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  1. DCI/DCA

    Back in the early '80s there was always a big rumor that the Phantom Regiment Cadets would load up with some members of the A corps for CCI.
  2. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    Looks like the Blue Stars have a great staff in place to remain in finals and possibly move up a spot or two. With that being said, 8th place or bust! The top 7 is just too strong, currently. The Boston Crusaders will more than likely be very good again and I can't see the Cadets dropping to 8th (sure would be fun, though). In addition, they need to put the story telling on the shelf for a while and come up with a great theme with a great repertoire. Themed shows can still be just as successful as story driven shows. Transitions, GE, and marching could use a little more attention, too.
  3. Cadets 2018

    '84-'06 were the heyday years for the Cavaliers. They still haven't recaptured that vibe and magic.
  4. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    "GH protocols." Whatever. His words are no longer valid in the activity and other corps directors should no longer fear him.
  5. Phantom Regiment 2018

    Awwww, no more leggy Phantomettes to spark ridiculous controversy.
  6. Phantom Regiment 2018

    Geneseo Knights had the set player on the field in '87. It was an Emerson Lake and Palmer show.
  7. Some thoughts on 2017

    Phantom Regiment 2017...just because of the Phantomettes. Ooo-la-la!
  8. Big bad bully General George doesn't have the clout that he used to in the activity. He's become the victim of his own ideas.
  9. Pioneer 2018

    What about those that choose to be a member of the corps and aren't religious? Are they forced or pressured to go to Sunday service?
  10. Pioneer 2018

    Pioneer is the most creatively restricted corps in world class. Until that changes, they will remain where they are.
  11. Come off the line playing "Canzona" and they will win!
  12. ...or in '97 when the Bluecoats guard did the humpty-hump move.
  13. To be honest, I never noticed.