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  1. On the "for what it's worth" scale and being a Trooper mark, I can't remember a time since 2007 that the Troopers announced a show by talking to the local news in Casper. If I had to guess, Fred was being interviewed and spoke of some things that might be getting kicked around currently and it was reported as the real deal. I think I'll wait until we hear it from the Troopers. They have normally had an announcement through their own media not the local news and this one doesn't feel right. JMO
  2. 2018 Rules proposals

    Proposal: No scoring before July 1 Proposed by: Will Pitts, Phantom Regiment Summary: For all contests before July 1, no scores will be given. Corps will be "adjudicated" with recorded commentary and critiques, but no scores will be assigned or announced. On the record: “There are numerous moments in the summer where designers and teachers are encouraged to make adjustments to the show to create better clarity/definition. If these comments can be made during a no-scoring period, corps are able to make adjustments before their performances have competitive implications.” Did he implying slotting without actually saying slotting?
  3. The same person (s) responsible for the functionality of the new web site design decides
  4. Yeah, they probably shouldn't have rolled out a product with functionality of a q-tip like that . If they paid for that product, they should either get it fixed or get their money back. And, if they didn't pay for that product.... well then, that would it explain it I suppose. Use and friendly do not come to mind as it is neither at this point.
  5. But, he did make his escapes with a the help of his friend, an ape named Ape. Then he'd schlep with Shep... So, he had that going for him.
  6. One simply cannot leave George of the Jungle off of the list.
  7. Sign the Petition

    With regard to this petition and petitions in general. I would bet it's nothing more than apathy. Like the old posed question... The difference between ignorance and apathy? I don't know. I don't care.
  8. Full-field tarp?

    It will be most likely be the latest in a line of, "Oh look, SHINY OBJECT" moments. Some designers will think its the greatest thing since vocals, electronics, props, etc. -------> ($$$) Mo Money. Others will approach it like an eight week old Labrador puppy. Can I play with? Can I eat it? If not? P*** on it and walk away. ------> ($$$) Less Money.
  9. Cadets 2018

    Yeahhhhhhhh, but Schadenfreude and the internet are just such wonderful companions!
  10. The same thing he did (or didn't do) for the Troopers for the last two years. You get a tarp, and you get a tarp and YOU get a tarp and YOU get a tarp. Everybody gets a tarp!! ($1 to Oprah)
  11. From their recently revamped website, here's the link to the fans page that has the 2013 closer. It is under Videos, From the Archives and is titled "2013 Color Guard Judges Tape" It would appear that the much maligned Ms Torchia dug the closer and when one listens closely, so did the other judges in the box who can be heard in her recording. https://www.troopersdrumcorps.org/fans
  12. Now, see... that right there is as funny as Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers playing a game of "got your nose".
  13. Have it on good authority from everyone in my life that has estrogen that I am forever, "in the wrong thread".