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  1. Music Library

    I believe for the most part, the designers keep the shows since they are their shows. Many designers will alter a show to be played by a HS marching band and put it out for sale after the season.
  2. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    Looks like Pat Seidling is leaving as the A corps director also.
  3. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    The first of the staff changes... Jim Wunderlich was feeling content. 5 hrs · A little life update… It’s been a fantastic 12-year blur as the arranger for the Blue Devils FE. I’ve had the privilege to work with members that sacrifice everything, and with an amazingly talented staff (sorry, no shoutouts) that helps shape them year after year…all lifelong friends to me. At home, I am super stoked that Eileen now has a classroom to call her own. After 4 years driving to Anaheim due to lack of teaching jobs in SoCal, and subsequently raising Chloe for 3 years at home…now…here we are! Eileen is the backbone of our family (I am just a worker drone). I love her dearly, and I couldn’t be happier for her now that she gets to do what she set out to do 8+ years ago. Sacrificing all along the way. That being said, it’s time for me to focus more on family life starting the summer of 2018. Writing for the Blue Devils FE has been incredibly rewarding, but it’s time to pass the role on to another lucky human being. Thank you to all the wonderful souls that helped me grow in so many ways. It’s been an honor
  4. They had a floor last year as well. Last year they were in their dress red/whites so they couldn't do as much visually. This year they really took it to a new level for them.
  5. Trade tenors for tenors.

    You want the smaller drum sound and weight, but you want a 6-pack instead of quints and the primary drums are the same size?
  6. Bluecoats pit on using click track

    That is indeed a metronome app. He's checking tempos.
  7. Copyrights And Common Sense

    Why should it be the corps responsibility to secure synch rights? The corps aren't producing the DVD's and videos for sale, DCI is. It's my understanding that DCI has always taken on the responsibility of securing synch rights for corps show.s
  8. Staff changes 2016

    Chuck Naffier announced on Facebook today that he won't be back with Colts next season.
  9. Wanted: Gently Used Drumline Equipment

    Check with Forks Drum Closet, Steve Weiss Music or Chops Percussion. They have access to corps used drums at really good prices.
  10. WGI uniforms for sale

    www.theguardroom.com has a plethora of indoor uniforms for sale, both percussion and guard.
  11. Drum heads

    The drums you bought are not designed for high tension heads. They are free-floating drums, but the material used can't handle the stress. Look at the Remo Powerstroke 77's.
  12. The staff merrigoround

    Mike Jackson has left Bluecoats. He mentions it on his website.
  13. So Mapex uses Randall May now?

    Al hasn't been with Ludwig for quite some time. He's working with System Blue now. I thought the Dynasty carriers were actually made by XL with a Dynasty sticker slapped on them. I could be wrong though.
  14. Drums 2013

    That is correct. Those bass heads were used I doors also. I'm guessing there drums are on the way.