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  1. Finals Format

    I was not being a smart ###. Honestly, did you not realize that BOA announces the top three in each class at the end of semifinals? Everyone knows who is winning then, random draw or not. Most of the suspense comes from the two features I enumerated - split prelims, and that these bands have not already competed head-to-head on a 35-show tour. And since you bring it up, we proved not just in 1988, but in 2016, that DCI cannot keep a secret. Results and recaps get leaked all the time. The 1975 Muchachos are the only example I can think of where DCI actually withheld a result from us. I read what you wrote, and I still did not think you really meant that a random draw for performance order would be the key factor to creating competitive suspense.
  2. Finals Format

    In order to "copy BOA" as you suggest: a. Prelims would be split into two separate halves, on separate days, with separate judging panels. Even though we all know scores from different panels are not truly comparable, advancement to semifinals would be determined by the top 30 scores across these two prelim panels. But yes, we might not know who is winning at that point. b. Semifinals would run the same day as finals, starting as early in the morning as necessary to get in the requisite number of performances. Of course, much of the mystery of BOA Grand Nationals is because so many of the bands there have not competed head-to-head earlier in the season. To copy that would require eliminating tour, and sequestering corps in their home regions until championship week.
  3. Well, there you go. You just made the case for two divisions (like we have now). A third division in the manner you have described, however, will split the year round/full timers into two unnecessary subdivisions. (And just because you disagree with a point of view, does not make it "reactive nonsense with no support". If you truly wish to "converse with people", that is not the way to do it.)
  4. Why stop there? Make 40 divisions, and everyone can compete for a title! Seriously, creating additional competitive divisions just so that there are "more winners" is not a good enough reason.
  5. Corps already have plenty of options for which shows/how many shows to do, where to tour, WC/OC/SoundSport - the full variety of competitive, financial and time-commitment levels are served. And what does raising the 150-member limit have to do with that, anyway? Not sure we were seeing the same webcast. I tuned in for most of the Grand National semifinals. Generally speaking, designs were constrained by the same prop excesses that characterize the current DCI top-16, then further constrained by slower movement and (for the bigger bands) more people crowded into the remaining space. If you find BOA more impressive than DCI simply because they are bigger ensembles, good for you. BOA could use the fan support. The rest of this post looks like a recycled G7 presentation. That debate has already been had. I am of the opinion that less corps, even if they are bigger, will lead to less people marching overall. And taken too far, less corps creates an untenable business model - then you have no corps.
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  7. Yes. I propose we reduce corps size to make room for more props.
  8. Because every time the bar is raised, more corps trip over it. We went from 400 corps to 40 corps over the DCI era. What we should be doing is looking at ways to reverse that trend. And if we adopted your philosophy, expanding from local/regional to national/international tours improved the overall appeal and visibility of DCI. Why stop there? Expand the DCI tour to other continents.
  9. Sign the Petition

    You said "I would fall on the side of accepting the Court Record as being the official source"....without even looking at it yourself?
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    Did you find any reference to "girls shower area" in the court records?
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    Everything I read on this topic says it was a storage room connected to the band room. While this storage room was said to have been used as a changing room, that does not make it a "girls shower area".
  12. Technically, no. The Reveries had already been eliminated in prelims. There was nothing left for them to be "disqualified" from by the time they staged their starting-line protest during finals.
  13. I see. So when the economy of the late 1970s and early 1980s forced kids to choose between paying for corps and paying for college, that was the fault of corps directors. If they had used their resources more wisely, say, to lobby Congress or get the right people elected, that whole economic downturn could have been avoided, and recruiting would have continued unabated. It is always about the money. For that matter, all those veterans posts who ran out of veterans... if only their corps directors realized they needed to spend their money stoking a third world war to replenish their membership pool, they would all still be marching today. It really is always about the money. (Not really. But what it truly always is about, for Stu, is the last word.)
  14. Yes. There have been a number of corps who folded for lack of membership interest, despite being financially healthy. Several were so financially healthy that they established scholarship funds or similar charitable giving mechanisms to contribute their remaining funds back to the activity in some way. There have also been corps, or related organizations, who folded simply because no one wanted to run the thing. In fact, the void that led to the birth of Drum Corps Europe was created by precisely such an event. Drum Corps Holland, the original drum corps circuit in the Netherlands, folded in the late 1990s out of apathy, with most of their corps and events continuing as the drum corps division of a marching band circuit. You can still win the semantic argument by claiming that with enough money, these organizations could have hired administrators to keep running, therefore it is always about the money. But that is just a gross oversimplification. You could just as easily say "it is always about the people involved".
  15. The article was published on July 5th. "Go national" simply meant the corps would be going on tour, competing with other corps from all over the nation.