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  1. I wonder what corps the guy's son marched in. Or if he will be permitted to march again. Yes, he had an agenda, but I wonder which came first--his reaction to the shows or the agenda. We often wonder what people not familiar with the activity or its history think of drum corps and that's why I found the article worth posting. As for the assertion that drum corps is "dark", I think there is a big difference between being a truly dark person and merely putting on a show. The latter is what drum corps does. His example of people watching NASCAR just to see car crashes is dark behavior. The Boston Crusaders pretending to burn a witch is just a show. We didn't enjoy watching it because we believe in the occult or like to watch people burn. It was spectacle. I don't buy that many of the themes chosen last year were a reaction to the election. For one thing, most show ideas are hatched in the late Summer and many are ideas designers have been harboring for a while. I also don't consider them all that dark.
  2. I have a google alert that tells me when the phrase "drum corps" appears in the news. I had let some of these alerts go unread until I was catching up on old ones today. This was a strange one that appeared in "Baptist News Global". The drum corps reference starts positive and turns negative: "Our younger son spent his summer traveling the country with a drum and bugle corp. These marching-bands-on-steroids are incredible. The precision is mind-boggling, the athletic musicianship, truly inspiring — but gone are the days of John Philips Sousa marches, soaring ballads, even soul-searing Latin fire. The theatrics of many of today’s corps shows lean to the dark side, and the meanness of the cultural ethos is on display with music and visual gimmicks built on our infatuation with death, survival of the fittest, sexual intrigue, the occult. The name of the drum corps game is darker themes, louder volumes, harder musical “hits,” grunting and groaning in practice and performance. And this is marching band. Who are we becoming?"
  3. 2018 Rules proposals

    One of these years: The "Olympics" judging proposal: Every caption will have six judges with the lowest and highest scores thrown out. The others are averaged.
  4. All time shows: The Crossmen

    The 90's Crossmen are always going to get a lot of love, but I want to give a shout out to the early 80's corps like 80 and 81. They were thoroughly entertaining and had one of the best screamers who ever played DCI (Gary Caffrey). Some one recently put a video up of the 81 show on "1980's Drum & Bugle Corps" Facebook page and it brought back memories.
  5. 2018 Rules proposals

    I'm agreeing with most of you on most of these, but I don't like the proposal of an annual Rules Conference. I'd rather see stability in the way the activity is structured and judged rather than constant rules changes. Every two years is fine, though every three years would be even better. I do like that the proposal about limiting amplification since it corrects something that probably wasn't anticipated when amplification was first allowed. I share the generally negative reaction to the ordinals. It would be a nightmare for the prelims when the judges are judging almost every corps in one day.
  6. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    Crossmen Design Team to return in 2018 Crossmen have announced that the entire design team and caption leadership from 2017 will return in 2018. Led by Program Coordinator Ed Devlin, the design team, caption leadership, and administrative leadership met in early September to chart a course for 2018. “To have such a high level of continuity as we move into next season, for the entire Crossmen organization is exciting,” said Ed Devlin. “2017 was a positive step forward for the corps, and we plan to build upon that with this team in 2018!” Caption leadership has been working to finalize their staff rosters for next season and full caption announcements are expected next week.
  7. Crossmen 2018

  8. This is not a suggestion for music, per se, but a suggestion of different percussion instruments to try in the pit. I saw a show at the Brooklyn Academy of Music last night that featured Vietnamese percussion instruments. Here is a video of the percussionist playing some of them:
  9. Crossmen 2017

    Congratulations for the 2017 Crossmen uniform winning in this "best uniform" poll:
  10. Cool. I like that it opens up a new geographic region that hasn't been in World Class before.
  11. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    I bet lots of people expected a ton more announcements by now--like a dam bursting. But, no.
  12. 2017 DCI survey

    Leave it to DCI to ask a non-representative sample of DCI fans. I guess the opinions attendees to the regionals or any number of other competitions don't matter.
  13. 2017 DCI survey

    Just checked both my inbox and spam folder. Nothing. But, I didn't buy DCI Tickets this year. I attended DCI East in Allentown, but my sister purchased the tickets. Would love to provide them with my opinion on amplification.
  14. Crossmen 2018

    A message from the Crossmen official Facebook Page: