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  1. Would this go to a grand jury, or could the DA decide to prosecute on its own (I need to stop watching Law & Order).
  2. Newseditor44

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Wait until you guys hear the Bruckner opener. From the opening that hornline will grab you by the balls and unleash the power of the drum corps Gods. Kinda like they’re saying, “Eff this, we’re just going to blow your face off from the opening downbeat, hope you don’t mind.” Much percussion, many many tympanies, extremely majestic, and oh my God powerfully loud. When I heard it at the January camp I nearly wept.
  3. Newseditor44

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Without revealing the show music, I can tell you it’s extremely powerful, aggressive and at certain moments very beautiful. There will be some new sounds that you haven’t heard from Crown in the past including different approaches to electronics in certain sections. The sound will be BIG, and as you can see in the video they released they’re adding bass trombones into the mix this season. The evolution for Crown continues this season and I expect this show will probably be more we’ll received than last years.
  4. Christy leaving was just a matter of time, but that's a huge loss. I would imagine thats going to make some kids rethink where they go to tryout this coming week. How do they fill that position 5 weeks before the season starts, and with a (somewhat) new show to design?
  5. Geroge this surprises me because generally you and I are on the same page. I take offense to you implying that I am “rooting for the worse”. Quite the contrary. The Cadets membership deserves the best, however, it’s difficult to do that when your administration is constantly changing and your organization is under fire, 5-6 weeks prior to spring training. If my child was marching with the Cadets this season, I would be extremely skeptical, especially given the news of the past couple days. Timing is everything, and if this were November I have no doubts they would be Ok. 5 weeks out is a completely different story.
  6. Extremely well put. No one wants to see the corps succeed more than I do, but how successful would the tour be if the administrative issues caused full scale problems while the corps was on the road this summer? What kind of experience would that be for the corps? There are too many questions that need to be answered in the next 5 weeks. I hope they can have this sorted out and create a quality experience for their members, but let’s be honest, the hill they havd to climb is pretty darn steep.
  7. I think DCI is better with the Cadets involved and want to see them on the field this year. That said, we’re a month away from spring training. The organization is fighting an uphill battle right now, and You have to wonder how all of this is effecting their ability to plan a FB execute a successful summer tour. Yes, I want the kids to have a great experience, but in my experience running a youth organization, this kind of situation makes things 10 times more difficult.
  8. I can’t help but wonder if these latest allegations and the suspension of Sean King pushes DCI closer to suspending the corps for the season. I’ve been an advocate for allowing them to march this season, but slowly changing my mind. Just when you think this story can’t get any worse, it does. Thoughts?
  9. I think Son Lux would be a great addition to a drum corps to a drum corps program this season. But who would be most likely to do it?
  10. I need to stop trying to do three things at once. Maybe I’ll understand what I’m reading better... LOL.
  11. I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said, however, DCI and YEA are completely separate orginxations. DCI has no operational control over YEA. As the activity promoter, they can set the guidelines by which corps are expected to operate, but they don’t have the authority to fire people, cease control of the organization, etc. what they can do is remove their representation from their board of directors and deny them the opportunity to perform, but I see that as a last resort kinda deal.
  12. As I understand it, DCIs role is an event promoter. You are correct in saying they have no way to “shut the corps down”, however, the DCI BOD can suspend the organization and remove them from the board, as well as deny them entry to any DCI sanctioned shows. The bigger question is, what does doing this this resolve? What kind of impact will this have on the students and the activity? There is an opportunity to do something that is constructive and to heal. Denying them the opportunity to perform would be a knee jerk reaction and the wrong decision, IMHO.
  13. Absolutely agree my friend, the BOD has to go. I truly hate saying that, and I hate all of this. But man, this will not (and should not) end well for them if they don’t. Ive served on BODs for two youth organizations, and I just can’t believe the board didn’t have any knowledge of what was happening. This is a nightmare scenario that most board members never want to think about. And you have to wonder about the personal culpability the individual board members might have. If i were a current BOD member, I would probably be talking to an attorney, just to be on the safe side.
  14. My feeling (or at least hope) is they would want to do something that would be in the best interests of the students. If i were DCI my focus would probably be on supporting the new management and helping them find the resources they need to put more structure in place, provide support for due diligence, and work wit the students and families to help them build trust in the program. Shutting down the corps would essentially be the death penalty, I just don’t see how you can recover from something like that. The activity as a whole is stronger with the Cadets.
  15. Please don’t. Mods please close this thread, this is not the time nor the place for this.