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  1. Remember at one time these people were gods who bestride the earth
  2. This is the first time I'm seeing them this year Jeff
  3. why does this opener remind me of Fosse?
  4. First saw them in finals in 1974.....Been in love with PR ever since
  5. I will not NOT watch that movie. Every time I think about how that piece of trash beat the best movie in the last 40 years -Saving Private Ryan-for the best picture Oscar I get a pain my gut
  6. hmm...sorry I thought Scouts just didn't have the passion that Mandarins displayed
  7. First time I've seen Madison this year. I've go to be honest....it's not happening for me.
  8. Had even less in 83 when we won. How we won with 39 horns I'll never be able to figure that out. I guess having one of the greatest drum lines ever , Dci or Dca, helped. MBI will be back.
  9. Anyone periscoping? I just got on
  10. I don't understand either...with that putz's contentious, bloviating rhetoric He didn't mention the performances. We have always had opening shows that were exhibitions and I'm also not a big fan of people who hide. PS: Ajlisko, remember Evening With The Corps?
  11. Bayonne...lol and then hit the Venice after the show...which is not the Venice anymore...It got sold. It's so respectable that my Baptist Minister Brother goes in there.
  12. Yeah Another casualty of 75.
  13. I think that the big story of 75 -it always gets overlooked- is what happened to Troopers. They went from a very respectable 5th in 74 to not making finals in 75 if Muchies are not disqualified. They've made finals since of course but they have never really been the same. They were never the national powerhouse that they were from 64 to 74. I've always wondered What Happened?