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  1. One of my favorite licks, that I try to fit in as a tribute to one of my favorite arrangers when I can!
  2. From what I have been told at least some are still using pit and electronics.
  3. ON2 has really changed the game, even from a drum manufacturer standpoint (they sell much more of the stock black colors now since so many are using the wraps).
  4. He is a high school junior!
  5. Prosperie was on the field. Gif Howarth on upstairs percussion.
  6. Doesn't look hypothetical anymore.
  7. From Hop on Facebook: The Cadets Shoes ---We usually need about a set and a half per years. Thanks to the generosity and the partnership with Up-Front Footwear, there is no additional cost to this effort for 2015 And the Corps Uniforms -- Steve Trull at DeMoulin has been a saint for the last years. From the craziness of 2011, to the launch of Cadets2 DeMoulin has made it possible for us to try to enhance the production value of the Cadets. The Cummerbunds in 2014, the two uniforms in 2011, the Change to All Cream in 2012 – they are life savers!!!!! So … we have two options this year. And do know, the Color change for the Cadets will last for 7 performances only. The uniforms, used for these 7 shows will a) Be passed to C2, who have NEVER has their own set of Uniforms. They will last 5 years, at least, as C2 only performs on weekends. When the cost is spread over 5 years, the total cost to YEA! is probably $6000 b) BE SOLD, for more than we paid for the set of Uniforms. The income will go to replenishing uniforms for Cadets and C2
  8. I cannot speak for other groups that participated but for Carolina Gold the big thing was that there was not enough time between being asked to do the battle in Atlanta and the actual show to be able to put together more of a production for it on a DCA rehearsal schedule. I will say however that the members LOVED participating in it and it was great for them to get that extra performance opportunity! I think in the future if groups who were going to do it could be determined by DCI further in advance you might see more out of the competing groups.
  9. The irony was not lost on the people on the field either....
  10. Jeff: Golds tenor tuning was a d-7 in second inversion (d on drum 2)using the Evans corps clear heads.
  11. Ordered off of Google Play. Got it about 5 days after ordering.
  12. Got mine in yesterday and one of the first things I tried was FN!It worked and the picture was very clear as was the sound but the stream was pretty stuttery. Partially may be my network but I also think it has to do with how the Chromecast broadcasts the signal from non-optimized tabs. The sound works fine through, is just the picture that is stuttery. My guess is there will be an update pushed that will help with this. There are many developers working on Chromecast on sites like XDA as well so I think we will see thus become very cool in the near future. Now, for things it is already set up for like Youtube and Netflix the picture and sound are great!
  13. Cadets show works well without the voice parts (no voice on my feed, guess the sans for everyone else).
  14. Restarting my feed as it skipped again during the closer and they were marching off the field.
  15. Pretty sure I just missed half of surfs ballad due to video skipping.