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  1. I've been a fan of SCV since 1973. Thank you SCV for 2018 and through the years. Get some rest and get it again. Hugs.
  2. We traveled to Indy 2010 to satisfy my curiosity. The audience at our seats were wonderful. Quiet during the performances and standing ovation for each corps. I chatted with Mom and son behind me between corps. She gifted him a trip to DCI for his 16th birthday. He said I want to march drum corps and this is the one. He pointed and I knew he knew and smiled. I loved Into The Light and seeing DCI finals in 2010 since 1983. Big gap but glad I did. We traveled to Indy 2013 and the audience was loud. When we went to the bathroom or concession our seats were taken. We politely showed our tickets twice. I loved e=mc2 and Rite of Spring but can't purchase the DVD. No worries. I remember the experience. My travel companions returned west while I flew to Ontario to visit family. At the Indy airport I met members of Cadets, Crossmen and more on their way back to Texas. I thanked them.
  3. You are correct. That would be annoying. I go to local guard shows. We simply applaud, cheer and give a standing ovation at the end of the show if deserved. I've never been to a guard show where the audience screams. Sorry to have confused you.
  4. Thanks. edit not sure why italics? If I wasn't at the show, I'm assuming I have no opinion on what I've been able to see online for free?
  5. Before this thread derails...we don't scream at our winter guard shows. We applaud and yell at highlights. If you scream, we all scream for ice cream. St. Louis is an important show for a wonderful guard and marching instructor that was born there who contributes to drum corps and winter guard to this day. It was a good show and I don't have Flo 'cause I'm foreign. We're talking drum corps on this thread. It's summer. Winter guard is in the winter. Get with the program:)
  6. lindap

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    I don't have Flo. I'll let it go. I happened upon a video of Boston at Orlando. Staging, transitions, dynamics are there. Kudos Kids. Enjoyed the view. Best to you.
  7. lindap

    Flo still sucks!

    I can't subscribe to Flo because I live in another country and miss watching live feed; like the activity but feel left out. DCP reviews and colour commentary are appreciated. Thanks.
  8. lindap

    Our friend DrumManTX

    I'm excited for you.
  9. lindap

    2018 Uniforms!

    Interesting analysis. It took a long time to introduce the concepts of shared musicality, staging, dynamics among the 3 distinctions of horns, drums, guard. I'm pleased. Thank you.
  10. lindap

    2018 Uniforms!

    No worries. Drum corps is always about the music. Close your eyes and listen or open your eyes, listen and watch people perform to the music with added delights. Both are good.
  11. lindap

    2018 Uniforms!

    I just saw a short video of BK playing Can't Take My Eyes Off You. Your 3rd sentence might be right.
  12. lindap

    Old Recordings

    I bought a turntable a few years ago that copies record albums and cassette tapes to CD. I found a local vendor that does the same plus copies VHS to DVD. I snail mailed copies to various people across North America with the provision that this is a gift for their personal enjoyment. 1980 State of the Art and SCV's Through the Years are 2 of my favourite CD's. Cool you too.
  13. I've read DCP posts, laughed, cried, bewildered, amused, confused. Suggested solutions is a good idea for an activity meant for good people and to have wonderful memories.
  14. It was 1975. Our corps took a trip to watch DCI finals in Philadelphia. Our director made it happen. Many thanks to him. When traveling we always took the Niagara route around Lake Ontario except in 1975 we took the Philadelphia to Kingston route. I had hugging Madison Scouts members on my mind when border patrol decided to inspect our buses in the early morning. Every horn case, drum case and luggage had to be removed and repacked at the border. The Great Lakes are big and wide. Always take the same border crossing so patrol know who you are. We figured Kingston crossing had a daily inspection quota and they met their daily quota by 7:00 am. with 2 buses full of sleeping kids. lol good times
  15. Alberta and British Columbia have guard teams and many provinces have drum lines. Likewise. We continue to patronize and enjoy the pageantry/performance arts but we do miss being able to subscribe to your live feeds ;)