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  1. Spend a little extra money ($5 to $10 extra) and get the good seats, medium to high seating, between the 40's. This will keep you away from the squealing incredibly annoying HS band girls and you will be sitting with drum corps fans who really enjoy the activity.
  2. wvu80

    Denton, TX - July 19, 2018

    That was the Cadet's traditional "doing the usual thing in the most unusual way." They wound into the Z-pull, then un-wound it both marching and musically. Did you hear the audience reaction? Goose bump time!
  3. wvu80

    Denton, TX - July 19, 2018

    They would jump a whole point in GE if they would wear their traditional Cadet's maroon and gold uniforms. The current unis are awful and you can't see lines or diagonals on the field.
  4. wvu80

    Denton, TX - July 19, 2018

    Kudos to DCI for being right on top of the dangerous weather conditions and doing the right thing for the marching members. We often blast DCI when they screw up. For their decision making regarding the corps safety, credit where credit is due.
  5. So you are saying if SCV finishes 3rd in prelims, they can't jump into 1st for finals? There are three championship shows this season. Any of the three can win.
  6. What does "Box 5" mean? Are there other boxes? Forgive the question, I'm not a DCI judge and have not been trained on judging a drum corps performance.
  7. I agree with this. ^^^ DCI already teaches audience etiquette in the form of an announcement before every corps show: "No walking up and down the steps during corps performances, please silence your phone, and no audio or video recording is permitted." And the shrieking girls is specific to HS girls IMO. I've never heard boys shriek, and I've never heard adults shriek in the 40 years I've been attending DCI shows.
  8. I hear you, man. I guess my point is: of all the things to get ruffled feathers about, this should be way down the list. You're not listening. It DOES matter because it RUINS the show for those sitting around them. I wasn't there and if some experienced drum corps fans are telling us the shrieking by some high school girl(s) was excessive, I believe them. There is an etiquette which should be observed for EVERYBODY to enjoy a drum corps show. CONSTANT shrieking for NINE HOURS is way over the top.
  9. I'm with you on the first three, but respectfully disagree on Crown being in there for the win. I haven't heard BD or SCV but the quality and quantity of the brass sound Crown puts out was better than Bluecoats the night we heard them back in June. I loved Bloo's show and thought it was just a masterpiece of proper uniforms, show design and GE all over the place. I know it was early and I know the championship STAFF knows how grab those last season points, but I feel like Bluecoats have a championship show, and Crown doesn't. Both have incredible talent marching on the field worthy of a championship, no question about that. I love Crown and I hope they (and you) prove me wrong!
  10. What's a paper? It's an old fashioned internet, it's how we used to get news. I was just kidding about reading about it in the morning. Actually Drum Corps World would be mailed to my house two weeks after the event. Finals results were lightning fast, only a week after the event was over. It's how we old people learned about "delayed gratification."
  11. DM retreat tonight? I've got to get to bed! If they don't post scores soon I'll have to read about in the paper tomorrow.
  12. I thought I was the only one who felt that way. I said it in 92 and I was un-ceremoniously ridiculed as a as an old fuddy duddy. I wasn't then but I am now.
  13. He/she was saying they were a bit TOO aggressive ...juicing as in taking steroids. Thanks. It was a few pages back, but if we're talking about Crown's battery in the opener I agree. I thought they were too loud through the great brass playing near the very beginning.
  14. I don't know what that means. Explain please?
  15. And there is no better drum lick better than an exposed snare drum roll, perfectly together with a nice clean WHACK! at the end.