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  1. Beckham

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    I suppose rumors maybe should be discouraged? I dunno, I guess I'll stay vague. I was told by a corps member of a certain fan favorite..that a couple nights ago the director had a pow-wow with them, without any other staff, and told them that most if not all of the guard and visual staff were going to be fired because of mistreatment of corps members. But that the brass and percussion staff were solid and would be invited back.
  2. Someone should used Arnold Schoenberg on the field again. I think Phantom Regiment 2000 is the only time?
  3. Yeah the staffs of those five co-ed corps ahead of them definitely don't push their corps as hard as Cavs' staff. Must be why they're scoring higher.
  4. That was an awkward exchange..
  5. Same for me. Seems like the allegedly most disliked shows always end up being among my favorites.
  6. No one balances a brass line like Matt Harloff. Edit: I'll say that so much of the key is having the trumpets, particularly the leads, play a dynamic level lower than everyone else. And having an arranger that writes to compliment that and not have 2/3 of the line playing above the staff for the whole show. Gives you a much more middle voice focused and smoother sound. Doesn't hurt to have some tubas that can pump some sound.
  7. That ending is one of those that just makes me start laughing because it is so fantastic.
  8. A thought on the singers..maybe the current design team would have gone sans-singers if not for the kids having already been contracted when everything went down. Maybe they still would have had them, who knows. And another thought, were any of these four singers in the group from last year? If not it seems a little telling that none of them returned, unless they happened to all be ageouts.
  9. I thought that's what I saw. He reached around the guy next to him to take a stick out of his bag?
  10. Same for me. They've carved out a very unique spot in the DCI show design landscape and I absolutely love it.
  11. Really hoping Spirit can snag the 12th spot. Nothing against Crossmen or The Academy but I just find Spirit's show immensely more enjoyable to watch.
  12. Does C2 have a lot of high school aged members or are they mostly 20's? Also, do they still have an age limit cap?
  13. Probably would cause last minute housing issues as many of the corps may not be staying in the Allentown area tonight.