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  1. What will be the trends for 2018?

    I think we are going to see more of the effects type of electronics being used (electronic modulation of the sound going through the microphone). The Cavaliers, Bluecoats, and especially Blue Knights delved into that this season, so I expect the bar to be raised by a few other corps next season.
  2. TOC/NightBEAT Winston-Salem, NC - July 30

    That may have been the loudest crowd reaction EVER from a NightBeat crowd for Blue Devils
  3. Now THAT is an ending!!!!!!! The dissolving crosses to the end had me on my feet, and I'm just watching the webcast!
  4. DVDs for sale (moved to Ebay)

    Sent you a PM
  5. Pacific Crest 2016 - The Union

    I saw this Corps perform for the first time in Atlanta, and I was very impressed and enjoyed their show. Perhaps someone can shed some light on this, but why is it that they are scoring as low as they are? I didn't see a 4 point spread between them and Mandarins, for instance.
  6. new endings

    From what I understand, Blue Devils are debuting a new ending tonight.
  7. San Antonio Slotting

    Considering performance order didn't play much into the order of placement yesterday is MN, I'll be optimistic and say that the groupings of 3 here will not be the same come Atlanta next week.
  8. Minneapolis Musings

    This is my first broadcast of the season, so I'm pumped. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of groups for the first time this season!
  9. LIVE from Sacramento! The Moonlight Classic!

    That's the BDPD, thank you very much
  10. Feelin' Fresno!

    I'll give it a shot: 1- Blue Devils 70.15 2- SCV- 68.9 3- Blue Knights 65.7 4- Madison Scouts 63.2 5- Academy 59.7 6- Pacific Crest 57.5 7- Mandarins 55.4
  11. Intrigue In Indy

    Actually, no, I did not. However, I was speaking more of a design vs execution standpoint, not so much on a who was cleaner or had the best drill on June 20something standpoint. Not to take anything away from Bluecoats, because I was definitely WOWed by them, but I felt, after 1 viewing mind you, that they may be passed later on the season and not keep their place on top of all the other corps beneath team. That's all! :-)
  12. Cadets 2016

    I actually thought the camera angles from earlier this week made the show easier to understand, thus made it come across better. For example, I felt the broadcast tonight totally missed the entrance of the Adonis character, which appears to be a huge GE moment of the show.
  13. Intrigue In Indy

    Congrats to Bluecoats on winning the first show of the season! That being said, watch out: the corps below you may pass you once they clean up some of their dirt. However, I'd love for you to prove me wrong! It is shaping up to be another competitive season of drum corps!
  14. Marching Music Downloads

    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but on the webcast that just ended, didn't they say that we could download one of the videos for free? If so, I'm not seeing that option.
  15. #### that has some really cool moments. Cannot wait to see these two shows in person in Atlanta!