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  1. I like. Thank you. Had tough days at the office for weeks. This made my day. I realize this piece may have been cited here before but Henry V helped me finish that document. Stormy rock group was the icing on the cake of an otherwise trying day. Hugs N.E.
  2. FloMarching

    Will FloMarching allow non US to register in 2018? I miss watching winter guard and drum corps live stream. Hugs. edit: I contacted and received a response '...but the countries events are available in varies event to event. each event will have that specific information available on its event pages...'. It is what it is.
  3. Favorite year as MM

    The last time I saw DCI finals in another century was 1983 Miami Florida. In 2010 (this century) we went to finals. Thank you so much for helping me relive this wonderful experience. As an MM, I have 2 favourite years; 1970 and 1976. In 1970 we won in our class and in 1976 we saw BD and PR often on tour and we performed in DCI finals too. Drum Corps is cool.
  4. was baptized (Estonian) lutheran lol;)
  5. was baptized (Estonian) lutheran lol;) edit: double post, yikes, see below, good golly, can't click, ima old chick, cut me some slack jack lol
  6. I do hope so. I remember trying to procure funds for pageantry arts. Is it a sport? Is it an art? We found funds in culture. Keep looking for those tax breaks. Drum corps is cool.
  7. Good statement. 7 days of cold weather doesn't negate years of warming. Economics same. A surge does not negate years of deficit. Look at the long run and sustainability.
  8. Don't go north of Illinois today. Forecast said 'Partly cloudy. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low minus 32. Extreme wind chill minus 43'. Minus 40 is the same C or F;)
  9. 2010 had the word dark if that's what you mean? What does the author mean by mean (if you know what I mean)? Blue Knights were often considered dark before their time. 2006 Dark Knights and 2007 Dark Dances. As we travel toward the dark side, what does this mean? (A and a ::nod:: if you know what I mean. Monty Python is dark humour too imo)
  10. Double quotes I presume; like when I order my Tim's coffee. Double please! :D
  11. When I first read the article it seemed an insightful struggle to understand; to find cohesiveness among unrelated topics. My first drum corps related thought upon reading was 2016 Cavaliers. They were dark, confusing, insightful, humorous. DCP reacted in various ways from good to bad. My motto is to converse about music and sports with acquaintances and keep religious, political and family as personal conversations. Let drum corps show the way on its own as it has done. As an aside, does its need an apostrophe?
  12. Clever and 'piece' is 'peace' this time of year. (says a person who struggled with grammar and spelling as a child 'cause I spoke 4 languages; ergo very few opinions online until now:)
  13. What Would You Do......

    No changes for me. It was "All Good" too 1968-1976 marched competitive drum corps as guard and DM; non-competing corps 1977-1979 that traveled lots; marched winter guard most years 1968-1977; taught guard 1972-1988; judged a few DC and WG gigs; board director for a winter guard association most years 1979-1988; played cymbals for a few parades in Florida 1979 and learned how to play baritone; watched arrangers write, drummers jam with a baritone that played trombone and more. The experiences, travel and friendships were all good!
  14. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the recording I sent. Keep on writing. Love your DCP articles. Hugs to you and yours.