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    I got cut from the Blue Devils at my first tryout because I'm the worst marcher the world has ever seen.
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  1. hostrauser

    DCP-I Season 28 Discussion

    Internet is fixed at my house again, so I will get Monday and Tuesday's scores up later tonight. Things should be settling down now. Thank you for your patience.
  2. hostrauser

    Season 28 - DCPI Sweepstakes

    Just bragging rights. It was started as a way to measure which corps were the most consistently excellent throughout the entire season, as opposed to just "getting hot" during Finals week.
  3. hostrauser

    DCP-I Season 28 Discussion

    Just a reminder that in about 15 hours my wife I will be moving into our new house, and I will be offline indefinitely. If all goes well, I should be able to get Friday and Saturday scores up on Sunday. But there will be a delay this weekend until we get the router set up at the new place. Thank you for your patience.
  4. Now that we have a few shows under our belts, here's the first Sweepstakes standings of the new season. As a reminder, all shows with SW before them on the schedule are Sweepstakes shows. For all shows on that date, the overall Top 6 (all shows combined) in each class will receive the following points: 1st=10, 2nd=6, 3rd=4, 4th=3, 5th=2, 6th=1. Season 28 Sweepstakes World Class Standings Renegade Brigade (20.0) The Knights (11.0) (one 1st place, tiebreaker) Corps of Unspecified Identity (11.0) Star of Jupiter (10.5) L'Etoile du Nord (10.0) Bellbrook Eagles (7.0) Violet Knights (3.0) Texas United (2.5) That One Corps (2.0) Quiksilver (1.0) Open Class Standings That Other Corps (22.0) Corps of Unspecified Identity 2 (16.0) (one 1st place, tiebreaker) Star of Hawaii (16.0) Les Blanc Chevaliers (12.0) Mercury (9.0) Texas Zephyrs (2.0) Night Shade (1.0) Class A Standings That Other Other Corps (20.0) (two 1st places, tiebreaker) Corps of Unspecified Identity 3 (20.0) Hg (12.0) Cape Cod Regiment (8.0) Cross (7.0) Enchantment (5.0) Dragon Corps (3.0) Chicken Scouts (2.0) L'Etoile du Nord B (1.0) Current Overall Leader: That Other Corps (22.0) (Open Class)
  5. hostrauser

    DCPI Season 28 ONLINE

    Congratulations to our Regional Champions!
  6. hostrauser

    DCPI Season 28 ONLINE

    We are in the home stretch now: moving day is July 14th. It's not just the move: we bought a house, so we're trying to get the windows and doors replaced/scheduled on top of everything else. I apologize for any delays in scoring and the like for the next 10-14 days. Thinks should be back to "normal" by the weekend of the 21st.
  7. They are now in the system. Apologies, this game is still very manual.
  8. hostrauser

    DCPI Season 28 ONLINE

    Deadline for starting is Regionals weekend, which is NEXT week. The game is still open! I will, however, be giving the first point increase and switching off unlimited caption changes in just a little bit.
  9. hostrauser

    DCP-I Season 28 Discussion

    La Playa Stadium at Santa Barbara City College is one of the most under-appreciated stadiums in the country. I mean, here's the view from the stands!!
  10. hostrauser

    Class A - GE Restriction

    Yes, it would be too much work to code this into the system, so we operate on the honor system. Once unlimited changes are turned off I will start contacting those still in violation. 20 points max per GE caption for Class A. 20 + 20 is fine, 25 + 15 is not.
  11. hostrauser

    DCP-I Season 28 Discussion

    As long as there are West Coast shows, my goal is to do it the following morning but sometimes there will be a delay of up to 24 hours. Later in the season I will try to do it same night. Please note: my wife and I recently bought a house and are moving in mid-July, so for the first half of the season my schedule is going to be a little up in the air. Scores are up for last night.
  12. Scores are up for the first day of competition!
  13. hostrauser

    Whitewater, WI - June 23, 2018

    You've been warned...
  14. hostrauser

    2018 Uniforms!

    I actually really like The Cadets new uniforms. And Crossmen hit it out of the park.