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  1. That's what I thought. Plane is out since what do I do after Annapolis? Driving up to 1000 kms (620 miles) in one day doesn't phase us and we have been doing around 5000 kms every year doing our personal drum corps tour, so Annapolis is a piece of cake. Salut, Bob P.
  2. Even better, go to the Annapolis show, then the Chester show - then Allentown. Of course we have to get to Annapolis from Montreal, but that is another story - via Harrisburg, perhaps? Salut, Bob P.
  3. It depends - as a contraction, as in "it is", yes (it's). As a possessive, no.
  4. Yes, exactly! I wondered if anyone would catch that, especially the original criticizer
  5. I stand corrected on the plural of corps. You are correct. My point was that a small grammatical error should not negate the whole content of a persons opinion piece.
  6. Actually, corps is a collective noun and singular, just like herd, which many think is "always plural". So if you are using that as an indictment of the article, the haha is on you. I think the use of "corp" was just a spelling error, but I will grant that the plural of "corps" should be corps'.
  7. What Would You Do......

    So Keith, to answer your own question, would you change the fact that you used Drum corps as an escape ? As for me, I don't tend to review past minor decisions and, everything I did that related to drum corps, I definitely would not change - it was all good!
  8. Corps Pond -ering

    Of course those Stan Kenton mellophones had not even the spelling in common with the bugle mellophones, which, in those days, were but a big soprano bugle pitched in G. The bugle FHs were also in G, but an octave lower than the mellophone and, to my ears, sounded much better, albeit, harder to play than the mellophones. Now, of course, mellophones are pitched in F and can be considered a "real" instrument, bridging nicely as an alto between the soprano trumpets and the 1st baritones.
  9. Corps Pond -ering

    You can add Les Diplomates to that list in 1968.
  10. Is Atlanta in or out?

    Nah, the building went down due to the vacuum caused by taking the big breath before playing. Just saying!
  11. I resent that. In my case only 1/3 of "snarky old farts" is true. Salut, Bob P.
  12. Cadets 2018

    You realize, of course, that mouthwash's main ingredient is mint flavoured ethanol. For those of drinking age, you might as well use creme de menthe.
  13. Cadets 2018

    Actually, the proper anti-freeze to use is ethanol. It can used in (on) the valves (regular antifreeze is poisonous) and also imbibed by the player! That was our (Les Diplomates) remedy for the cold midnight carnival parades (late January) in Quebec City.
  14. Actually I see the opposite. Keep the present max size, but include prop handlers, equipment handlers and electronics' handlers (i.e. board tech). Anybody who brings "stuff" onto the field, but who doesn't march should be included in the count. This would inhibit the use of electronics, unless the corps wished to have less marching members, thus lowering the visual appeal and possibilities. More is not always better.