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  1. Full-field tarp?

    It will be most likely be the latest in a line of, "Oh look, SHINY OBJECT" moments. Some designers will think its the greatest thing since vocals, electronics, props, etc. -------> ($$$) Mo Money. Others will approach it like an eight week old Labrador puppy. Can I play with? Can I eat it? If not? P*** on it and walk away. ------> ($$$) Less Money.
  2. Cadets 2018

    Yeahhhhhhhh, but Schadenfreude and the internet are just such wonderful companions!
  3. The same thing he did (or didn't do) for the Troopers for the last two years. You get a tarp, and you get a tarp and YOU get a tarp and YOU get a tarp. Everybody gets a tarp!! ($1 to Oprah)
  4. From their recently revamped website, here's the link to the fans page that has the 2013 closer. It is under Videos, From the Archives and is titled "2013 Color Guard Judges Tape" It would appear that the much maligned Ms Torchia dug the closer and when one listens closely, so did the other judges in the box who can be heard in her recording. https://www.troopersdrumcorps.org/fans
  5. Now, see... that right there is as funny as Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers playing a game of "got your nose".
  6. Have it on good authority from everyone in my life that has estrogen that I am forever, "in the wrong thread".
  7. Indeed. And, I stand corrected. I found the thread. It was the 2013 Jannuals.
  8. Wasn't the Jannuals of 2012 the last time this group made any sort of open play... the one that the Troopers BoD responded publicly to?
  9. 2017 DCI survey

    I dunno, maybe it's just me, but White Castle, delicious and always in the same post just seems... wrong? But, if Bob Dylan can get the a Nobel prize in literature, I suppose there is hope that White Castle can earn their first Michelin Star.
  10. So the same guy who help Cavaliers with their "15 Minutes of Fame" in 2012 and Academy with Loooooooollllllllaaaaaaa and the "Piano Man" in 2013 has now helped the Troopers with a new uniform in 2016 and a 17th place finish in 2017?! Ummm... ok
  11. This thread is like Steve Martin in " The Jerk". The new phone books are here!!
  12. I agree! As this season progressed I often wondered why, when she was a member of the Troopers guard in 2015, she wasn't afforded the opportunity to audition for that vocal part.
  13. It would appear from the shirts they wear that the same people who are assigned as users are hired by the same company that assigns those who scan your tickets and that guy who is on Tim Snyder's Christmas card list. Not sure what the training and requirements are for this employment, but it's possible I suppose, that the same company is responsible for the guy who tears tickets at the tilt-a-whirl at the Indiana State Fair.