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    Frontiersmen 1974-1975, Blue Devils 1976-1980; BDB staff 1981-1982; VK staff 1982-1983; VK Winter Guard design staff 1983-1984; Drum Corps West brass and visual judge 1983-1988; WGASC color guard judge 1982-1995; HS band music/visual judge 1983-present; High school brass coaching and drill design, 1982-2001
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    Blue Devils, Bluecoats, Carolina Crown, Vanguard, Cadets, 1974 Muchachos
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    As marching member, 1976 Blue Devils, as a spectator, 2015 Blue Devils.
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    1980...great year
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  1. Death to the Seat Poachers

    Yeah, don't mess with the old school guys. Wasn't that long ago that you fought it out on the field, then in the parking lot. On second thought, yes it was that long ago. Schnikies...sure sign of age.
  2. Academy lost their percussion head to Mandarins. The results speak for themselves.
  3. Death to the Seat Poachers

    So that was you, instead of a mic problem with Crown's singer?
  4. Death to the Seat Poachers

    I could have, but thought better of it...I'd probably end up arrested, with the poachers still sitting in my seats. DCI gets the stadium essentially free, so I doubt they have the stadium NFL security. Probably should. Those guys are serious. Now as for the gate personnel, that's another thread altogether. I think we ran into the son of the guy that got punched out by the Troopers horn instructor, over at the west gate on finals day.
  5. Death to the Seat Poachers

    that's what angers me the most. Nicest person you'll ever meet, and too kind to boot those people. She deserved to watch the show (wife of the SCVAC drum major BTW).
  6. Death to the Seat Poachers

    I couldn't believe it...the ladies in pink were far more hardas$ than the guys in blue. All they cared about was the amount of staff members hanging against the wall.
  7. Death to the Seat Poachers
  8. Death to the Seat Poachers

    Cake is cheaper than the extra you pay for Friends seats. Just sayin'. I like the idea.
  9. Death to the Seat Poachers

    We encountered some VERY RUDE jerks down in 140 on finals night. I sat there behind my computer and jumped in on the day in December that the tickets went on sale, and ponied up face value plus $10 (overall, close to $560) for four tickets on the 50. Just before Phantom came on, these three guys plop themselves into our row, one of them into one of our seats. I informed him that it was one of our seats and he should move...and he refused. Never asked, didn't ask when confronted. Wearing a wristband too. I'm sorry, if I'm paying close to $10 a corps on tickets, it's theft for someone to sit in that seat. Furthermore, with the wristband, it pretty well signalled that they didn't pay for any type of ticket, even a cheap one. The rest of our party wasn't in the stadium yet, but we would have welcomed a little elbow room during the show until they showed up. But noooo...this entitled ahole and friends just came down and took the seats...if they'd asked, I might have let him. There were more open seats on the other side of the rest of the poachers, but he flat-out refused. If the show wasn't already starting, I might have physically removed this schmuck from our seat. Went and talked to the ushers, and they blew me off with the weak "if I check their stubs, I have to check everyone's stubs". Uhhhh, no, DCI. Why do you have ushers then? Save the money. OK, there will probably be a couple of you who take issue with my reaction (I hope not though). I obtained tickets for friends of mine, and at semis, I had two tickets for a couple of gals I marched with years ago. They were very excited about the good seats. Saw one of them about halfway through the show and asked how they were enjoying the show. She responded that she'd been watching from the tunnel. I asked where the other gal was, and she said the gal was watching from upstairs. I ask why, and she said the seats weren't available. I immediately went down to the seats, and there was a man and a woman (woman had one of those "gold" passes) and told them to get the hell out of the seats. They immediately got up and left, didn't acknowledge me or anything. They stole >$40 worth of ticket price from my two lady friends, and ruined their enjoyment of the show. Just because you sit somewhere that's not occupied, and nobody comes and asks you to leave, that doesn't mean the person with the tickets isn't there. My friend is a very nice, non-confrontational person, and was simply too timid to ask for her seats. So, sitting in seats for semis and finals (quarters, not as big a deal IMHO) that you don't have a ticket for is NOT that harmless. It's theft, it's rude and if you are asked to move by the legitimate ticketholder and don't, you should be ejected from the entire show by the ushers, and have your wristband removed as well. Not excuse for it, sorry. $139 (or $129) is not chump change, it's rent for that seat for the evening. Anyone not paying for that seats shouldn't be entitled to it. I might be willing to concede that it the seats are empty all night and you're down to the last corps or two, then maybe. But still, that ticket might belong to someone with one of the late corps, and you shouldn't have to fight for your seat. Sorry to sound like a harda$s about the situation, but I'm still furious at how my friends spent $158 on two seats and were only able to use them for the last few corps because of the selfishness of others. I'm out.
  10. '76-'77-'79-'80 Lee Doebler - Rifle David Gibbs - Soprano (2), Drum Major (2) Rich Kleinman - Timpani, Tenors Brenda Nelson - Flag, Rifle David Tuttle - French Horn Two back to back titles! c mor was along for two of those. Good times!
  11. Didn't know how many people know this, but BD welcomed three new members to the "four ring club" on Saturday night. Past the original five, there had only been one other in the past 37 years, but the drought came to an end. It's really a stunning achievement for the the modern era, you simply don't see longevity like you did "in the old days". Congrats to Scott Downs, Jacob Tortorete, and Brian Coon. Well done! What a list of shows to have marched to get there, too: Cabaret Voltaire* ReRite of Spring Felliniesque* Ink* As Dreams are Made On Metamorph* Some of the great shows in BD (and DCI) history!
  12. if I needed the reminder.
  13. PM me...I can probably help your famly out with the dead FloMarching problem. [wink wink] Also have some other interesting items.