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  1. Would it kill the DCP scores people to correct the ranker?
  2. Wow. Blue Stars still had them in CG and Music, but the other captions mad the difference
  3. From a scoring perspective, "Music Analysis" has been their achilles heel all season. Maybe it's because of the phasing and balance issues. If they can fix it, I believe it could have a positive effect on GE and other captions.
  4. I still see and hear so many places for improvement in this show performance-wise. For them to still be within a hair of Blue Stars with a run that had problems--snare drummer lost his snare!--is a sign they could move up. The corps will be back in Texas and they have many Texan members. In past years, they get a burst of energy performing for their families and friends.
  5. Crossmen beat Blue Stars lauded hornline.
  6. I'm sad to say I don't think the Crossmen had a good run today. I thought there were some phasing issues, particularly going into the box.
  7. The temperature tonight is actually cool. Certain corps who tour their sleaves off might want to put them back on.
  8. FYI: Sunset is at 8:38.
  9. From Facebook: "This past week has been filled with long drives, hot days, and even bigger changes to the show. We are excited to show off some of these changes tomorrow in Dubuque, Iowa!" That would be today in Dubuque.
  10. I wonder if they are rickrolling again.