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  1. Wow, I dug it. Honestly, minus the uniforms and big giant stage, this feels like a step back toward that late 90s/early 00s Bluecoats era. Great musical selections. The uniforms aren't doing it for me (and I liked last year's) but that's ok. Not sure the stage adds enough to make the juice worth the squeeze, but it has it's fun moments. Maybe I'm just partial to slides. But the #1 thing to discuss on this show is how clean it is in June! This is a talented talented group. At least among the competition we've seen so far, no one's going to catch them.
  2. For some reason that Rorschach guy liked to draw a lot of pictures of my parents fighting. Weird.
  3. Just finished watching a video on a website that has videos. Wow! I haven't seen a lot of shows yet, so my sample size is obviously small, but this is definitely my favorite show of the season so far. Absolutely love it, hope the Crossmen do well!
  4. If someone wants to put this into Survey Monkey or something moving forward, it'll spit out a spreadsheet. I actually really wanted to do that this year, but my wife will 100% definitely kill me if I spend this season doing that instead of taking care of the baby. Happy to help put this together for 2018 though!
  5. Thursday, June 22 DCI Tour Premiere (Indianapolis, IN) Crossmen - 64.8 Blue Stars - 65.0 The Cadets - 69.8 The Cavaliers - 70.0 Carolina Crown - 71.85 Bluecoats - 72.0 Friday, June 23 Clovis, CA Pacific Crest - 61.0 Mandarins - 62.0 The Academy - 65.0 Blue Knights - 68.0 Phantom Regiment - 68.5 Santa Clara Vanguard - 71.5 Blue Devils - 73.0 Saturday, June 24 Massillon, OH Troopers - 62.0 Boston Crusaders - 66.7 The Cadets - 70.5 Carolina Crown - 72.5 Bluecoats - 73.0 Whitewater, WI Pioneer - 56.0 Colts - 61.0 Crossmen - 63.5 Blue Stars - 67.1 Madison Scouts - 66.8 The Cavaliers - 71.5 Sacramento, CA Pacific Crest - 62.5 Mandarins - 63.1 The Academy - 66.7 Blue Knights - 69.3 Phantom Regiment - 69.8
  6. Well that was absolutely stunning.
  7. Good info. Ya, it seemed weird that they'd do Fathom AND a stream, but it also seemed weird that they had it listed on their site so I wasn't sure. Side note, +1 for that Roku app!
  8. Everything looked good on my end (work computer) and my wife checked the Roku app at home and said the same thing. Not perfect quality but definitely nothing I'd be annoyed at either. I dug it. Not sure if this is the right place to ask: is FloMarching also showing the Tour Premier? I can't make it to the theaters on Thursday, just trying to see if this is an option. Their website doesn't make it clear if they're just showing behind the scenes or the actual show.
  9. Pretty sure Legends posted a baritone hold yesterday.
  10. A lot of talent here, they look and sound really good for this early in the season. The show itself feels a bit underwhelming, but we'll see what they can do to it in two months. Great way to start the season Blue Stars!
  11. It's DCP. The day the complaining stops, the site might shut down.
  12. Now do the marching and playing and spinning and hitting thing. That's my favorite part!
  13. This drum corps live stream needs a lot more drum corps!
  14. Wait, are they showing everyone's trailer? I came here for a burger. I'm sure the entire menu is delicious, but you don't need to show it to me, I'm hungry for this burger!