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  1. Wound Up Spin Moves Infinite Echoes Unraveled Original Music by Key Poulan, Micah Brusse, Alex Brinkley, & Kaela Shoe Ave Maria Franz Schubert What Goes Around... Comes Around Justin Timberlake, Tim Mosley, & Nathaniel Hills Around the World Thomas Bangalter & Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (Daft Punk) https://www.seattlecascades.org/single-post/2018/05/29/What-Goes-Around---Musical-Selections
  2. This would be pretty awesome if they used Vanishing Act...a very haunting piece by Lou Reed
  3. Zeke

    The future of the Cadets

    Sure loo You sure that isn't Cousin Eddie's?
  4. Zeke

    Seattle Cascades 2018

    I hope not..but rather something from the group YES...perhaps Roundabout
  5. 1988 1989 1993 1994 1995 1999
  6. Leave this one alone...reboot another film. How Original!!
  7. 2001 2004 2002 2003 From the Music standpoint alone..that Hornline and those Mellophones that year 2005
  8. Elmer Bernstein's theme To Kill a Mockingbird has it ever been used on the field?I could see this being in Cadet's wheelhouse. Mark Isham's theme to October Sky
  9. Horner's Music for the Movie KRULL has yet to be done on the field and needs to be tackled Music from The last Starfighter
  10. Zeke

    Star '91 Question

    Didn't they actually have people pull up their cars close to field and turn on their lights..so they could have some sort of light source learning the new ending?
  11. Too much white open space...i'm guessing the new look will take on many changes
  12. They Shoot .....THEY SCORE!!!! Too Awesome for BAC
  13. http://www.seattlecascades.org/brassstaff Next announcements will hopefully be Percussion and Colorguard Caption heads/designers
  14. Zeke

    Seattle Cascades 2018