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  1. I don't understand either...with that putz's contentious, bloviating rhetoric He didn't mention the performances. We have always had opening shows that were exhibitions and I'm also not a big fan of people who hide. PS: Ajlisko, remember Evening With The Corps?
  2. Bayonne...lol and then hit the Venice after the show...which is not the Venice anymore...It got sold. It's so respectable that my Baptist Minister Brother goes in there.
  3. Yeah Another casualty of 75.
  4. I think that the big story of 75 -it always gets overlooked- is what happened to Troopers. They went from a very respectable 5th in 74 to not making finals in 75 if Muchies are not disqualified. They've made finals since of course but they have never really been the same. They were never the national powerhouse that they were from 64 to 74. I've always wondered What Happened?
  5. Well what we needed in 83 Fran was for old Eagle Eye "LEAVE THAT DRILL ALONE". (sung to Another brick in the wall) I remember 2 days before a show in Bayonne in 83 and Freddy changed 2/3rds of the drill and I think we still won by 1.5.
  6. Just curious but how many of the people mentioned in this topic attended George Park's Drum Major Camp?...just curious
  7. Are you referring to Scotty Poulson? If you are he was amazing!
  8. Fantastic!!! Welcome and wish you all the luck in the world...
  9. I'm one of those "couple of" who left. Moved from Sunrisers after 83 to Reading. Didn 't happen very often IIRC. No regrets though because it was the happiest time of my marching career.
  10. But did we have fun? You better believe it!!
  11. Keith..I'm surprised...you are not exactly a kid. How could you forget St. Joseph's of Batavia for New York. They were a real power house with a killer drum line. Top high drums in 68 VFWs. And who could forget Big Spender. Blew the house down.
  12. Would anyone object if I threw George Parks into the discussion? I know DCA but a real legend.
  13. Ken Norman....Kilties 68 blew me away
  14. Sorry for your loss Keith. I can relate. It wasn't my father but the person who got me into marching left us this past year. I'll always be grateful to Wayne - Fran Haring's brother in law- for getting me into a positive environment. If my Mother did today what she did back then, 1. I would have ended up in foster care, 2. She would have ended up in jail, 3. I would have ended up in jail. I'll always be grateful to Wayne. Marching changed my life. I am what I am today because I am a Crusader, a Sunriser and a Buccaneer. Sometimes a very simple question -your Father's Keith- can change a life. If my statements above are considered too personal I apologize. They are what they are.
  15. August 1967, Wayne Poulson -Fran's brother in law- asked me if I wanted to join a Drum Corps. My reaction was "what the hell is a Drum Corps". I was 12. Well I joined the Raiders of 88 in Highland Park New Jersey. My life was never the same after that. My 1st horn instructor was the legendary Tommie "Bucky" Swan. Need I say more?