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  1. It's kind of amazing that even with a resignation--that turned out not to be official--he was able to leave with company property. Anyone who resigns or is laid off/fired in my company is not allowed out of the building with a company laptop. (Edited: It appears he didn't take the laptop, but similar thing can be said about the phone. You don't keep a company phone and I know my company email password would be changed immediately so that I can't get into the company email system. Can he?) They also close off your access to the company server so that you can't get to the files. I've even heard of some people who have had security guards overlook them as they get their stuff together. Did George ever have a job in a real company? It takes a lot of gall to keep the company laptop and car for this long, even if he considered himself "resigned". Is it normal for corps directors to have cars given to them by the corps? I know "for profit" CEO's who don't get company cars.
  2. I applaud my fellow alumni for doing this.
  3. My concern for the 2018 Marching Members from the moment this broke has been about the bad timing of it. I don't know when the majority of them signed their contracts, but it seems unfair for them for this all to unfold when they have few options to march elsewhere if the worst happens...or even if they'd prefer being in a corps right now with less drama. If there were contracts left to be signed when George and the old board first knew of this, then they were the ones who didn't give potential members all the knowledge they should have had for signing those contracts and committing to the corps.
  4. Sometimes, when I read people talking about the Cadets, I get a strong impression of "Cadets Exceptionalism". A lot of people who have worked with other corps can say the same things about "resume building" and "skill set gains". So, what is it about the Cadets that is/was different from--say--Blue Devils or Crown or Santa Clara? What was truly unique to the Cadets? And whatever that "thing" is, does it have any relevance to what has unfolded over the last week?
  5. Would you mind sharing what you communicated to the writer? I think we'd be interested. Also, have you contacted the board and DCI to defend his character?
  6. This is what some of us asked from Day 1. I could go back to my first post here and link it, but I'll paraphrase: Who else knew and who else let it go on? As great as it was for the board to resign and be replace quickly. As much as DCI covered in their conditions of the probation, it was all about following rules going forward. The key question of who is still employed by this organization who knew about this stuff has not really been addressed. Now, one alleged name has emerged and he just happens to have gotten a promotion to being George's replacement. Organizations have culture and culture usually is established at the top. The longer an organization has the same leadership, the deeper that culture gets. This organization had the same leader for decades. From the article: (the quote is said to be from King) I have to wonder if DCI amends its demands.
  7. What a difference a day makes. The resignation and replacement of the board, with involvement of Acheson, is very welcome news. I can only imagine the behind-the-scenes machinations that brought this about.
  8. This is what DCI should have done.
  9. How does one "pound the beat" looking for abuse victims? Knock on random doors?
  10. Yes, they were bought and sold. These are the mechanisms by which it was accomplished. But, it still was a break. Re-reading what I wrote, I made it sound like that was giving the order in which things happened. I have edited it.
  11. There's much discussion here and elsewhere about the Board of YEA resigning and a clean sweep of the YEA organization. There's another option for the Cadets, though, that I haven't seen discussed. I'll call it the "Crossmen Option". In 2006, the Crossmen left YEA after being acquired by totally new management--Fred Morrison and Mark Chambers--and started anew as an independent organization. So, why do the Cadets even need to be in YEA? Doesn't the option exist to dissolve it and spin the Cadets assets off--as the Crossmen assets were--and start as a new organization? It would be a reboot...and a true clean sweep. Thoughts?
  12. Cadets 2018

    If anyone is interested, there is a petition to remove the BOD: Only 13 hours old, but near its goal.
  13. I want to comment on this “for the benefit of the members” thing. Before the 80’s, most members came from the geographic area where a corps was from. The idea of flying across the country to join another corps was alien. Membership continuity from year to year was high Not anymore. I wouldn’t be shocked if the majority of contracted Cadets this year didn’t march with them last year. So to say this was all for the benefit of a group of people that is fluid every year, rings false to me. Membership is a revolving door. The organization is not. It’s more likely they did it to attract members under a false pretense than any concern for them as people.