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  1. Boston Crusaders 2018

    A friend of mine attended BAC camp in Tampa this weekend and sent me the following message: "Well, I went down to Lakewood Ranch last night and oh've got a smoking brass line. The book is insane. You guys have really figured iy out. Congrats."
  2. Boston Crusaders 2018

    A local performing group Jazz fusion - partnership with Berkley!
  3. Boston Crusaders 2018

    Kick off weekend for Inspire Arts & Music and the Boston Crusaders! Golf tournament was a huge success - over $40,000 in sponsors and 140 golfers. Board retreat weekend in Quincy today and at our building tomorrow. Board members in town from all over - India, Scotland, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Indiana, and Massachusetts. Fist ever Wine tasting tonight in Quincy. Updates on all aspects of the organization; Great East Music Festivals; Great East Music Store; Our building; Concert in the Park; all performing groups - BAC, HpYPE, SAC, 7th Regiment, Brass Choir, Koto Band; reviewing the strategic plan; reviewing the 2018 budget; Overall a great opportunity for engagement for 50 people that are passionate about helping kids!
  4. 2017 Crusader Classic Golf Tournament

    Great day, maxed out sponsors & golfers - over $40,000 in sponsors and 140 golfers. A good mix of sponsor golfers and alumni. Looking forward to next year!
  5. Come out and support Inspire Arts & Music all while enjoying great food and great wine! DATE AND TIME Sat, September 30, 2017 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT Add to Calendar LOCATION The Fours 15 Cottage Avenue Quincy, MA 02169 "Fantastic Foods" to pair with over 50 wines! Fruit & Cheese for Pairings "Raw Bar": Shrimp Oysters Clams Ahi Tuna Crab Passed hors d’oeuvres: Buttered Filet Mignon on French Bread Chicken Tenders Meatballs Marinara Chipotle Burger Sliders Buffalo Chicken Nachos Scallops wrapped in Bacon Buffet: Pasta Bar & Ceasar Salad Dessert: Cheesecake Drops ONLY 100 TICKETS AVAILABLE!
  6. 2017 Crusader Classic Golf Tournament Friday, September 29, 2017 Shotgun Start - 8:00a (Registration begins at 7:00a) Chemawa Golf Course 350 Cushman Rd, North Attleborough, MA 02760 All levels are welcome - and each year all skill levels are present. It’s a fun day where all the proceeds from the event help support non-profit arts in the City of Boston $165.00 Entry Fee* Per Single Player, $150 if you pre-register $600.00 Entry Fee* for Foursomes, $550 if you pre-register *Fee includes Green & Cart Fees, and a buffet lunch We are pleased to offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities, starting at $75 and incrementing up to our exclusive Presenting Sponsor level. We invite you to investigate these opportunities on the next page. Winning Foursome, Longest Drive, Closest to the Pin, Hole in One and Putting Contest. Other raffle and prize opportunities. Inspire Arts & Music is a not-for-profit organization whose programs seek to develop and ‘inspire’ young adults via a portfolio of performing arts programs. Our mission is to help them develop and demonstrate the qualities needed to achieve excellence in both their program and their personal lives. IAM program serve young adults from all backgrounds, typically from the early teens through college age. Our programs are based in New England but will draw membership from across the United States. Since inception, over 70,000 students have benefited from IAM programs.
  7. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    George Dixon - do you think it is fair that an organization that has a competitive Drum Corps and runs a band circuit should be able to hire DCI judges? Maybe there should be a rule against that?
  8. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    Cadets rehearsed at the host site for the Orlando show day of event. Crown rehearsed at the stadium at Wake Forest day of event. I could go on and on. Fair? Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.
  9. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    Rumors are one thing, official announcements are another.
  10. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    What will be interesting this year is that the Directors passed a rule last fall that basically does not allow anyone to announce any staff changes until after labor day.
  11. Corps Income/Revenue Stream

    Just to clarify a few things: The reported amounts are gross revenue and not net. Revenues can help cash flows especially in those periods of time when there is not a lot of traditional Drum Corps cash coming in. As for Boston, we have built the organization for the long term. The responsibility of a BOD is to fund raise and provide governance. We have a BOD of over 40 people with diverse backgrounds and skills - we have a give/get requirement. We have methodically built a sustainable non profit that services our members and runs on business principles. We have been very clear with the activity and the other Corps about our approach. We have been a major advocate for the Board consortium which brings together the Board members from all corps to share best practices and focus on the good of the activity. We have programs at the local level providing free music education and performance opportunities for local kids in need; a profitable regional Music Festival Company that augments scholastic music performance opportunities for 20,000 students and 500 programs across New England and New York; and our national touring program The Boston Crusaders. We bought a building in Hyde Park to be our headquarters; our main tenant is a music theatre program called Riverside Theatre Works; we opened a music store in our building and we are are distributor for Yamaha instruments - which we also provide for free to our local students; we have some other retail rental tenants and the building is also a positive contributor to our cash flow and a big part of the equity on our balance sheet. We do have an incredibly supportive Alumni and friends network and they contribute just like other Corps especially the older ones. We are committed to Building A Champion and have hired an outstanding Executive Director in Chris Holland former DM, Music Educator and Lawyer and he has assembled an incredible team he has signed on for the long term. Everything we do goes through a business development committee of the BOD and has an ROI assigned to it. We are very pleased with our progress and look forward to a very positive future. BTW - I think the ultimate winner here are the fans as evidenced by their response at shows and the souvie booth.
  12. Thank you for pointing out my mistake, you must be a judge lol. Hopefully the mods can remove
  13. On behalf of the entire Inspire Arts & Music and Boston Crusaders organization I want to thank the Blue Knights, Madison Scouts and Academy for coming east to Lawrence last night. As we continue to support each other, the balance of power in the activity is certain to shift and hopefully even out. 4 Corps plus our Senior Corps, the North Star Alumni Corps and the Muchachos put on a very entertaining evening for our fans. The combined performance by BAC and Madison was a Drum Corps fans delight with a combined "YWNWA and Conquest" and BAC playing Conquest. It was the icing on a great evening. BAC had record breaking souvie sales and overall a great night for Crusader Nation. Thanks for being true partners in this great activity!
  14. 2017 Boston Crusaders

    July 31st battling for 5th/6th and BAC pushed through the tough performance order stretch. Great job staff and members. Heading north and firing on all cylinders a result of great planning and execution across the board from operating on the road, the fleet, food, souvies, rehearsal facilities, design adjustments, teaching excellence and member achievement. Fund raising has been outstanding - crushing it in the DCI giving challenge, and planning to finish the year strong on all fronts. The corps has done this all on the road with no opportunities to show the Boston family it's finished product. Looking forward to some east coast home court in Lawrence this Thursday and a big night in Allentown on Saturday night. Some great events planned around the next two weeks: Big homecoming on Thursday in Lawrence including clinic, Senior Corps cookout for the kids, VIP reception for donors before the show and then combined performance with Madison for an encore; Friday visit to Most Precious Blood Church; Saturday in Allentown - big cookout for Alumni & Friends in the park put on buy the Board of Directors at 4:00 before the show - starting later due to nice late step off time; next week in Indi - hotels for the members, indoor and stadium practice facilities, the board has rented the Colts Club (Gate 10) at the stadium for all s show nights for Alumni & friends from 6PM - 2 AM, 3 great performances and a banquet on Sunday. Keep pushing!