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  1. The number of women in leadership roles is continually cited as relevant to the proliferation and continuation of the important issues these threads relate to, so I'm not sure it is a derailing. Many people see it as a factor, which naturally leads to discussion of whether and how it should be changed. That said, maybe it should be it's own thread.
  2. skevinp

    2018 HYPE

    If I understand this correctly, if the Bluecoats win, it means the Blue Devils can't medal.
  3. According to his earlier post, unequal outcome means unequal opportunity, so he must believe that men are not being given equal opportunity to attend college.
  4. How could anyone ever possibly know what percentage of reports are false? The majority of these things cannot be proven either way. I suspect only a very small percentage of false reports can be proven to be false, and no one is going to record it as false if they don't know one way or the other, so of course there aren't going to be many records of many false reports.
  5. Next you'll tell me that's not really his picture.
  6. Stripping off a man's epaulets seems pretty harsh.
  7. He said drum corps, not Hopkins. The correct comparison would be Hollywood. And there continues to be enough sunshine blown up that butt to support a solar system.
  8. Most people don't, including me. Perhaps you could identify and explain what criminal laws Morrison broke so that we may better understand.
  9. I'm sorry you felt my response was snarky, but your final sentence suggesting that the only difference between Hopkins and Morrison is their popularity seemed beyond ridiculous and led me to believe you couldn't possibly be serious.
  10. Apparently you are missing the part about Hopkins being, himself, a rapist and serial sexual harasser. Caught up now? As for the concern about people reporting things going forward, though, I think there will be procedures for reporting without going through him.
  11. Especially with the recent concerns about being "tone deaf".
  12. They should make shoulder pads with sharp spikes and bras that emit blinding beams of light.
  14. skevinp

    Blue Devils 2018

    Perhaps she would have won you over if she had smacked her own butt with a tambourine.