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  1. Maybe they will make the Show announcement in the next week or next weekends camp.
  2. I believe it's for the 2017 Concept/Music Rep Announcement.
  3. " Keep an eye out for our 2017 announcement!" was posted 2/14...6 weeks ago on their website. Music changes or licensing issues keeping them from showing the 2017 Rep?
  4. Overture to "Colas Breugnon" : Dimitiri Kabalevsky Dance Suite : Bartok Gloria: John Rutter Scene d'amour: Bernard Herrmann
  5. Have you heard her more recent Aria's?
  6. That is the Corps Song. Probably should be hearing what 2017 Music/Theme will be here soon.
  7. As was I. I was kinda expecting to see a few big name caption/designer announcements. Namely Visual/Colorguard and Percussion captions.
  8. When was he ever at Oregon Crusaders?
  9. Sage was last with Vanguard for the 2004 Scheherazade show right then went onto Phantom from 2005-2008?
  10. 88 Suncoast Sound 88 Velvet Knights...that Hornline
  11. 93 Phantom was EXTREMELY well received by the crowd and probably the most popular that Summer. Underrated definitely not.