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  1. Bucbari

    A Look Back at 1971-1972

    About 71 - we've talked about this before Fran-- probably the most competitive year ever in Drum Corp. The World Open 13-25 would have been one helluva show. Of course what happened after the season was over was a real game changer also with the formation of DCI. About 72....I know this is a DCI category....but in DCA was again probably the most competitive year ever. If any of the top 5 had won I would have not complained. They were all worthy. Although I still think Reading should have won that is just one mans opinion and I freely admit I'm a homer and very prejudiced...lol
  2. Rita Moreno took over for Chita Rivera in the Anita part in the original Broadway production and played the part on the national tour
  3. They shouldn't have told us that!!
  4. RAW MEAT!!! YOU WANT RAW MEAT? Remember being told not to play too loud at that disco gig we did out on the Island? Raw Meat? Dust from the ceiling was coming down in waves and settling in the drinks of the patrons!
  5. Bucbari

    Freelancers in 1984 movie

    All You Sun alums have to remember the Burger King commercial that we did! There was a big rally in an auditorium for the Burger King employees afterwards that had strange almost errie cult like atmosphere. Fran what year was that? George
  6. Bucbari

    All time shows: The Cadets

    I've never understood why 98 gets so little respect. The corps won of course...there have been a few honorable mentions....and that's about it. I would describe 98 as restrained elegance. It is one of my all time favorites. with 1985 there's a bit a back story that most people aren't even aware of. The original horn arranger kind of .....bailed on them? The fact that the corps was able to put together such a legendary show is nothing short of amazing. Just as an aside he bailed on us also. 4 weeks before our 1st show we still didn't have a production number or a closer.. We came in 2nd that year and took high horns in spite of him. To complete the ops request. 1984 Legendary.....doesn't need an explantion 2011 One of the greatest ever and finally I'll say just 2 words White Rabbit
  7. Bucbari

    All time shows: the Cavaliers

    I'm glad somebody mentioned these 2 shows. Its hard to remember how dominant they were in the 60s especially 66 despite the big upset by Golden Knights at the Dream. Cavies and Madison both took some heat that year but I think it all worked out eventually. Off topic maybe but the Scouts can not claim to be an all male corps 1000%. They had a girl play Alice in their Alice in Wonderland show in 1971.
  8. Did anyone mention St. Rita's for New York? The only corps that could get away with playing 3 Blind Mice
  9. Bucbari

    2017 DCA Finals

    Well deserved!!
  10. Bucbari

    2017 DCA Finals

    Forgive me if I sound like a pig...but #### she's cute
  11. Bucbari

    2017 DCA Finals

    Just noticed that Bucs Honor guard are all wearing the uniforms used over the years.
  12. Bucbari

    2017 DCA Finals

    I totally agree about last year....C2 really nailed it and deserved the win. I agree about CV. They made a big leap this year. Nothing wrong with competition very, very healthy!!
  13. Bucbari

    2017 DCA Finals

    Last year I had my doubts but not this year....wow...just wow!!! The best ever? and I am a proud homer...lol
  14. Bucbari

    2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    Had Sabers a close 4th to Cabs. But boy did CV bring it tonight...WOW!!!.
  15. Bucbari

    2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    Looked like CV really brought it