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  1. Well, it's not like having synced audio and visual is important in drum corps. /s I'll reserve official judgement until June, but as of now I'm really concerned. My annual drum corps finals party might just be a bunch of angry people yelling at a really big TV this year. :(
  2. Well, at least there's a Roku app now. Figures, I just built that whole server and connected it to the TV just for the drum corps season (but don't tell my wife, I said whole home file sharing was super important).
  3. I haven't used FloMarching, but I've heard horror stories. Two questions: 1) Yes or No, will I be able to stream live shows? I get quality might be a concern, but does it legitimately just shut off and/or say no service sometimes? 2) When I buy a UFC or Boxing stream or PPV, I'm buying the main event. If the main event won't play, for whatever reason, I get my money back (and have done so before, UFC's Roku app sucks). Is there any kind of guarantee on drum corps streaming?
  4. What about masters classes and/or music education seminars (for students and teachers) throughout the week, mornings before the shows?
  5. 2017 Program: Victoria Falls 2018 Program: Five Corners 2019 Program: Farm Works But I'm personally most excited for the 2021 show about Jason Bourne.
  6. I'm super excited about where this move takes them!
  7. Would people be interested in DCI-planned activities? Group trip to the fair and speedway? Bus tour of some of the different corps rehearsals? If there was a marching music museum, would that be of interest?
  8. Well, a DCP-sponsored post-show meetup/drinkup could actually be a fun idea.
  9. I read in Unpopular Opinions that a few people think Indy is a bit stale compared to the old traveling Finals model. Indy's not going away, that's the home of drum corps Finals now and probably forever. So I'm curious, if you had unlimited resources, what would you do/want to see happen to make an every-year-Indy-Finals as interesting/exciting for out-of-town travelers to help generate some new excitement? I started to reply to a few folks in the Unpopular Opinions thread with this question, but thought this might warrant its own topic.
  10. Visually it was lacking, I really miss Sacktig, but other than that I'll fully agree with you. I first watched this on live stream, high cam, and had no clue there was a story going on from that view. My initial thought was that this is a really cool Pines of Rome show.
  11. Wow! You had such a good experience that you traveled back in time?!
  12. Rumor has it that BD 2004's Lisa is an American ######.
  13. Couchmen < Futon Regiment < Sofa Clara Vanguard.
  14. Cadets 2000. I've only ever seen it on video, and that show really screams at me that the staging was incredibly important. Honorable mention: Phantom 89 Blue Devils 99 SCV 99 Cavies 00