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  1. I agree! As this season progressed I often wondered why, when she was a member of the Troopers guard in 2015, she wasn't afforded the opportunity to audition for that vocal part.
  2. It would appear from the shirts they wear that the same people who are assigned as users are hired by the same company that assigns those who scan your tickets and that guy who is on Tim Snyder's Christmas card list. Not sure what the training and requirements are for this employment, but it's possible I suppose, that the same company is responsible for the guy who tears tickets at the tilt-a-whirl at the Indiana State Fair.
  3. Music City 2018

    I'll take that bet. In Casper the people who have no idea far outweigh those who do. Of those who do, the jury is out regarding where they fall in the caring continuum.
  4. Maybe not of all time, but I'm a Troopers mark, so Troopers 2011.
  5. Indy 2017

    I've seen both, but I think the worst "offenders" are the kids.
  6. Indy 2017

    It's been my observation over the last eight years that the biggest seat hoppers are the open class MM's.
  7. Cadets 2017

    Wait... I'm confused. (I have it on good authority from everyone in my life that has estrogen that I am often confused) Anyway, is this the same Mr. Lentz that caused the discussion after the colorguard scores from San Antonio and that subsequent thread? If so, can a current judge be brought in to consult like that? By extension, if true, then the Cavaliers should immediately reach out to Ms. Torchia to come in.
  8. Jebus. It's DCP, ya trust or ya don't with your own editorial filters, otherwise why would we all post? Clean up on aisle 4, clean up on aisle 4... Helicopter accident on aisle 4... clean up on aisle 4.
  9. TV Bando Drumline thing

    Committed and interested. You are committed to your show and to DCI. The news people are most likely only mildly interested. Using your breakfast example, it reminds me of the analogy of Committed vs. Interested and breakfast. As it applies to breakfast, the chicken is interested and the pig is committed.
  10. Yeah, and maybe Lindsay Lohan will complete re-hab one day.
  11. 2017 Seattle Cascades

    Maybe they could ask the Troopers for one all of those tarps to line the bottom of the bird cage.
  12. Cadets 2017

    Not necessarily so, recent history would indicate that if you don't "educate" the judges, "you're gonna have a bad time". ($1 to Thumper the ski instructor on South Park)
  13. Cadets 2017

    A huge Shroud of Turin.... with bling?
  14. In keeping with the whole Rorschach thingy, I interpreted them to be Corn Hole bean bags.