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  1. corps8294

    Pioneer What Next?

    The majority of corps in open class are more world class than Pioneer.
  2. corps8294

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Hopefully the Blue Stars can pick up a top notch percussion staff to compliment the stellar brass section they have.
  3. corps8294

    Pioneer What Next?

    Fold the d**n corps. Just stop prolonging the inevitable and put this organization out of its misery. It's obviously too far gone for open class, DCA, and even an alumni parade corps. The members and staff can do better than what Pioneer has to offer. It's not a matter of if Pioneer folds; I hope Pioneer folds.
  4. corps8294

    Pioneer What Next?

    Pioneer can barely field a 60+ member corps. If they aren't going to be better served in open class; then DCA might be a better fit.
  5. corps8294

    Genesis 2018

    I'm not surprised that they dropped in Percussion.
  6. corps8294

    Pioneer What Next?

    ...All the people that drank the Kool-Aid with that pre-season hype.
  7. corps8294

    2019 Predictions!

    1. Santa Clara Vanguard 2. Blue Devils 3. Bluecoats 4. Boston Crusaders 5. Carolina Crown 6. Cadets 7. Cavaliers 8. Blue Stars 9. Blue Knights 10. Mandarins 11. Phantom Regiment 12. Crossmen 13. Academy 14. Spirit of Atlanta 15. Madison Scouts (Depending on what changes are made. No changes, no 15th place) 16. Colts 17. Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets 18. Troopers 19. Blue Devils B 20. Gold 21. Pacific Crest 22. Music City 23. Genesis 24. Legends 25. Spartans 26. Oregon Crusaders 27. 7th Regiment 28. Seattle Cascades 29. Guardians 30. Jersey Surf 31. Golden Empire 32. Shadow 33. Pioneer
  8. corps8294

    The future is here

    Did Ron and his crew resign after finals? They are still listed on Crown's website.
  9. corps8294

    2019 Predictions!

    Pioneer is going to win the gold medal, next year, with 48 members after having received the magic of Roman's Irish themed garden gnomes.
  10. corps8294

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Pink slip and "Take this job and shove it" Monday are more juicy than finals night!
  11. corps8294

    2019 Predictions!

    Would that corps happen to be from Wisconsin?
  12. In the words of Parker in the movie ALIEN, "Spit on it for two minutes...would ya'...for Christ sake!"
  13. corps8294

    The future is here

    "Ding! Ding!" Round 1! And it's on! Here...we...go!
  14. corps8294

    2019 Predictions!

    I could see the Blue Stars having another trilogy of 8th place finishes. I'd love to see them, at least, place 7th; however, the Cadets have proven they are ready to contend with the top tier, again, and the rest of the top 6 are pretty much untouchable at this point.
  15. SCV beat the Blue Devils at their own game, simple as that. Credit where credit is due and very much deserved to SCV. That show was awesome! Just like Bluecoats '14; it was the perfect mix of props, music, and performance.