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  1. With regard to the vehicle and the laptop and whatever other physical property he may still have, I would imagine he could argue that since he hadn't been fired until yesterday, he didn't not see an issue there. I understand the publicity, the way it looks, the situation and everything else discussed... but, is that not par for the course for him? Has he not, for a period of time, shown that he does not have that filter or care to even acknowledge that that filter exists, let alone care what others think? He's a yam bag. Nothing that may come out in the future will surprise me. Karma, Earl
  2. If he puts all of that towards the lottery, he'll be.... Just. Fine. C'mon Powerball!!
  3. I was trying to find if the previous board had done so. Their initial response only states that he had resigned. It makes no mention of whether or not it had been accepted. It's definitely a lawyer question for sure.
  4. "My brain hurts" ($1 to D.P Gumby) and ($1 to me for the obscure Monty Python reference) I think I need a bottle of aspirin and box of contraceptives because I have ******* headache!
  5. As the old saying goes, that is an hour of my life i'll never get back. Sheesh.
  6. Since words have meaning, and I'm just going to get accused of trolling: If the new statement "Might" indicate why, then how can that mean he "Is" innocent? You cant have, in the same sentence, a possibility followed up with a declarative or definitive of why the possibility Is so. It can't be so if you acknowledge there is still a possibility of other options.
  7. Yay! So we have another dozen or so posts about your over the top devotion to the life of Mr King to look forward to that say the same thing... over and over and over. I'll refill my Xanax. This is as creepy as Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers playing a game of got your nose.
  8. I'm just an old retired Army guy, but it was always my experience that current Marines, Retired Marines and former Marines often referred to Marines who were other than honorably dismissed from service as ex Marines as a way to ensure there was a distinction between the former and the latter. Marines who honorably served were never referred to as ex Marines.
  9. Taking the article at face value, 15+ years ago, a "source" relayed to Rice a rumor. It has to be worked backwards from there. Unless and until the "source" is identified, contacted and cooperates, everything else is speculation. It's an investigative lead for whomever chooses to try. For all we know, the rumor told to the "source", at the time, may also have been third part hearsay. It appears now that it may have validity. However, if those involved believed the rumor (and a potential crime may have been committed) then why contact DCI? Why not contact the authorities or disclose the source so it could be further investigated. At this point the only person with potential information is the "source". In HR speak, "it's more likely than not" that Hopkins couldn't keep various parts of his anatomy to himself. With regard to what Rice has provided, there is no clear and convincing evidence, just the uncorroborated third party hearsay and most certainly not any proof beyond a reasonable doubt that a judicial proceeding would require.
  10. Unless the "source" that is often referred to in the article is now willing to come forward with the information, there is most likely little any investigation could do with third part hearsay that is 15 years old. "... and everybody wanted to get in the newspaper story about it." Arlo Guthrie - "Alice's Restaurant Massacree"
  11. Subliminal and effective observation!
  12. Man, that's some Glenn Beck stuff right there.
  13. Your continued hyperbole is not helping your argument.
  14. His life is being ruined? Lots of things in life come along that might ruin it, but I'm not too sure this ranks up there.