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  1. Evidently they are marching 75 hornline, 32 Guard and full drumline ..this will be the biggest The Corps has ever been.
  2. Can it be searched for Under Cascades or was it posted by an individual?
  3. Looked it up on Youtube and I'm really liking Little Birds.
  4. Curious to what Shostakovich and Glass music they will be using.
  5. Hmmmm Now i'm extremely curious what this is going to sound like. The Arrangements should be rather interesting knowing Lewis Norfleet is once again writing the Brass Book.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhpgoASOjco
  7. So Phantom's announcement is next Week? So Seattle Cascades, Bluecoats, and Crown are left. I'm guessing those left will probably announce after this long holiday weekend.
  8. I can remember while on tour someone had jimmy rigged the bathroom so you were forced to use the Rest Stop bathrooms. Those of us in the back of the bus were Thankful.
  9. Man that was some seriously good writing/Music.
  10. Thanks Liahona...much appreciated
  11. Which Corps remaining have yet to announce their Show Rep? I know Cascades haven't yet.
  12. 2006 was the first year
  13. I totally forgot about Bluecoats playing that in 1989