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    SCV, Crossmen, BD, 27th Lancers, Spirit, Bridgemen
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    1978 SCV Finals, 1980 BD, 27th, Bridgemen and Northstar Finals, 1992 Crossmen Finals
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  1. Shows that you wish made finals

    1979 Crossmen - "Associate Champions" 1981 Northstar
  2. Historic Possibilities?

    I was there........
  3. Favorite Closer?

    All mine are early 80s..... 27th - Danny Boy, Madison - Through the Eyes of Love, Spirit - Let it be Me, BD - Dindi 1980 was a great year for closers
  4. SCV 2017 - 50 Years of Class

    18 years has been way too long!
  5. I meant 1992 SCV/Crossmen.
  6. OK, two others. 1992 SCV (GR's last show) and Crossmen (just for the excitement of making the top 6).
  7. My top 6............. 1980 Spirit, 1984 BD, 1988 and 1995 Scouts, 2002 SCV and Crossmen. Must have been incredible!
  8. 1978 SCV at Finals. The show that got me hooked on DCI.
  9. Gotta agree with Tim. 27 winning 1980 DCI East was unreal and I was there. Won't ever forget it!
  10. 1979 Troopers at Birmingham prelims. Dave Richards judge's tape says it all. Honorable mention - 1988 and 1995 Scouts at Finals just for sheer excitement.
  11. Brian, I always love your posts. I have some questions you probably can answer about Crossmen history in 70-80s. Could you message me back when you have time? Scott Myers, Hanover PA - Thanks!

  12. DCI Hall of Fame nominations....

    1978 DCI top 12 directors 1. SCV - Gail Royer 2. Phantom - Bob Lendman. 3. BD - Jerry Seawright. 4. Madison - Scott Stewart. 5. Bridgemen - Ed Holmes ? , but Bobby Hoffman. 6. Spirit - Freddy Martin. 7. 27th - George Bonfiglio. 8. Blue Stars - Dr. David Kampschour (probably misspelled, sorry). 9. Crossmen - Robbie Robinson All in the HOF. I'm just saying.....
  13. I noticed DCI is promoting Hall of Fame nominations on the website. Why isn't Harold "Robbie" Robinson in the HOF? I watched my first finals in 1978 and I think every director of a top 9 corps that year is in the Hall. Just wondering here in Pennsylvania.
  14. The Bushwackers need your assistance

    I LOVE DRUM CORPS! 35 years since I watched my first DCI Finals and many DCI and DCA shows later, I still do! Just contributed.......