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  1. Where do most BDB non-ageouts go? Do they stay with BDB, move on to the A corps, not march, or march somewhere else? Of those options, I've heard the latter the least. Meanwhile, I've heard of many members throughout the World Class corps who marched previously with SCVC. That said, I've also known many a member who marched with SCV (A corps) and then marched somewhere else the year after. I don't know if I've heard of anyone who marched with BD (A corps) and marched somewhere else the following year.
  2. All time shows: Bluecoats

    1. 2006 2. 2005 3. 2016 4. 2001 5. 2014
  3. All time shows: Pacific Crest

    2008 is definitely my favorite. 2004 is second, but I'm biased.
  4. Moving to a top 4 corp

    What his motivation for wanting to make the switch? I figure the obvious answer is 'a ring', but there's also something to be said about the experience that the top groups provide.
  5. Blue Devils and Bluecoats. That's actually about it. I dug this season when it was happening, but in retrospect it's starting to be one of those ones that fades into the background for me.
  6. All time shows: Blue Devils

    The range of opinions on 2005 is just Yowza!
  7. All time shows: Blue Devils

    This is a tough one. Top 2 (not sure order): 2003 and 2004 3. 1994 5. 1999 5. 2008 6. 2000 HM: 1995, 2001, 2002, 2007, 1992, 1986, 1976
  8. Members providing their own food, at least in part, was my thought too. The consensus seemed to be that 'I paid for tour, that includes food, so I shouldn't have to bring my own food.' I was really confused by this mentality, but maybe I'm just old.
  9. Academy v.s. Colts

    Whoever scores the what? We have to know!
  10. Saw this conversation on Reddit. A member had a good experience with her World Class corps in '16. In '17, she went back to the same corps. Between '16 and '17 she went vegetarian. In both years, she had a wheat allergy, so PB&J was killed. She says in '17 she basically never got fed because the staff either thought she was making up her food allergies, or because the vegetarian food was eaten before she got there. She's marching at a different corps in '18. My question: who is responsible for making sure a member in this special circumstance gets food? Should the member provide their own food/backup plans so the staff isn't preparing a completely separate meal (that idea was suggested, but a lot of people thought that was ridiculous)? Should the staff be held responsible for preparing a separate meal? Should the whole corps eat within that member's food guidelines so the staff only has to prepare one meal? I'm really curious how DCP thinks something like this should be handled.
  11. All time shows: The Academy

    2006 was awesome 2016 was awesome 2007 was awesome In that order
  12. I love that we all love those mid 90s Madison shows.
  13. 1. 1997. I could watch the pirate show all day. 2. 2003. Benoit Jutras and Madison work so well together. 3. 1998. I didn't get this show at first, but it has turned into a staple for me. In the Hall of the Mountain King is awesome, and Remembrance is one of the best closers ever! 4. 1996. Could watch this all day. 5. 1988. That energy, and this is also my second favorite version of Malaguena (No. 1 is Cadets 03). 6. 2004. That Malaga section is great, and the whole show was a blast to watch! Also honorable mention to 2007. I get why it placed where it did, but man, this show has more unrealized potential than any other Madison show, possibly any other drum corps show. At the Quarters performance, I remember thinking it felt like watching a Top 12 Corps and a Top 12 Show in June.