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  1. I can remember while on tour someone had jimmy rigged the bathroom so you were forced to use the Rest Stop bathrooms. Those of us in the back of the bus were Thankful.
  2. Man that was some seriously good writing/Music.
  3. Thanks Liahona...much appreciated
  4. Which Corps remaining have yet to announce their Show Rep? I know Cascades haven't yet.
  5. 2006 was the first year
  6. I totally forgot about Bluecoats playing that in 1989
  7. I don't see them starting All day rehearsals really any earlier than Cascades.
  8. Aren't the majority of their members still in School till mid/late June though?
  9. Maybe they will make the Show announcement in the next week or next weekends camp.
  10. I believe it's for the 2017 Concept/Music Rep Announcement.