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  1. I love that we all love those mid 90s Madison shows.
  2. 1. 1997. I could watch the pirate show all day. 2. 2003. Benoit Jutras and Madison work so well together. 3. 1998. I didn't get this show at first, but it has turned into a staple for me. In the Hall of the Mountain King is awesome, and Remembrance is one of the best closers ever! 4. 1996. Could watch this all day. 5. 1988. That energy, and this is also my second favorite version of Malaguena (No. 1 is Cadets 03). 6. 2004. That Malaga section is great, and the whole show was a blast to watch! Also honorable mention to 2007. I get why it placed where it did, but man, this show has more unrealized potential than any other Madison show, possibly any other drum corps show. At the Quarters performance, I remember thinking it felt like watching a Top 12 Corps and a Top 12 Show in June.
  3. I hadn't heard of Vessel, but there's a lot of great staff members with that one. Looking good for them. Then again, that SoCal pool of students has to be drying up, right?
  4. All time shows: The Cadets

    2000 is definitely my favorite. 03 is a close second. Also I'm beginning to think I'm the only person that liked the 04 show.
  5. All time shows: The Crossmen

    2004 is far and away my favorite Crossmen show. I can watch it over and over. Super under rated.
  6. 2005 Phantom

    Amazing show. 04 and 05 both seem to get overshadowed in that 03-08 Phantom era, but they're just as excellent, 05 especially.
  7. I'm actually really surprised this one is having a debate. The answer seems obvious to me, 89 SCV is the better show. That's not to downcredit Star, nor anyone saying Star is the better show. I'm just saying I'm actually surprised there's a debate. A lot of good points mentioned about demand though.
  8. 1. 04 2. 02 3. 99 4. 89 5. 08
  9. Where To Find Videos?

    To double on this one, I know my old music library in college (separate from the main library) had every Finals DVD. Not sure if that's all colleges, and I haven't actually been to mine in a decade, so things could have changed.
  10. Video edits 2017

    Ya, I'll agree that's semantics, unrecognizable v original. Cavies in the early 00s is exactly what got me on this thinking train. Four Corners is one of the tunes I whistle the most from drum corps of the past. You can easily license what was created for you. We already have visual programs custom made for drum corps. I get that composing an 11.5 minute piece isn't an overnight job, but surely it's within the realm of possibility. Or do people just really prefer their drum corps to be playing tunes with recognizable names by recognizable composers, even if that's in name alone?
  11. Video edits 2017

    Obviously I'm coming from the camp of "corps should write their own music", but for the sake of discussion, can someone explain t me the benefit of playing someone else's music? The majority of corps don't even play an entire piece, and every corps that does license music still arranges it for drum corps. Is recognizable music just more accessible to audiences and judges, or is there something more I'm missing?
  12. That's one way to make it work.
  13. Video edits 2017

    This is the common criticism of this idea, and it's not wrong. But consider this: no corps plays music verbatim anyways, and even after someone (super talented) has arranged it, staff (other than arrangers/composers) make tweaks literally all season. We're at the point now where you don't even need an actual musical score by all days - just a framework that can be adjusted throughout the season. You'd eventually just get decent composers and great tweakers (wrong word?) evolving within the drum corps activity, just like we have great visual techs and designers that have evolved over time. Also with the rise of electronic music composers who can literally put together a 20 minute musical program in a few hours, combined with the rise in transcription software, writing an all original musical framework doesn't feel difficult at all anymore.
  14. Video edits 2017

    All original music solves this issue.