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  1. I resent that. In my case only 1/3 of "snarky old farts" is true. Salut, Bob P.
  2. Cadets 2018

    You realize, of course, that mouthwash's main ingredient is mint flavoured ethanol. For those of drinking age, you might as well use creme de menthe.
  3. Cadets 2018

    Actually, the proper anti-freeze to use is ethanol. It can used in (on) the valves (regular antifreeze is poisonous) and also imbibed by the player! That was our (Les Diplomates) remedy for the cold midnight carnival parades (late January) in Quebec City.
  4. Actually I see the opposite. Keep the present max size, but include prop handlers, equipment handlers and electronics' handlers (i.e. board tech). Anybody who brings "stuff" onto the field, but who doesn't march should be included in the count. This would inhibit the use of electronics, unless the corps wished to have less marching members, thus lowering the visual appeal and possibilities. More is not always better.
  5. So the St. Louis Blues march would also be an oxymoron? I think that "blues" is a subset of jazz.
  6. In fact, it could be argued that Corps don't play (use) any conventional genre of music and have created their own - sound tapestry for visual effects. It might be a long time before we see any corps do long development of any style music. Too bad.
  7. Great idea - I just wanted somewhere closer to home and had the air of a championship city (tongue firmly in cheek)
  8. Belonging to one those nationalities mentioned, I agree with corpsjazz. Let's get back to drumcorps proper.
  9. Perhaps some would like a place that didn't sound as "little league" as in World Little League Baseball Championship in Williamsport. Or perhaps if we want "big league", we should look at Cooperstown NY.
  10. Full-field tarp?

    In fact we don't need tarps to do what they did. I didn't catch any synth bass goo either, or is my audio poor?
  11. Can't argue with any of those reasons, especially the 3rd, but I did vote for Allentown - closer and still adequate, AND the car knows its way, since we have been going there for the last 40 something years or so (with some notable exceptions) for DCI East.
  12. Yes, you are correct, as far as that goes. However, you were referring to the critiques of new works in the past and if today's critics would "judge" (critique) those same works differently and comment on how past critics were incorrect. If those critiques which you have seen in Schwann triggered this line of thought, then fine, but that is as far as that analogy can be drawn or used. Respectfully, Bob P.
  13. Using critics as a reference or example is not helpful nor relevant in this discussion. Music critics are not judges. They critique on the work as a whole and rarely judge the performers unless the performance was really bad. Of course drum corps judges of today have opinions about BITD performances and shows, but I doubt that they criticise the previous judges for doing what they did.
  14. No I did not "tell you that your argument is narrow minded". I am saying that YOU are implying that those who argue about "eras" are narrow minded. Perhaps you didn't see the question mark at the end of the sentence. There was nothing insulting about my remarks. But if you were insulted, I am sorry. And nobody brought up whether eras were better or worse, just whether they existed or not.
  15. So, for narrow minded individuals, the Golden Era is their era? In that case, there are several Golden eras - its all relative, I guess. Or perhaps the Uncertainty Principle applies - there are Golden Eras and there aren't or both exist at the same time.