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  1. Thought I'd dust off my photo hosting account...a photograph of what I found a few weeks ago in a closet...looks like the trophy needs dusting too along with my mind...I don't remember this contest but apparently I was ;)
  2. I'm in an unavailable region, registered, didn't pay and all I get is emails every other day. I am not amused. Oh sigh. I'll try. Before goodbye. Oh my.
  3. I did a quick search on july weather in us (I melt at 20 degrees C and feel invigorated at -20 degrees C > stay cool > be good) July is the hottest month of the year for most large US cities. Daytime temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius) regularly occur nearly everywhere. I did a quick search on july weather in canada? (go to the mountains > go to Denver > go up or go indoors with air conditioning > yikes) The months of July and August offer the best summer weather in Banff. July is the peak summer tourist period and enjoys warm, sunny and long days. The average daytime temperatures are around 22°C (71°F) whereas the average minimum temperatures are around 7°C (about 45°F). ... All the lakes have also melted by midJuly Good golly! It's hot in July no matter where you go in the Northern Hemisphere! I wonder if we have a warming trend in North America? Statisticians are welcome. Thank you.
  4. You inspire this.
  5. I looked at a map. Kansas or Nebraska seems to be a middle compromise. Have a contest there if the weather is good mid August or start the season early and have finals late July or start the season late and have finals late August. Shift the season by 2 weeks one way or the other might be a solution to escape the inevitable summer heat?
  6. Sounds like good middle of the road. WGI have contests in Las Vegas. Doable. Raiders are moving? Hockey moved too and turned out ok? Let's give it a go.
  7. With all due respect but what does this announcement have to do with winter guard? I'm curious!
  8. Drum Corpse Bride + tuxedo (at a wedding) = success. Continued command of musical pieces + augmented drums = continued success. Guard got it right 2016 ;)
  9. I've liked The Academy for years from video ('cause I don't get out and about much). Their polished tuxedo uniform juxtaposition, (augmented with hints of blue or red or purple) with well played musical pieces and delightful visuals always delight me. You sound good, you look good and you surprise. Keep up the good work The Academy!
  10. ...DCI on PBS LIVE????? yes PBS Spokane had DCI finals for years and since had good programming. Local TV is good for drum corps then and now. Look outside the box Keith Hall. Be creative.
  11. Hi. When you post please include the composer and orchestra. Often I'll click and see below. If you write the details, I then can search. Thank you. No worries. I visit but rarely post.
  12. I met Ralph in 1976; he sealed the deal that drummers are cool. Marimbas are in drum corps now along with many expressive percussion instruments. Hi Keith Hall. You're new thread Which Corps is Missed? with the poll What Top 12 Disbanded Corps do You Miss? doesn't seem to allow responses.
  13. Vangelis - Cosmos always keeps me grounded.
  14. Removed. Double post. lol btw I really do like Monty Python. It was and is an escape from the everyday as was drum corps and winter guard.