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  1. Number of DCI Championships Question

    I think I heard from a discussion a number of years ago that Dave Gibbs from the Blue Devils had a bunch of championship medals as a marching member. We need some BD people to verify the exact numbers.
  2. Number of DCI Championships Question

    It could also be someone who won a championship with one corps, then switched to another.
  3. Averaging scores

    I would like to know how to score a top corps after a judge trips over a marching member and the next 6 people trip over him, rendering him injured and needing medical attention on the field while destroying the instruments of the other 6 people who went down? This is not possible scenario, it is a probable scenario. It's not a matter of "if" it's simply a matter of "when."
  4. I want that Marine Corps CD that Rondinaro referred to in the Youtube broadcast, recorded by Blair and just released. Can anybody suggest where I can go to find it?
  5. No kidding? Wow. I wonder why other corps don't have that exact same wireless problem. I will watch the after-action analysis with interest to see exactly what went wrong.
  6. If I understand the wired mike suggestion, if the wireless mic went out, Plan B would be for the performer to move to the sideline and sing into a wired mic. My Plan C would be for the mixer operator to simply cut the mic and have the performer do the choreography and sing un-amplified. It's a shame Crown didn't have a contingency plan of their own. I loved their show this year and this breaks my heart. :(
  7. It is you. It was incredibly tight from week one in Massilon to last week in Massilon. Fugue is one reason why Crown has been top brass all year.
  8. Same here. So frustrating. I have had the on-line packages for at least the last 5 years. Because of all the negative talk, I elected NOT to get the Flo marching package this year because I watch drum corps to be happy, not frustrated. I don't want the negative feelings, just as you say @jeffmolnar and @Equinox. I'm happy to spend the money to see my favorite activity. I am unwilling to waste my money on an inferior product. I'll get the Blu-ray and CD, just like I always do. I've never seen a bad Tom Blair production of finals.
  9. I have a few Marines Drum Corps CDs but none in the last ten years. Do you have any idea where I could get a CD of this show? It sounds fantastic.
  10. Interesting. I have not seen the Marines for a long time and I did not know they had grounded percussion. Certainly a nod towards modern drum and bugle corps. They used to simply march in, do their show, march out and that was it. No matter their show, old school or new school, they are goosebump time for me, every time.
  11. I heard every one of those groups, live. You left out Bridgeman which was also a power corps of that era. I loved those corps and the power of their hornlines. With the exception of Blue Devils, I am also very familiar with those groups overblowing, and having stickouts. As you say, not my thing.
  12. Yeah, except for the opening of the show! Have you even seen Crown live? I don't think so or you wouldn't make such an inaccurate statement.
  13. I hate that bright white Colts helmet on the 50, it's so visually distracting. I wish they would color it green like they did when Cadets won in 2011.