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  1. While perusing the Championships entry list for both World and Open Classes, I noticed one fewer corps. It appears Les Stentors is no longer on the list. As far as I know, they were the only active Canadian corps. My question for the DCP community is: Has there ever been a year in DCI history where no Canadian corps competed at Championships? If this is really the first time without Canadian representation, that is a sad milestone.
  2. wolfgang

    Open post to Minnesota Brass

    From WGI Rules. While a few members may be in the 21-23 window, I would bet the majority of their winter guard members are of DCI age. "Color guards in the Independent A Classes from the United States composed of performers not over 22 years of age as of 12:01 a.m. on April 1st of any given year shall be permitted to compete in contest governed by WGI. Independent Open Class color guards from the United States may utilize performers not over 23 years of age as of 12:01 a.m. on April 1st of any given year. Independent World Class Color guards may compete with performers of any age. "
  3. Why is this guy posting about an All-age DCA corps in a DCI forum? Glad you asked. If you hadn't heard, this very successful corps announced a recently they aren't coming out in 2018. I hear they are pondering a Soundsport group. With absolutely no connection with that organization, let me offer a thought - 1) The foundation of the organization appears strong, at least to an outsider. Strong alumni base with a good financial base. 2) Under the Minnesota Brass umbrella is a WGI Ind. World class drumline and Ind. Open class guard. Both are established and already serve a DCI-age population. 3) There are more performance opportunities closer to home available as a DCI corps with a season ending more in line with what may well work better for a number of their DCI-age members (aka ending the 2nd Saturday in August instead of Labor Day). With the above in mind, may an outsider present the option of coming out as a DCI corps, Open Class at first and then World Class if things go well. Since your org. already has shown success with Jr. corps age ensembles, would it be more practical to consider coming out as a Junior corps? Posters on other threads have alluded to the financial responsibility of your organization. With the base of alumni and talent, should this be a direction the Minn. Brass leadership chooses to pursue, I'm confident you would do real well real quick, and should the move ever be made to World Class, if anyone from the All-age ranks can succeed as a reborn Jr. corps, you would be in the best position to do it. (Btw, since River City Rhythm has been successful in their own right as both a corps and indoor drumline, I do not believe having 2 Open (or 1 World and 1 Open) Class corps in the Twin Cities means that either one would necessarily suffer. Both could still thrive). The DCI fandom would welcome you with open arms. Minnesota could use a World Class Jr. Corps (hopefully someday).
  4. No, no, 1000 times no. That would be punishing the children (members) for the sins of the father ( GH). Regardless of who directed the corps, the kids from those years deserve to remain in the record books as DCI Champions as much as the kids from Anaheim Kingsmen, SCV, BD, Scouts, Star, Cavies, and Phantom in the years those corps won.
  5. For the record, Pulse Open was bumped in 2012 and made WC Finals. They have made WC Finals 5 of the past 6 years. On what basis does anyone have a leg to stand on claiming they should not have been promoted?
  6. wolfgang

    New Open Class corps in 2018

    They are applying for World Class. I am asking about groups applying for Open Class, hence this is on the Open Class forum.
  7. Any info on which groups plan to apply for Open Class status in 2018?
  8. And Capitol Regiment starving their kids in Oklahoma.
  9. Yes. I believe both Columbus Saints and a group from west Texas applied in 2017 but weren't approved.
  10. Any info on who may apply for either World or Open class status in 2018? Hopefully some of the Soundsport groups will get approved for Open.
  11. How much more do you think it can grow? The building has already maxed out the front sideline seating area. There are only so many people who are going to choose to sit on the sides, which is where any growth would occur. Fyi, the ticket cost is not going to decrease. Law of supply and demand. The Friends of DCI section is slowly expanding and that will continue next year.
  12. wolfgang

    How About Some Common Ground?

    What do you want him to prove? His post only stated what he thought the Directors ought to do.
  13. wolfgang

    How About Some Common Ground?

    And even if he was, for the integrity of the brass/ensemble judging, would it not be wise to be proactive to prohibit such things?
  14. wolfgang

    How About Some Common Ground?

    One aspect alluded to in other threads is the volume settings of some speakers. Should DCI implement a maximum volume/decibel level for artificial amplification? We live in a society that loves the courtroom. If a plaintiff sued DCI for alleged hearing loss due to the volume of a sound system, whether they would win or not, the costs of defending such a suit would not be cheap. Its one thing to sit in the upper deck several hundred feet away. Its something else entirely to have the amplified volume level sitting in the first few rows of the lower deck. With the above in mind, should DCI set a maximum limit on decibels from artificial amplification? What would be a good organizational policy to ensure the best and safest experience for the paying customer?
  15. wolfgang

    How About Some Common Ground?

    Another poster made this allegation. In a larger sense it's irrelevant if it's been done (yet) or not. If the ability to do this exists (it does), and if this type of thing could or would give a distorted version of the actual playing, then imo it makes sense to get out in front of things and make it against the rules. I love creativity, but when something has the potential to influence a music score through artificial means, that seems to me to be contrary to the concept of good sportsmanship. As technology develops, I'd rather DCI be proactive rather than reactive.