End of the first song.
  8. barigirl78

    Crossmen 2018

    I've been trying to find a good photo of the drum finishes, but the best I could find was a midrange shot. It's pretty obvious that the accent color this year is a brass/gold color like the hourglass. BTW, here is their schedule leading up to next weekend: June 16: San Antonio June 17: San Antonio June 18: Godley, TX June 19: Little Rock, AR June 20: Little Rock, AR June 21: TBA June 22: TBA June 23: Akron, OH
  9. barigirl78

    Crossmen 2018

    I heard the key parts of the uniforms hadn't arrived yet. So, there is more to come visually. Their debut competition will be streamed on the 23rd.
  10. barigirl78

    2018 Uniforms!

    The only thing I'll note about Blue Knights uniforms is that horizontal stripes are a fashion "no no" for anyone who is overweight.
  11. barigirl78

    2018 Uniforms!

    The guard uniforms are cool. They remind me of cosplay at San Diego Comic Con.
  12. barigirl78

    2018 Predictions

    I attended two of their evening practices and it was hard to believe they had been practicing all day in 98 degree heat because they had so much energy left.
  13. barigirl78

    Crossmen 2018

    Here's a bump to promote the Crossmen MMX exhibition tomorrow night in San Antonio: