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  1. As a woman, I learned to never talk about politics or religion in mixed company. It's best to talk about music and sports in mixed company. We woman talk about everything and anything when we're together. This topic is about music and politics which is not the status quo. It's time we all talk and listen to each other to come to an understanding. Years ago I brought all male buyers into a session to explore the business process of procurement for a new computer system. After the visual sessions, a buyer took me aside and said this was the most painful but rewarding session he's attended. They talked, I listened and at the next session I said 'When you have to enter your first requisition on the new computer system, phone me, we'll do it together'. They phoned me. We sat together. We did it!
  2. Add this to Music Corps Should Do Thread (seriously). Have fun and add coconuts in the pit. Dear DCP friends. I live North. Music must continue on our continent. Hugs!
  3. My coconuts are ready for travel. Kalump Kalump Kalump (sound effects for Monty Python movies) Onwards we go lol
  4. The Knights Who Say "Ni!" Tee hee lol edit
  5. I like putting my 2 cents in to a thread but we don't have pennies anymore.
  6. Long ago the school my children attended lost their music teacher. There was silence. The following year a teacher, who played guitar, was hired and within 3 years the middle school was filled with students playing music on begged/borrowed brass/percussion instruments. The concerts were attended by parents, siblings and school staff. The attendance grew where we parents did fund raising for more chairs. It took a few years but I was able to fund raise $10,000 for the school that had 30% participation in music. It wasn't much but it started the ball rolling and the school continued their music program. At the time, years ago, the school principal had marched in drum corps 1970's as did I. We talked. We agreed. Thanks for the reminder. Note to myself. See if the school has a spring concert this year. If so, I'll add it to my 2017 calendar:)
  7. Thanks Brian. Here's the script from the organization for your records. We also had non-published tours in 1978 from Alberta to the west coast, Oregon, Washington, California, Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado to watch DCI finals and home. In 1979, we watched DCI finals in Alabama, then Florida for a Disney parade, stopped in Tennessee, South Dakota, North Dakota and home. The Junior Band had local tours in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Their story is not documented. Hugs. The Alberta All Girls Drum & Bugle Band, largest of its kind in the world, has represented Canada in many international events since its conception in February, 1970 by Band Director, Bob Nagel and his wife, Pat. The bright white and orange uniforms, the dazzling gleam of the horns and percussion and the colourful flags have been seen at festival events in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Europe. The band had so many firsts in its initial years of existence that the pace was staggering even for the youthful 14-21 year-olds. They were the first Canadian band to perform at the half-time show during the National Football League games in the United States, the first to play for a Bullfight audience in Mexico, the first to play at Caesar's Palace and the Circus Circus, a family entertainment casino in Las Vegas. In the fall of 1970, Bob and Pat had four marching bands in the Edmonton area, all with over 100 member and all touring the province. The four bands included the Alberta All Girls Senior (14-21), the Alberta All Girls Junior Band (10-14), the Alberta All Boys (11-21) and the Hobbema Girls Marching Band. A convoy of 24 vehicles was needed to take the four groups to the Kelowna Regatta that year! Their first overseas performance tour was highlighted with an invitation to perform for the traditional lighting of the flame that signifies the start of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Germany. International performances included the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland in 1972 and 1973 and the Rose of Tralee Festival in Ireland in 1973 and 1977. In 1974 the Alberta Girls were seen by an estimated one third of the world's population when they were the official entertainment for the final game of the World Cup Soccer Championships held in the Olympic Stadium in Munich. The National Film Board of Canada produced a movie on location. In 1977 the Alberta Girls made a performance tour that took them away from Canada for two and a half months and included performances in 13 different countries. A highlight of this tour included performances in commemoration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee and a performance for Pope Paul VI at his summer residence home, Castel Gandolfo, Italy.
  8. like G like costumes (comfortable and expressive) like dance AND drill like gotta have the s space or no space is ok never never ever ever tic again violins and french horns are cool somewhere west please! I don't understand this question? After reading threads on DCP for 10 years, we need to discuss this homers versus haters concept so I can understand it? copyrights irk me as an international consumer. This is my biggest issue!
  9. Hugs :)
  10. I'm singing ... 'Can't take my eyes off you' ... All the best to 2017 BK and a and a nod :D
  11. A whimsical response. I use Photobucket and there's been lot of changes over the years to the point where I'm afraid to post; so many clicks, so many pop-ups. Here's a snagged bucket image uploaded to bucket and then the URL after many clicks Then more clicks to remove code until begin IMG and end IMG (square bracket with slash like HTML code sort of) to get this for DCP. As an aside, I use my cell phone to phone people. I normally don't do high tech after work but I'm glad you do. Computers are supposed to make our lives easier. That's what it was intended to do. Here goes > post > no edit > fingers crossed
  12. I don't know divisive. Drum corps is inclusive. If the band can't go due to finances, let it be.
  13. A portion of response #65 'the Cavaliers were certainly onto something this summer).' My response is 'the Cavaliers were certainly onto something this summer).' Deja vu ;)
  14. Awesome. Thanks. I forgot there were 2 Tron movies; 1982 and 2010. Random thoughts. I'm a fan of Vangelis and Segovia, was sick last week, listened to Gary Burton and ELP yesterday. I may come back here when I'm feeling better and more coherent. Thanks again.
  15. Hi Mike. Good to see you here. Yes, we played Amazing Grace in 1973. There aren't a lot of Princemen photos from 1973 but I vaguely remember a lot of sops limping. Good golly! I remember a year or 2 before when Lambert broke his arm but carried his contra with a cast. To stay on topic, a few years later his sister Sherry joined the guard and became a fine rifle spinner for us and Seneca Optimists. How did she get involved in drum corps? I figure she watched her brother and joined too. We had a lot of sister, brothers, cousins join drum corps. Joel mentioned a few weeks ago that we had at least 7 Jr. A and Jr. B in Toronto and who knows how many other Jr. C or D corps there were? Also, there were lots of corps within an hour's drive from Toronto. I have a question for you. After Amazing Grace, we played Pomp and Circumstance and then our closer. Was our closer Impossible Dream or Day by Day? Did we change our closer midway through the summer? Good to have you here. My memory comes and goes 'cause I have too much on my mind or not thinking at all. Oh the joys of aging lol