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  1. From the pics they posted of the run through last night, it would appear so.
  2. It is... becoming (Insert the adjective of your choice)
  3. From their FB page. Classic Marine Pearl to cover up the crotch window (at least in the battery)
  4. If they do as they have in the past, tomorrow, 11 June, at 11:00 am MST, the corps will gather. They will face west and play Battle Hymn Chorale in honor of Mr. Jones. They have posted this on FB for the past few years.
  5. No dilemma. In true WGI style, cover it with a tarp.
  6. They have been going to "the farm" since 2011. That's where they were headed when the guard bus accident happened in 2011.
  7. In the off season, I asked a former Trooper staff member I know. They said they could not recall one judge throughout last season who had anything bad to say about the uniform change. To the contrary, they said many judges remarked about how well the new look did work from the press box. Troop 2016 had bigger issues than the new look, I believe.
  8. Awwwww, c'mon. They could announce that they were doing "The Music of South Park", open with "Kyle's Mom's a B#^&&" and close with "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo" and the collective drum corps world would have a woody that a Kardashian could do pull ups on.
  9. She's still recovering from Troopers uniform (costume) choice from last year and most likely waiting for a show announcement. Either way, after last season, it will be hard to "Fix You" (Her).
  10. Troop jumped that shark last summer. Will the sleeves be up or down on the cowboy stripper look this summer?
  11. There are several from what I understand. The Appearance Fee (based on previous year's placement and shows performed in that competitive year) The TOC payout (based on number of TOC shows performed in a year) The Championship Placement Fee? Or, The Participation Payout (based on years in DCI - $/years and total pay for years in DCI?
  12. "Fly me to the Moon"
  13. I believe MC and FJM had "BOLD NEW LOOK" announcement for Troopers about this time last year too. Sigh... Good luck to the Colts!
  14. While were at it, I've heard that they are often called cast members now and not marching members.