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  1. Wait...this isn't about Progressive insurance?
  2. What are they, some kind of popsicle?
  3. I hear the roasted witch is sinfully delicious.
  4. Name a competitive corps who has never had a fan say anything of this nature anywhere on the internet and I will send someone over to teach you how to use a search engine.
  5. Isn't that what they are going for?
  6. Yes, with time to spare. At which point the question will be "Can BAC re-overtake Cadets by San Antonio?" and a thread is sure to pop up accordingly.
  7. By contrast, changes the last 4 weeks of this year may be tame. Perilously tame.
  8. Spells 1 Prayers 0
  9. That seems irresponsible. What if an innocent Crown fan falls into it?
  10. A .1 difference in a 10 point sub-caption is not that small at all. It is the equivalent of a whole point if rating on a 100 point scale. That isn't that much differentiation if you are judging 20+ corps and fitting them into a 30 point range. Some might even argue it's not enough. The system may not be perfect but replacing it with something worse like ordinals is like replacing cancer drugs with leeches. Why not just use a handful of vapid Hollywood celebrities and a gong? I get that you have an itch but you are scratching it with a chainsaw.
  11. I haven't seen beef scored since Cadets 1996.
  12. Well, you are in a state where two of the sports teams are call the Heat and the Lightning, so...
  13. Don't get your peninsula in a wad.
  14. Oh lighten up. What you say is true, and it is a great place for the most part, but it was still funny.