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  1. Here is my most current Top 15: 1) Carolina Crown 2009 - The Grass is Always Greener, 2012 - For the Common Good, 2013 - E=mc2, 2014 - Out of this World, 2015 - Inferno, 2016 - Relentless, 2017 - it is … 2) Carolina Crown 2008 - Finis 3) Santa Clara Vanguard 2009 - Ballet for Martha 4) The Cadets 2000 - We Are The Future 5) Star of Indiana 1993 - The Music of Barber and Bartok 6) Santa Clara Vanguard 1989 - Phantom of the Opera 7) Phantom Regiment 2008 - Spartacus 8) Madison Scouts 1995 - A Drum Corps Fans Dream 9) Santa Clara Vanguard 2016 - Force of Nature 10) Carolina Crown 2011 - Rach Star 11) Santa Clara Vanguard 2012 - Music of the Starry Night, 2013 - Les Misérables 12) Blue Devils 2000 - Methods of Madness, 2003 - The Phenomenom of Cool 13) Madison Scouts 2013 - Corps of Brothers: 75 Years of Survival 14) Santa Clara Vanguard 2015 - The Spark of Imagination 15) Santa Clara Vanguard 2017 - Ouroboros
  2. I just confirmed it after I found the lyrics online. https://www.philorch.org/sites/default/files/concert/pdfs/Bernstein's MASS.pdf Page 42 has that in there twice. How are The Cadets allowed to say that?
  3. Carolina Crown 2017

    Yes ... IT IS ...
  4. 2016 Media Available for Preorder!

    They probably just put that since everything is not finalized yet. They are still working on getting all the rights needed for the CDs.
  5. Favorite "lost" drum corps moments?

    I always loved the original way Crown got from Candide to their opening hit in 2008. They tried out this "false ending" where they ended Candide like normal, four gooks from anchor bass, they started marching off the field like they were leaving, then turned backfield, played the lead up to the hit, six counts of silence for a turn to the front, and then ... BOOM. Opening hit. I thought it was really great, but it didn't really fit. It took away from the momentum ... and doing it the way they eventually did it was MUCH more effective.
  6. Carolina Crown 2017

    I mean, actually, it did end with a crown ... three crowns to be exact. A Triple Crown ... ;) lol Larger Crown formed by the Guard Inside that, a smaller Crown Inside that, an even smaller Crown. It's Crownception! :-p
  7. Staff merri-go-round

    More from Hop's Facebook page (Direct quote with some cleaning up of the formatting):
  8. Carolina Crown 2016

    Yes, please add me on the list as well. No mo fomo.
  9. Carolina Crown 2016

    Or you could be an adult and respect the wishes of others. I was going to use a metaphor to explain why saying what you just said is incorrect, but I was afraid it would violate DCP's rules about controversial topics. Crown 2015 ... Tears the moment I saw it and every time afterwards.
  10. Carolina Crown 2016

    Oh, no ... absolutely not. I was merely stating what I noticed when I saw it live in Atlanta. It looked like there was some shock in his face. He dropped the rifle and backed away with his hands in the air. Trust me ... I am not espousing what channel3 was talking about. So, no worries there. He and I could not agree less about this show.
  11. Carolina Crown 2016

    The story as I have seen most people describe (and my personal interpretation) is this: --father and son part ways --father gets killed in a robbery --son goes off to seek revenge --meets Roxanne --fights with the robber over Roxanne and wins ... robber just walks away and the son leaves the scene with Roxanne --son feels guilty for not taking the chance to take out his vengeance on the robber when they fought over Roxanne and starts replaying the murder over and over in his mind --father "visits" son from beyond to guide him --son resumes seeking vengeance --son confronts the robber ... robber almost kills son ... son escapes to the top of the stagecoach where he evades a bullet, Matrix-style, and then finally exacts his vengeance It also seems like the son regrets stopping to the robbers level ... I see some shock in his actions at the very end.
  12. Battle in Belton, 7/21/16

    And that makes me so sad ... :( I always love BAC. I really don't know what is going on this year. I can't even get into the program yet, myself. Any insight into what's going on here? You always seem to be "in the know" when it comes to Boston.