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    Frontiersmen 1974-1975, Blue Devils 1976-1980; BDB staff 1981-1982; VK staff 1982-1983; VK Winter Guard design staff 1983-1984; Drum Corps West brass and visual judge 1983-1988; WGASC color guard judge 1982-1995; HS band music/visual judge 1983-present; High school brass coaching and drill design, 1982-2001
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    Blue Devils, Bluecoats, Carolina Crown, Vanguard, Cadets, 1974 Muchachos
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    As marching member, 1976 Blue Devils, as a spectator, 2017 Blue Devils.
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    1980...great year
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  1. Blue Devils 2018

    Let's not get into a discussion about tiny...
  2. Blue Devils 2018

    Nay nay! Hated the snail french horns. Loved the long piston rotor horns, and then the silver King horns we played in 79-80.
  3. Tresona's SPiN Network

    Certainly understood. Question is, at what cost? Once the lawyers get their billable hours, just crumbs left. No good answers.
  4. Tresona's SPiN Network

    Good question, though it's like anything's sold as a good thing to the client. Doesn't always turn out that way.
  5. Tresona's SPiN Network

    LOL. If anyone thinks that the people making money are the composers/publishers, they'd be mistaken. Anything of this type results in the lawyers cleaning up, and the composers get pennies. It's sort of a running class action lawsuit...the lawyers (Tresona) are "helping" the aggrieved and exploited class actioneers (composers) fight back against exploitation by representing them. After all the billable hours, retainers, and whatever profitable mechanisms they can come up with (streaming service, in this instance) are backed out of the collected money, the "client" (see sucker) gets the crumbs. I'm sure the lawyer will say "hey, they got something where there was nothing", but they've cut themselves in nicely to the situation and really aren't interested in clients getting their fair share. After all, the lawyer, unlike the composers, have created nothing but a money-making scenario for themselves. The composers should have a lawyer to negotiate with Tresona, instead of getting what Tresona says they are entitled to.
  6. Varies slightly from show to show, but always around the middle of the pack. Nothing you can do about it.
  7. He's not allowed to retire yet. I taught him in high school, I'm still working so he has to as well... ;)
  8. Reminds me very much of a band I follow in Las Vegas, Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns. They play it all, including a lot of Tower of Power and EWF tunes. Amazing musicians. They had been playing at either the Palms Casino or South Point for quite a while, but with renovations at Palms, they're currently on hiatus there. Well worth checking out if you're in Vegas and looking for some entertainment.
  9. Yeah, you're pretty well capped at about 22,000 in Lucas with all seats sold "behind the beam". It's just not a huge venue to start with. Rose Bowl? 1/3 full for sure, and this was before the remodel and downsizing of seating, so the number was in the 33k-35k area. How much was paid? I'd posit that they'd have a hard time giving away 10,000-12,000 tickets, and there weren't that many MM's left to fill out the seats there. I hate to imply any "massaging" of the numbers, but it would definitely be in DCI's best interest to lowball the numbers to help justify Indy as THE site, and give the "hey, attendance was the same" excuse for locking that in for a generation. I realize some of the benefits to having DCI in Indy, but in terms of growing the activity, it's not going to move the ball down that field.
  10. Well I don't think they did any favors with the Pasadena numbers. Wonder if those were massaged as cover to stay in Indy. Either there were 15,000 freebies, or their numbers are totally wrong. That was a huge crowd.
  11. Largely agree with you. I know what you're saying re/Blue structure somewhat the same, design concepts were different from year to year. I think you'd have a hard time making the case that any of the shows from 2007-present had the same personality or energy year to year. Mirrors to Bacharach to Dada to Rite to Fellini to Ink to Dreams to Diamonds...very different from year to year. I guess a better way of describing the Bluecoats' first couple of minutes is that the energy was quite similar from 16 to 17. Agree completely that the music was incompatible with the Fosse visual style. While you could program the movement style to align with the music, that didn't necessarily mean that it would project the same way when not paired with jazzy Broadway music. I did like the music a lot...they're always digging up new music that I've never heard (well, very familiar with the Zappa piece). I'll still have this program on my playlist in my program was a lot of fun!
  12. If Tresona is involved, it will be a lot more than a dollar, and I'm not sure they'll approve it anyway.