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  1. ROC gonna miss DCA

    Yes but people going to Rochester don't drive through Williamsport to get there. So the difference in driving from the south to Williamsport versus driving from the south to Rochester shouldn't be more than 2 hrs. The driving time between Williamsport and Rochester is irrelevant to this discussion.
  2. ROC gonna miss DCA

    Well the touch was barely perceptible!
  3. ROC gonna miss DCA

    Williamsport can't be more than 2 hrs difference from Rochester in driving and the airports aren't any closer, so you really think that that will make a difference?
  4. Les Dips had female brass players as early as 1970 AND percussion players. Les Dips were percussion champs at the '73 DCA with almost half the line being female and this was when we had to carry the tymps. BTW, the female twins on the tymps went on to pursue their professional careers as percussionists. I know that this isn't point of the discussion (integrating females), but it appears that Madison has decided to go with the prevailing societal trends in including females, albeit slowly and respecting more important traditions attached to the Scouting movement. Good on them. BTW, I detested the 2017 show - not Traditional enough.
  5. News from Allentown

    Thank you kindly Sir! As you say "Drum Corps - Its in your blood!" I still do Drum Corps - Les Diplomates, but not as nostalgia, but on modern instruments with modern arrangements, keeping in mind the "spirit" of drum corps. I love to see this in the eyes of the young people performing in today's drum corps, although I could do without the artificial sounds produced nowadays. BTW, I prefer acoustic guitar to amplified acoustic guitar and especially to electric guitar. Same goes for amplified horns. Ironic, since Les Dips has both amplified saxophone and electric guitar!
  6. News from Allentown

    Ditto here, except I have been going to Allentown for over 40 years, both as competitor and spectator. Parking isn't too much of a pain - usually park on the high side of the cemetery, early though. Allentown is my "finals", since the finals went indoors. I refuse to attend indoor drum corps spectacles, even more so now with amplification. My last finals was Pasadena. Allentown is usually the final stop on our almost annual 20 days DC tour, which usually starts in Little Rock, skipping San Antonio (indoors), of course,. Too many memories and emotions to pass up Allentown.
  7. Thanks all - we have reserved at the Best Western - near downtown-I believe. Salut, Bob P.
  8. What are the accommodations like in Williamsport PA for the DCA in September. For a small town, it couldn't have that many hotels. Do I need to look at Lewisburg also? TKS, Bob P.
  9. That's what I thought. Plane is out since what do I do after Annapolis? Driving up to 1000 kms (620 miles) in one day doesn't phase us and we have been doing around 5000 kms every year doing our personal drum corps tour, so Annapolis is a piece of cake. Salut, Bob P.
  10. Even better, go to the Annapolis show, then the Chester show - then Allentown. Of course we have to get to Annapolis from Montreal, but that is another story - via Harrisburg, perhaps? Salut, Bob P.
  11. It depends - as a contraction, as in "it is", yes (it's). As a possessive, no.
  12. Yes, exactly! I wondered if anyone would catch that, especially the original criticizer
  13. I stand corrected on the plural of corps. You are correct. My point was that a small grammatical error should not negate the whole content of a persons opinion piece.
  14. Actually, corps is a collective noun and singular, just like herd, which many think is "always plural". So if you are using that as an indictment of the article, the haha is on you. I think the use of "corp" was just a spelling error, but I will grant that the plural of "corps" should be corps'.