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  1. It isn't all the uncommon for there to be former SCV members who age out with BD. I would also guess that BD probably has had the fewest vets of any corps that leave the corps to march elsewhere.
  2. Crown. I was very iffy on the show all season but it has really grown on me. Glad that the A/V folks were able to pull from different performances to make the vocals sound good for the CD. And I can only barely tell when listening through studio headphones, through speakers I would never hear it.
  3. Blue Knights Video deleted

    Hopefully not a late rights revocation that makes them have to pull and reedit the physical media ala Phantom 08.
  4. Is Atlanta in or out?

    BOA just released their 2018 schedule and they will not be returning to MBS. Will instead have their Atlanta show at McEachern. I assume this is due to what it cost to use the stadium in 2017. Obviously DCI has it secured for 2018 but this isn't a good sign for the future.
  5. New Corps in New States

    Believe it or not there are actually some US Navy training, research and command centers in Idaho. Though I doubt that has anything to do with Armada's name.
  6. Pioneer video missing?

    That's a shame for the members. Would hope DCI could maybe replace it with their Allentown performance. It wouldn't be the same quality as a video from Worlds but at least it would be something.
  7. Video edits 2017

    Yikes. With that much cut from the videos I may just buy the CD when they come out and wait till the prices drop next year to pick up the Blu-rays.
  8. Actually I don't care about rock music, but some people do. Playing other people's music tastes off as insignificant isn't going to help support your point. And as MikeN stated, attendance is trending upwards. Many many shows have been setting attendance records nearly every year, including World Championships. Sure, we as humans get comfortable with something we like and don't always adapt well to it changing. But drum corps is an ever-evolving activity and has been for a very very long time. We as fans have to adapt with it or walk away, or just loudly complain and wish for something to happen that definitely won't. I'm sure some people walked away when the pit was grounded or when asymmetrical drill became the norm or, goodness, the switch from G to Bb. But as drum corps is ever-evolving so is the fan base. There are ALWAYS new people coming into the fray that have had their introduction to marching music in the high school band world. These are the people who make up the performing members and a large swath of the paying spectators. So even if a few fans walk away there are way more that are ready to fill those seats.
  9. Technical glitches happen at live shows put on by rock bands with platinum records and in live performances on Broadway. Electronic equipment isn't perfect, that's just how it is. I understand that is an argument for getting rid of electronics or at least really dialing back the usage of them, but that just isn't going to happen no matter how much people complain.
  10. This isn't anything new for Tom Blair and his crew to handle. In 2006 The Woodlands High School from Texas had a singing+wireless mic issue in BOA finals that was very similar to the issue Crown had. TB and co spliced the audio from an earlier round and made it seamless for the finals DVD. Not like this is a problem that has just cropped up in the last couple years.
  11. I'm a computer/ internet savvy millennial but I would prefer to have a Blu-ray disc rather than only digital. I have every DCI finals on DVD/Blu and it would be pretty disappointing to no longer have that option. I guess maybe it's a new version of preferring vinyl over cassette or CD.
  12. I would be very surprised to see anyone make the jump to World this year. Doesn't really seem like the right time for any groups. I do agree that we will hopefully/probably see one or two SoundSport groups jump into Open though.
  13. Count me among this group. I was expecting, or at least hoping, for an MLB trade deadline day style flurry of announcements. But I realistically there are probably plenty of moves that have not yet been worked out.
  14. This could definitely be it. I could be misremembering but in 05 they only had one male who was a featured performer and in 06 it was a small group of 4 or 5 that played the demon characters. It wasn't until 2007 that they went entirely co-ed. This could be either one since they've done both previously. Again, I could be remembering that incorrectly though.
  15. 2018 Prediction Thread

    As sure a thing as there can be.