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  1. With all due respect but what does this announcement have to do with winter guard? I'm curious!
  2. Drum Corpse Bride + tuxedo (at a wedding) = success. Continued command of musical pieces + augmented drums = continued success. Guard got it right 2016 ;)
  3. I've liked The Academy for years from video ('cause I don't get out and about much). Their polished tuxedo uniform juxtaposition, (augmented with hints of blue or red or purple) with well played musical pieces and delightful visuals always delight me. You sound good, you look good and you surprise. Keep up the good work The Academy!
  4. ...DCI on PBS LIVE????? yes PBS Spokane had DCI finals for years and since had good programming. Local TV is good for drum corps then and now. Look outside the box Keith Hall. Be creative.
  5. Hi. When you post please include the composer and orchestra. Often I'll click and see below. If you write the details, I then can search. Thank you. No worries. I visit but rarely post.
  6. I met Ralph in 1976; he sealed the deal that drummers are cool. Marimbas are in drum corps now along with many expressive percussion instruments. Hi Keith Hall. You're new thread Which Corps is Missed? with the poll What Top 12 Disbanded Corps do You Miss? doesn't seem to allow responses.
  7. Vangelis - Cosmos always keeps me grounded.
  8. Removed. Double post. lol btw I really do like Monty Python. It was and is an escape from the everyday as was drum corps and winter guard.
  9. A scan posted on photobucket in 2010 of a 1974 program. I used to be organized but software upgrades and home computer issues confuse me. I used to say "Where did I put my glasses?" Now I say "Where did that file go and why was it moved and what happened to my home computer?"
  10. Back to the future. A scan done July 2007 of a page from 1970 Shriner's program of 27th Lancers posted January 2017.
  11. As a woman, I learned to never talk about politics or religion in mixed company. It's best to talk about music and sports in mixed company. We woman talk about everything and anything when we're together. This topic is about music and politics which is not the status quo. It's time we all talk and listen to each other to come to an understanding. Years ago I brought all male buyers into a session to explore the business process of procurement for a new computer system. After the visual sessions, a buyer took me aside and said this was the most painful but rewarding session he's attended. They talked, I listened and at the next session I said 'When you have to enter your first requisition on the new computer system, phone me, we'll do it together'. They phoned me. We sat together. We did it!
  12. Add this to Music Corps Should Do Thread (seriously). Have fun and add coconuts in the pit. Dear DCP friends. I live North. Music must continue on our continent. Hugs!
  13. My coconuts are ready for travel. Kalump Kalump Kalump (sound effects for Monty Python movies) Onwards we go lol
  14. The Knights Who Say "Ni!" Tee hee lol edit