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    Madison Scouts 2017

    (Regarding earlier posts) In '97, the Scouts did a pirate show in which one of the pirates was slain in the closer. In order to maintain the illusion, as the Corps left the field, one guard member returned to midfield, picked up the "corpse" and carried it off. Later, in the Corps parking area, a father showed up with his son looking for the "dead" pirate to show he was not really killed. I'm sure other shows may have been disturbing for some younger fans eg., Spartacus. The point is, the Scouts are testing the boundaries of "Family Friendly" which is not a criterion in the judging. Should it be?
  2. dieselfume


    Congratulations! You are going on an amazing adventure; lots of work, lots of satisfaction. Afterward, you'll find yourself talking to others so enthusiastically and frequently about the experience that they may start backpedaling when they see you. Enjoy.
  3. Being inside the tour with a drum corps is a remarkable experience and, actually, a luxury if you are taking vacation time to do it.  The reality though is that, outside of the marching members and staff, the cooks are the hardest working persons on the tour.  Preparing four meals for the members -- breakfast, lunch, dinner and post show snack -- is not cooking.  It is stoop labor that is nonetheless exceptionally rewarding, a difficult concept to relate to anyone who has not had the experience of being a part of the tour.  There are no guarantees that you will enjoy the experience but there is only one way to find out.  I hope you give it a shot. 

  4. Does this include harmonica? It is a wind instrument. The same marching posture expectations would apply. Sound? Just amplify it. Think of what that sound could add to any blues number. BTW don't synthesizers exist to produce sound unavailable to "traditional" (what's that anymore?) brass? Also, what is the USP (unique selling point) that drum corps can pitch to potential advertisers and sponsors? Maybe doing a good deed is to be satisfaction enough. Maybe, with the Olympics in progress, DCI thought it could slip this one through without anyone noticing. Anyway, the decision is quite a surprise. .
  5. dieselfume

    TV Can’t Save Drum Corps

    Again, the problem is not show location, ticket prices, G7 or any of the multiple "inside baseball" issues that dominate this thread. The issue is how does an advertiser/sponsor, not directly tied to uniforms, instruments or publications, make a buck on drum corps. Revenue to the advertisers/sponsors will bring revenue to the corps. There is no other way, or leave drum corps in the boondocks of the entertainment industry and stop worrying about it. .
  6. dieselfume

    TV Can’t Save Drum Corps

    Most of the discussion about TV seems to center on the concept of what TV can do for drum corps; more fans, more corps, more marching members. However, the real issue is what drum corps can do for TV, or more correctly, advertisers sponsoring TV fare. The purpose of advertising is to make money for the advertisers. Does drum corps offer a sellable product? Evidently, at present, what's being offered is not enough. Something has to be changed if the goal is TV coverage. Is drum corps ready to theme shows to specific advertisers? Is drum corps ready to restructure the basic eleven minute show? Whatever the answers are, the activity is, at present, locked in the trap of wanting change but not any discomfort associated with such change. .
  7. dieselfume

    Just ONE change!

    Make drum corps a television friendly product. At present, it is not. See page 51 at link below. http://www.drumcorpsworld.com/Magazines/feb_2013/ .
  8. dieselfume

    A Drum Corps Planet Milestone

    Back to the contest itself, I envisioned the approach of the millionth reply to be something like the finals of American Idol with fans trying to dial in as often as possible or, in the case of DCP, strategically timing their "click" on "add reply" to be the millionth posting. The millionth posting could be something to look forward to with the right game or "purse" in place. Obviously, it has to be something that gives everyone a fair shot and cannot be manipulated in any way. Maybe we could start by asking DCP when, based on their analysis, the millionth posting is likely to occur. We could tie the two events together, i.e., major holiday, significant birthday or historical event such as Guy Fawkes Day. Depending on what the event is, a sponsor might be found. We need three things: a contest, an event and a sponsor. I'll get back to you. .
  9. The World Class Corps Discussions has passed the 900,000 reply mark. How about creating some sort of game or prize for the person who posts the One Millionth reply? It seems the One Millionth reply presents a promotions possibility for someone. I'm sure that there is a mechanism to identify the millionth posting and time to think about how to acknowledge the event. Any ideas?
  10. Does anyone have a guess as to what the toss actually was? A "15?" A "17?" I don't believe I've seen another toss like it since the '99 show. Regarding the lad who made that sabre toss, is he still involved in the activity? I don't know if that particular toss can be taught. A remarkable moment in DCI nonetheless. .
  11. dieselfume

    Madison Scouts 2012

    I stand corrected. Thank You. However, it was still last century. (I shouldn't go with memory at my age.) .
  12. dieselfume

    Madison Scouts 2012

    I haven't reviewed the entire thread so if this is a repeat posting, I apologize. However, the last time Madison beat the Cavaliers was at DCM ("Drum Corps Midwest" for the newbies) in 1995 in DeKalb, IL. Madison was in the second of its three matador shows and the Cavies had the "Planets" show which, ultimately, took first at DCI. Needless to say, it's been a long dry spell re: Madison v. Cavies. No knock on the Cavies but it's good to see Madison in the thick of things after having not made finals on a few occasions. Congrats to the management staff, the instructional staff and, mostly, to the lads of Madison Corps. Bravo!. .
  13. dieselfume

    The G7 Video

    Brilliant. Very, very creative. Fun. Bravo. .
  14. A few years ago, the Scouts used a number of percussionists in the color guard in the "Conquistador" show. There is always that type of opportunity depending on what the designers want to do. .
  15. The bigger issue is what is going to be taught during those extra hours. If the instruction is going to be focused on reading, writing, math and critical thinking skills, it's worthwhile. If the instruction is going to be nonsense about global warming, the need for a larger "nanny" state and other aspects of the euphorian agenda, it's a farce. Government (i.e., "public") schools will alway be about indoctrination. The question is: indoctrination toward what? .