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  1. Most likely Spirit's missing GE subcaption was a 6.something, which would put their true score as 66.something.
  2. There is a famous steakhouse called St Elmos a few blocks away. I recommend it. They are known for their shrimp cocktail, but it is recommended you go easy with their cocktail sauce, at least at first.
  3. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/news/georgia-dome-still-around-mercedes-benz-stadium-isnt-ready-time-football-123058939.html Looks like the Georgia Dome isn't quite extinct yet. Moving DCI Southeast was probably beyond DCI's control, but this new place seems to have a few little bugs to work out.
  4. After the original post pointing out the possible benefits of a show in what should be a new state-of-the-art facility in one of the fastest growing markets in the country, the discussion has degenerated into arguments about weather. Stu wants his questions answered… I will answer the questions, though I think they are based on flawed reasoning. #1) What do you realistically think will be the lease-rate charged to DCI to have the show located at the new Raiders Pro Stadium? -If the people that run the stadium want dates so it’s not sitting idle in July, they can negotiate a rate with DCI the same way Indy, San Antonio, Buffalo, Meadowlands, (hopefully) Atlanta, and others do that works for both parties. #2) Considering the ten corps you listed on the marque, how much net, not gross, but net profit do you think DCI will garner from ticket sales at a show being held at that Pro stadium? -You could ask the same question about any other large venue DCI uses. I would bet they have a chance to make more money than in Indy (no, not Finals.. I'm referring to the 5 or 6 corps June preview show at LOS that draws nowhere near as many spectators). #3) Someone in this thread stated that there are indoor facilities in the Vegas area large enough to handle 'full' rehearsals; can you please name the indoor facilities that are in the Vegas area which can provide indoor floor space large enough for those full rehearsals? -Since I never mentioned indoor rehearsal space, it is not a question I need to answer. I would be fine with the corps rehearsing outdoors, just the same way one or more do every year while passing through Vegas, and as numerous bands do. If the show ever does materialize and ouooga is able to help secure indoor rehearsal space, that’s a bonus but imho not a necessity. Somebody provided a pretty good list of facilities on another reply. #4) Corps have to pay hefty costs for rehearsal/housing sites like schools, and they are very hard to book. While BD can pretty much afford any rehearsal site they want, Gold and Battalion tour on peanuts and need way lower-cost facilities. Understanding that each corps needs a football field sized area with upper vantage points for staff, and that neither Gold nor Battalion can afford the same high-rate facilities as BD, what are the locations most likely to be rehearsal sites for each corps? (example: BD at blank; Gold at blank; etc...) - I reject the premise of the question to the extent it “requires” indoor, air conditioned rehearsal space. The most likely rehearsal locations are the same as for any show: whichever high school field they can get access to, whether in Vegas, St. George 2 hours away, or some other nearby town. Again, if there is an indoor venue, even if nothing more than a fieldhouse at a high school (if large enough), that’s great but imho not mandatory in the same way it’s not mandatory in Mesa, Houston, or anywhere else. Since you wanted me to answer your questions, I have a few of my own for you: 1. I rhetorically asked if the show in Mesa, AZ should be cancelled since it’s actually a little hotter on average there, and the question was sidestepped with “I am not saying a night show in Mesa is the problem.” Let’s try again: Should the DCI show in Mesa, AZ which is outdoors with outdoor rehearsals be cancelled since it seems to fall into your weather danger zone? Yes or no? Why or why not? 2. Do you have evidence that the show in Mesa, or any show in the inland empire in SoCal like Riverside where it can get hot with low humidity, has caused any more health problems than shows in more humid environments? If yes, could the evidence be furnished for us all to view? 3. Should DCI cancel shows or ban corps from rehearsing in other areas, including but not limited to Texas, Louisiana, etc. which have nearly equal and in some cases higher heat indexes with humidity factored in? 4. Since you are adamant that if a show is held in Las Vegas, the corps be provided with air conditioned rehearsal space, could you provide documentation (emails, copies of letters, etc) demanding DCI, the competing corps, or show sponsors provide indoor, air conditioned rehearsal space with adequate viewing height AT EXISTING SHOWS in areas of Texas and the Deep South with heat indexes equal, are in excess, or are close to the heat index of Las Vegas? 5. If you cannot, why are you raising an issue about a show that doesn’t exist (yet) when you could raise consciousness of DCI and the competing corps with EXISTING SHOWS about heat-related rehearsal issues? 6. What do you believe is the maximum outdoor temperature and/or maximum outdoor heat index a corps should rehearse in? How was that number arrived at? 7. What penalties or sanctions would you impose on groups who rehearse outdoors at temperatures or heat indexes that are beyond what you deem is reasonable? 8. You made a distinction several times between “humid” heat and “dry” heat, expressing concern about not being aware of the dangers of dry heat. Should corps be banned from rehearsing outdoors when the humidity is below a certain percentage when factored with temperature, and if so, what is that percentage and how did you arrive at that number? 9. What penalties or sanctions would you impose on groups who do rehearse at humidity levels that are below what you think is reasonable (with temperature factored in)? 10. According to Wikipedia, Clark County, Nevada had an estimated population of over 2 million in 2015. St. George, UT is one of the fastest growing areas of the US, with a metro area of over an estimated 150,000 in 2015 and is about 2 hours away. Should DCI ignore a growing area with well over 2 million people, or attempt to nurture a fanbase to expand their footprint? 11. As has been pointed out in this thread, numerous high school bands in the Las Vegas area (and I may add, Arizona) have band camp/outdoor rehearsals in July and August. It is reasonable to also assume The Academy rehearses outside in June and early July with triple digit temperatures. Could you provide documentation verifying these Las Vegas and Arizona bands have higher rates of heat related illness than bands from other parts of the country? 12. If there is no evidence that bands from Las Vegas and Arizona (aka high temperature/low humidity states) who rehearse outdoors in July and August have verified higher rate of heat related illness than bands from anywhere else in the country, would you agree that it is possible to rehearse in these environments with adequate precautions? 13. Will anyone beat the Blue Devils this year?
  5. Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled thread. Using the current tour model, and a "passing through" show, the show is in the new Raiders venue in 2021 (using Indy and Atlanta as models, we'll say they were still putting finishing touches on it during early July 2020). Its on Wednesday. The following night Ogden, UT and DATR on Saturday. The northwest jaunt is also happening concurrently, and we'll say either BD or SCV is on that leg (lets say SCV) plus OC, Cascades, and the northwest Open groups. A midwest corps is also doing a pacific tour (picking name out of hat... It's Cavies). So, for a Wednesday night show, our lineup is Blue Devils, Cavaliers, Blue Knights, The Academy, Mandarins, and Pacific Crest, joined by BDB, Vanguard Cadets, Gold, and The Battallion. Most promoters on the country would love that as a midweek lineup. If the northwest leg was earlier and SCV, OC, and Cascades were added, so much the better for this example. Also, it behooves DCI to expand into new markets. Counting Vegas, Henderson, and other burbs, plus somewhere like Flagstaff or St George, how many people live within 2 to 3 hours of there?
  6. Add this to the mix: Quick internet search (ave July temp, avg July humidity, avg July heat index) Las Vegas: 104, 19%, 102.3 Mesa, Az: 106, 30%, 113.6 Houston: 94, 55%, 106.3
  7. Arrangements, whether pop, jazz, or symphonic, that take a couple bars of the original and are filled in with dissonant fluff, with the obbligatory 16th note park and blow technical passage. If it was good enough to put in your show, it's probably good enough to use a larger portion of it. Just play the tune, man.
  8. The problem with Levis Stadium is while the climate is great, a design flaw in the stadium causes people sitting in certain areas to roast.
  9. So you believe DCI should cancel the July show in Mesa, AZ, which has a slightly higher average temperature? I would rather rehearse in 103 degrees and very low humidity in Vegas than 95 degrees, much higher humidity, and higher heat index in Houston. Vegas weather is more bearable for most people than the tropical humidity of the deep south.
  10. In 2020 the Las Vegas Raiders new stadium is supposed to be done. It will have a roof. I have not heard for sure the type of turf they are planning. The venue would likely be more affordable than the new Rams stadium in the LA area, and I thought I read in one of the many articles about the Raiders move that the stadium operators hope to hold more events than just 8 regular season and 2 pre season NFL games. I am not suggesting Finals will move from Indy, but if Atlanta is too expensive and the Raiders venue is more reasonable, that would be an option for a large show, though the tour would need to be revamped for an event with all the World Class corps. If finals ever did leave Indy, though, this new stadium may get a serious look. Even a show with all corps west of the Rockies plus a couple midwest/eastern corps the first week of July would draw a good crowd. Geography is the 800 lb gorilla (besides $$$). but otherwise this new stadium looks like it would meet the criteria that San Antonio and the former Georgia Dome met for an indoor event where everyone could perform for seeding purposes. Hotel rooms would not be an issue.
  11. There are 16 Open/International corps shown currently. I think it is possible we could wind up with 20. I say that because 1) it apprears Racine Scouts maybe back out, this time with a partnership with a university; 2) The Columbus Saints, as far as I know, are applying for Open Class status and are planning to have both a corps and Soundsport ensemble. I am going with the thought they plan take both groups to Indy. 3) I believe there are other orgs that may apply for Open Class status, and its possible a couple may do what Shadow and River City Rhythm did and come to Finals in the first year, plus there may be a couple more international groups. Remember in 2015,nobody knew about a couple of the non-US groups until the schedule was posted. I know Jubal was here a couple years ago. If I could have a wish list, I'd love it if they came back in 2017 if only to have the top 2 European corps. Not expecting that, just that it would be neat to see. To bring this back to World Class, Prelims on Thursday should be an awesome show with something north of 40 corps possible.
  12. As I suspected, the 19 year old was driving drunk. http://www.indystar.com/story/news/2016/11/19/man-faces-6-felonies-crash-killed-3/94128318/
  13. There are rumblings the new Falcons stadium may be cost prohibitive and the Atlanta event may be moved to another venue\city. I hope this is just offseason chatter that isnt accurate. Does anyone have info one way or the other? It would be wonderful if the event could be at the new stadium, especially with the upward trend in attendance.
  14. From the news story, her dad hit a deer driving on a rural stretch of interstate. They were pulled off to the side of the road. A truck driven by a 19 year old hit their vehicle and that is what killed them. I have not heard why the kid was driving on the shoulder of the road, if he was under the influence, drowsy, or some other reason. In any event 3 lives were prematurely ended tragically. Prayers for the Rinehart family and Castle band.
  15. Story on dci.org. The corps is called The Company. Very smart move to announce it this early. Could be great for their recruiting.