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  1. Daave

    2018 Uniforms!

    Yeah, the Androgynous Cowboy Stripper with a maternity bib and Capt'n Crunch epaulets look is no more. Could I get an Amen!!
  2. Daave

    Troopers 2018: The New Road West

    Ooooooooooookay, as a Trooper mark, I'll bite. Can you share what shocked you in a very good way? And, please say no tarps to play a big game of Twister on a football field.
  3. Daave

    2018 Uniforms!

    It is good to see that they stayed with the "Olive Garden server tie of the month" theme of the last few years, though.
  4. Daave

    Madison Scouts 2018

    Nice! $1 for the obscure Donald Sutherland Kelly's Heroes reference.
  5. Daave

    Cadets 2018

    It was the back side of one of the Troopers Twister on a football field tarps from last year.
  6. I was only responding to the other post about molester's molesting other molesters (in prison). The other part was only to state that it could be criminal when force, threat or intimidation is involved.
  7. Inmates have consensual sex. All the time. While not illegal, it is mostly likely against whatever rules or regulations govern where they are housed. Not unlike Hopkins, it often becomes a crime when force, threat or intimidation is used to facilitate the actions. Molesters molest each other more often than you'd think in a correctional setting.
  8. Because nearly every time it is brought up, that is exactly what happens. It's DCP and it's what we do.
  9. Given the overall circumstances and conditions of the DCI letter, the name of one individual carry's that sort of certainty?
  10. And if that blunt conversation comes from DCI in the near future that they not tour this summer? Until such time as either party says otherwise, that possibility is still out there as outlined in the letter from DCI. I know, it's rhetorical but is still not resolved (at least publicly).
  11. Daave

    The future of the Cadets

    Yeah, where'd he go and what came of the King issue?
  12. For the better part of 400 pages. It's what we do!
  13. With regard to the vehicle and the laptop and whatever other physical property he may still have, I would imagine he could argue that since he hadn't been fired until yesterday, he didn't not see an issue there. I understand the publicity, the way it looks, the situation and everything else discussed... but, is that not par for the course for him? Has he not, for a period of time, shown that he does not have that filter or care to even acknowledge that that filter exists, let alone care what others think? He's a yam bag. Nothing that may come out in the future will surprise me. Karma, Earl
  14. If he puts all of that towards the lottery, he'll be.... Just. Fine. C'mon Powerball!!
  15. I was trying to find if the previous board had done so. Their initial response only states that he had resigned. It makes no mention of whether or not it had been accepted. It's definitely a lawyer question for sure.