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  1. I paid for Fan Network and that other Buffalo thing. I couldn't get Flo 'cause you know. I watched PBS for years, delighted they broadcast DCI and when I had money, I donated. Got hooked on Downton Abbey and bought the videos. It was free, got hooked, paid for the quality. Why would I pay for unknown quality? DCI had an opportunity with PBS imo
  2. Cool that VPN worked for you. Someone on DCP gave me instructions too. People in Ontario got it working and had drum corps viewing parties. I have attended EFMF for over 20 years, a festival that spans 4 days usually the same weekend as DCI finals. I went to finals in person 2010 and 2013, watched live feed for years through 3 different service providers. As a heads up, you may need to contact FloMarching to cancel, otherwise, I heard through the grapevine that they continue dipping into your credit card. Hugs.
  3. There were lots of legs shown in all girls corps 1970's and lots of leg room to march well on warm days. For the few that have issues, close your eyes and listen to the music. I wasn't able to view live feeds this year but my heart is with drum corps and winter guard every year. Congratulations to all in 2017; hope to be able to buy the DVD. We'll see.
  4. Dave Morton was with Scarborough Firefighters, younger brother of sister Joannie who marched rifle. Joannie, Janet and I were in the Morton backyard one time and Dave gave us a beat to do our singles. For fun, he pushed the beat and accelerated. There were rifles on the lawn, bing, bing, bing. Good times. It was the start of my respect for drummers. I recognize Randy and Dwayne's names. It was a long time ago. I'm sorry. My mind processes faces and experiences better than names. Thanks and hugs to you.
  5. Tom visited Edmonton winter 76-77 and met up with a former drummer from LaSalle Cadets that marched with Anaheim who was teaching a corps there. I met Sam while he was in Midlanders with Al. Sam taught the corps in Edmonton along with Ralph before going to Anaheim for the summer. Fred worked north too in 1975 with Wayne D. Mike D was with Troopers and PNW, taught north and east to Oakland Crusaders. The drum instructors in the 1970's were humble, moved around, awesome and some were still marching while teaching. My statement is the tip of the iceberg of the 1970's drum lines (I marched spare flag for Oakland Crusaders 1976). DCP can fill in the rest of the jigsaw puzzle ;) btw I miss watching drum corps live through a stream this year. I'm a fish out of water. Oh well, maybe next year :) edit: was friends with the Butler sisters. Their family took me in when I couldn't get from Etobicoke to East York 'cause the subway was closed.
  6. We went to Indy 2010 and 2013. 2010 was awesome. No issues. In 2013, we stepped away and young people were in our seats when we came back. In 2010, I carried bottled water into the stadium. In 2013, the ticket taker threw it out and the concession was a zoo. I hope the ushers and staff at Lucas Oil realize the venue has people of all ages at DCI finals. I hope the people that took our seats in 2013 realize we traveled over 2,000 miles to see the event. I hope all a reasonable in 2017. All the best to the corps and audience/
  7. One of my favourites is CC 2013 E=mc2 1) colour 2) palette 3) music 4) pace 5) tympanies 6) vocals 7) blend 8) dynamics 9) brass 10) poetry in motion narrating love
  8. Thanks from a fan of SCV since 1973 for the flow, dynamics, punctuation, mesmerizing and surprising performances over the years including 2017. edit:: for spelling of mesmerizing ;)
  9. During the last week while I was on vacation and offline, photobucket dropped the bucket and sent me an email saying no to IMG tags on forums. All my photos on DCP are gone. Thought I'd let you know. No worries. I have the original programs and photos and digital backups. Computer programs depreciate faster than books. Back to basics. I might write a book someday. It was a good run posting photos on DCP. I shared. I did my best. Thank you.
  10. Michael Boo is posting the scores. If I can't watch, I read. Thanks to all for an enjoyable evening. Hugs
  11. Me too. I paid exchange rates for years to view what I enjoy. This year I can`t view nothing nor have a passport to visit. Please post reviews. Thank you.
  12. Maybe judges should judge an indoor standstill with indoor contingency sheets? Sounds like it was a good show that I'm not allowed to see. Thank you DCP.
  13. Very cool. I might send a private message to ask about connectivity. I've been watching 'live' DCI and WGI for years. It's been fun. Enjoy the experience. Cool you.
  14. It is what it is. No Flo. I'm foreign. If possible, please provide reviews. Oh sigh. Oh my. Have a great summer DCI