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  1. "Fly me to the Moon"
  2. I believe MC and FJM had "BOLD NEW LOOK" announcement for Troopers about this time last year too. Sigh... Good luck to the Colts!
  3. While were at it, I've heard that they are often called cast members now and not marching members.
  4. $1 for the obscure Miss Congeniality reference.
  5. Some might say that last year's uniform, music and show choice was very unpredictable (arguably) for the Troopers. Their average placement this decade? 14th. Their average final score this decade? 83.2 2016 placement -14th. 2016 score - 83.8 ###### if you do, ###### if you don't, I suppose.
  6. Ray Charles could see what's coming next.
  7. For the uninformed.... was the "shade" towards the gentleman whose wife was diagnosed with a terminal illness that later took her? If so, that is some really dark "shade"... given the circumstances. If not, then I'll be on my way with my apologies to the Cadets faithful.
  8. Talk to the members of the boards or executive directors. The story will most likely be different.
  9. For profit? Partial return on investment... maybe
  10. Or, you could be all over it... Like Phillip Seymore Hoffman on an 8 ball.
  11. Sweeeeet. I'm all over that... Like Lindsay Lohan on the first day of rehab!
  12. Nice. ($1 for the obscure Star Trek reference)
  13. In a subjectively judged activity, one might just as easily point to the judging community rewarding the product vs what was actually presented to be judged as the proximate cause for any shifts. Had Pacific Crest come out dressed like the Troopers with the same product as Bluecoats last year, I doubt few here would have discussed any shifts at all. Most likely it would have been panned by fans and judges alike. I know some don't like the "S" word here, but when things like this are attempted in the higher "competitive groupings" the more likely it will be rewarded by the judging community... given that subjectivity. In my opinion, it doesn't matter what you might try or what shift may have occurred. If the judges don't "get it" and reward it... it rarely matters what "IT" is.
  14. Rabbit season... Duck season... Internet ######### contests always deliver.
  15. I agree. If one looks at the screen shot of the communication, it would appear that there are two separate issues. In the first paragraph Ms Coates wrote about the practice of ensuring financial obligations to corps are met before being contracted to a new corps and that this MM had not done so. Then she starts a new paragraph and begins a new topic about an additional financial obligation that was brought to her attention regarding a signed scholarship agreement. The message from Coates is dated January 26 and contradicts what was contained in the deleted thread from yesterday where she was contacted and told a member of this board that scholarships are offered to age outs. Whether you are a celebrity, professional athlete, business CEO, politician, or non profit youth organization, when you violate any combination of the four rules to crisis management... "You're gonna have a bad time." ($1.00 to South Park) Tell the truth Tell it first Tell it yourself Tell it all Otherwise, threads like this and the one that was deleted will most likely result.