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  1. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the recording I sent. Keep on writing. Love your DCP articles. Hugs to you and yours.
  2. It has been a journey on DCP for me. Unfortunately my bucket account did not retain the photos I posted here. Fortunately the new DCI website kept the letters to my Mom
  3. bump Thank you Michael Boo for all that you do
  4. Shriners International 1968, 1969, 1970. Why? I took a bus or subway home after seeing cool drum corps in a cool stadium. I also remember Marion, Watkins Glen, Altoona, Butler and more. Glad I joined drum corps. Good times. Good memories :)
  5. Upstate NY Corps History

    The Alberta All Girls Drum & Bugle Band, largest of its kind in the world, has represented Canada in many international events since its conception in February, 1970 by Band Director, Bob Nagel and his wife, Pat. The bright white and orange uniforms, the dazzling gleam of the horns and percussion and the colourful flags have been seen at festival events in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Europe. The band had so many firsts in its initial years of existence that the pace was staggering even for the youthful 14-21 year-olds. They were the first Canadian band to perform at the half-time show during the National Football League games in the United States, the first to play for a Bullfight audience in Mexico, the first to play at Caesar's Palace and the Circus Circus, a family entertainment casino in Las Vegas. In the fall of 1970, Bob and Pat had four marching bands in the Edmonton area, all with over 100 member and all touring the province. The four bands included the Alberta All Girls Senior (14-21), the Alberta All Girls Junior Band (10-14), the Alberta All Boys (11-21) and the Hobbema Girls Marching Band. A convoy of 24 vehicles was needed to take the four groups to the Kelowna Regatta that year! Their first overseas performance tour was highlighted with an invitation to perform for the traditional lighting of the flame that signifies the start of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Germany. International performances included the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland in 1972 and 1973 and the Rose of Tralee Festival in Ireland in 1973 and 1977. In 1974 the Alberta Girls were seen by an estimated one third of the world's population when they were the official entertainment for the final game of the World Cup Soccer Championships held in the Olympic Stadium in Munich. The National Film Board of Canada produced a movie on location. In 1977 the Alberta Girls made a performance tour that took them away from Canada for two and a half months and included performances in 13 different countries. A highlight of this tour included performances in commemoration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee and a performance for Pope Paul VI at his summer residence home, Castel Gandolfo, Italy.
  6. Not sure if it'ss relevant to this thread but in northern Alberta former football fields are now soccer fields and you can't add lines. Indoor school gyms can be used for free if your group contacts the school board, however, indoor cheer leading competitions are far more prevalent than winter guard and a drum corps now has band instruments. The outdoor soccer fields were wonderful but the city banned herbicides years ago which caused a dandelion population. My opinion? Learn how to march on anything with space, a ball diamond, a soccer field, a plaza or DCI has to stay in expensive indoor venues...imo
  7. Ballet for Martha was beautiful. Enjoyed Bartók in 2010 with a Vanguard view. Been a fan of SCV since 1973 YPG and every year since including 2018
  8. Posting pictures

    John - Thank you for all that you do. -lindap
  9. Sorry for the delay; attended Fringe Theatre today. Instead of delete; I'll read, scroll down and unsubscribe. Thank you.
  10. I registered with Flo long ago only to find out I'm foreign so no Flo go. How do I get rid of their email spam that repeatedly tells me I'm included when I'm not? Please give me precise navigation to where to click to get this 2017 Flo monkey off my back. Yucks! Help! (2017 was cool, keep it up in 2018 )
  11. I paid for Fan Network and that other Buffalo thing. I couldn't get Flo 'cause you know. I watched PBS for years, delighted they broadcast DCI and when I had money, I donated. Got hooked on Downton Abbey and bought the videos. It was free, got hooked, paid for the quality. Why would I pay for unknown quality? DCI had an opportunity with PBS imo
  12. Cool that VPN worked for you. Someone on DCP gave me instructions too. People in Ontario got it working and had drum corps viewing parties. I have attended EFMF for over 20 years, a festival that spans 4 days usually the same weekend as DCI finals. I went to finals in person 2010 and 2013, watched live feed for years through 3 different service providers. As a heads up, you may need to contact FloMarching to cancel, otherwise, I heard through the grapevine that they continue dipping into your credit card. Hugs.
  13. There were lots of legs shown in all girls corps 1970's and lots of leg room to march well on warm days. For the few that have issues, close your eyes and listen to the music. I wasn't able to view live feeds this year but my heart is with drum corps and winter guard every year. Congratulations to all in 2017; hope to be able to buy the DVD. We'll see.