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  1. Overture to "Colas Breugnon" : Dimitiri Kabalevsky Dance Suite : Bartok Gloria: John Rutter Scene d'amour: Bernard Herrmann
  2. Have you heard her more recent Aria's?
  3. That is the Corps Song. Probably should be hearing what 2017 Music/Theme will be here soon.
  4. As was I. I was kinda expecting to see a few big name caption/designer announcements. Namely Visual/Colorguard and Percussion captions.
  5. When was he ever at Oregon Crusaders?
  6. Sage was last with Vanguard for the 2004 Scheherazade show right then went onto Phantom from 2005-2008?
  7. 88 Suncoast Sound 88 Velvet Knights...that Hornline
  8. 93 Phantom was EXTREMELY well received by the crowd and probably the most popular that Summer. Underrated definitely not.
  9. My all time favorite Cavalier show...Classic.
  10. Is Greg Poklacki around at all writing/designing for anyone these days?
  11. He's been with Cadets since 93 with a few years off so somewhere around 22-23 years now.
  12. I think it's gonna be a long while before anyone new makes the top 12 again..maybe 4-5 years. Before Academy it was Cascades back in 2002.