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  1. 37,000 feet on my way to April camp. Looking forward to it!!!
  2. I can tie the G7 and this topic together: When a group of elite members basically tell the rest of the activity that they are irrelevant, it is a wake up call. It was a new twist on survival. Rather than a risk averse attitude with a focus on staying afloat, it turned into a new focus on building a champion organization. With the threat of being eliminated from competition and performance fees, it became a quest for diversified revenues. It took a group of business professionals to approach a non profit like we approached our businesses. I offer these thoughts: Grow the size of the Board - it can't come down to the same group of 6-8 people. Remind everyone of the 2 purposes of the Board - governance and most important fund raising. Create a give/get level so that you are guaranteed some capital. Find areas to invest in that can return dividends to the non profit. Find groups to partner with that extend the impact of the non profit. Solicit Companies to help increase capital and grow programs. This also helps focus on the satisfaction of helping kids and the community, not just the competitive aspect of the activity. Share what you do with the rest of the activity, for the good of the activity via a Board Consortium. So thank you G7 for the wake up call and inspiration.
  3. Two corps got together and decided to not participate in another member corps show with the direct intent to hurt that Corps. Just so we are clear. It's not as simple as what you say.
  4. Corpsband has been in this activity for a long time and a part of both Cadets and Crown organizations. He is reputable and a business man. it is disappointing to make this appear like Boston is winning about corps not going to their party. The reality is that this would not happen in most legit organizations (MLB, NBA etc.) This is the equivalent to Carolina Panthers refusing to play the Seahawks this year because of what happened at the Super Bowl last year. Or Oklahoma Thunder refusing to play Golden State because Kevin Durant went their in free agency. The reality is these Corps do not want to see any of the lower top 12 Corps threaten the model. DCI does not decide for or make any corps participate in any shows. They try to mediate for the good of the activity. It is what it is.
  5. Unfortunately it is the truth, Crown and The Cadets refused to perform at Boston's show. I know it first hand.
  6. Unfortunately it is the truth, Crown and The Cadets refused to perform at Boston's show. I know it first hand.
  7. Tesmusic, unfortunately I speak the truth. I am more than a Super Fan. I bleed red & black and have been a part of BAC for the past 38 years.
  8. Also, Audition season is going well as expected and planned. Attendance in Boston and Tampa were very strong with returning veterans and new recruits mostly college age and experienced. Dallas next week will be strong especially for percussion ( a solid base over the past few years) and a big tie to UNT percussion program. December will be an actual camp with almost all of the brash and percussion spots contracted and show music will be performed. The level of planning and preparation by the administration, operations and all captions is up significantly.
  9. As for the early season shows, the facts are that the Cadets and Crown refused to perform at Boston's show. Call it what you want. It is what it is. We will do everything we can to add performances for our Boston/New England fans early season.
  10. The schedule did not work for Tanglewood this season. It will be back.
  11. The facts are that the Cadets and Crown refused to perform at Boston's show. Call it what you want. It is what it is.
  12. Just catching up on this thread: Prompted by the G7 pushing for anyone lower to become irrelevant, the organization responds and lays the foundation for growth (see Inspire Arts & Music in 5 years the budget grows from $800K to $ 4 Million), hires a great COO/Executive Director, he has relationships with people that go way back, staffs from different groups want to work together and decide that Boston is the corps, kids have lot's of reasons to stay or go to different corps - the number one driver is the staff (recent DCI member survey) and here we are.
  13. Join in today on The Boston Crusaders Youtube channel for a recap on 2016, plans for 2017 and insights from this weekend's Board retreat!
  14. Tonight is Drum Corps casual, looking forward to a fun night!
  15. No videos yet and yes al ages welcome.