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  1. Crossmen 2017

    Congratulations for the 2017 Crossmen uniform winning in this "best uniform" poll:
  2. Cool. I like that it opens up a new geographic region that hasn't been in World Class before.
  3. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    I bet lots of people expected a ton more announcements by now--like a dam bursting. But, no.
  4. 2017 DCI survey

    Leave it to DCI to ask a non-representative sample of DCI fans. I guess the opinions attendees to the regionals or any number of other competitions don't matter.
  5. 2017 DCI survey

    Just checked both my inbox and spam folder. Nothing. But, I didn't buy DCI Tickets this year. I attended DCI East in Allentown, but my sister purchased the tickets. Would love to provide them with my opinion on amplification.
  6. Crossmen 2018

    A message from the Crossmen official Facebook Page:
  7. How About Some Common Ground?

    If a corps' electronics fail before they start and it delays them from starting on time, they will get a penalty. Example: Crossmen a few years ago and it almost kept them out of finals. But, if a corps' electronics fail in the middle of the show, there is no demerit of any kind?
  8. Enough Judging Conspiracy Theories

    Did you feel the way last year when they decided not to release recaps? We have no skin in the game, why do we need to see them?
  9. Enough Judging Conspiracy Theories

    I just think it's amazing that everyone is guessing at how it works. Why is the process such a secret from the fans?
  10. Enough Judging Conspiracy Theories

    So, the selection of the judges for the biggest shows is a fairly secretive process that the general public is not informed about. Isn't that a situation ripe for conspiracy theories? Do the corps staffs even know how it's done?
  11. Enough Judging Conspiracy Theories

    In regards to judging, does anyone know how judges are chosen for the three shows in Indianapolis? Or for the regionals, for that matter? Are their names pulled at random or does someone actually select them? If they are selected, what are the criteria for being selected to judge the show that will determine the final results of the season? If they are selected, who selects them?
  12. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    Labor Day sounds like a good time to choose regardless of the DCA angle. Besides giving corps time to adjust to whatever changes they are making or being thrust upon them by exiting staff, it give the drum corps community (members, fans) time to just sit back and cherish the season that just ended before the merry-go-round starts.
  13. 40 years ago today

    It's amazing, but it's also a testament to how different the competition is today and the judging. In 1977: 45 Corps competed in Prelims. It went on for two days. The Championships were the first time all of the top corps competed in the same show Touring was much more limited Order of appearance in prelims was random. There was no seeding or telegraphing to the judges where corps should be placed. The tick system was in place. Judges were seeing some of the corps for the first time. Scores, in general, were much more volatile from show to show. 1977 was the first year Crossmen made finals and we had no clue after we performed and saw our score whether we would make it. It wasn't apparent for a few hours that we would. There were so many corps we never competed with before. I wonder when in Prelims the Oakland Crusaders competed. Does anyone know? Early in the competition? Late in the competition? Middle?
  14. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    This is a huge staff change:
  15. Age Outs

    I thought the trumpet soloist looked familiar. Maybe he was featured on the reality show last year.