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  1. Yes, Will we see Pete Webber surface elsewhere? He really did a ton of things for Vanguard visually in his tenure with them.
  2. If So He'd been there for quite a while now.
  3. I'd really like to see Vanguard get it if not Cavaliers.
  4. Just Wow...I had no idea the age out count was that high with Vanguard this year. When was the last time Vanguard or any corps has had that many age-outs in one year?
  5. That's just wrong on all levels..if ones eyes could shoot daggers..well that poacher
  6. Sort of like a "Compulsory" or required Element?
  7. It seems like in the past a lot of behind the scenes stuff goes down as far as new staff acquisitions,offers, and resignations take place. Some of which made public come Finals.
  8. Corps Income/Revenue Stream

    Yes those number seem just way too high...payouts..overhead etc. have to be way less
  9. How Did Vanguard not get GE.
  10. so where is the swooping caption spreads? whom was the judge?
  11. I'd love to have seen that. Better that than a axe eh?