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  1. ALL Corps should do more of these, and more often, and in the winter camps too. Theres no " licensing issues", no " theme/ music/ show reveals ", etc I mean,.. what the heck is the harm in doing these types of audio/ videos and having it released to the fans in the winters/ spring ? As near as I can tell...... NONE !

    2018 Predictions

    Just once .

    2018 Predictions

    Blue Devils 2018 uniform reveal ?

    2018 Predictions

    Are we fighting over predictions ? If so, one of you guys will have to learn to do it right.

    Cadets 2018

    I fully expect the audiences to treat the 2018 Cadets marchers more than favorably this summer. The marchers have already been put through a lot with staff/ theme/ music/ tour schedule shake ups. None of this were they in the least responsible for either. Kudos to these 2018 Cadets marchers that did not abandon their Corps in a time of most need. They have not played a single note, nor beat a drum, nor tossed a rifle yet in competition... but they might already be close to my favorite Cadets Corps of all time.

    2018 Predictions

    Good diversity of predictions today. One poster has the Bluecoats winning DCI this summer, another apparently having Bluecoats finishing out of the Top 12 this summer ( haha )
  7. DCI began in 1972. The Philadelphia Inquirer started their newspaper in 1829. DCI will dramatically change its ways regarding hiring/ retaining high risk people that schools have deemed unfit to be in schools. Or DCI will fold and cease to exist, imo The outfit I listed above on here that began their operations in 1829 ? They're not going away any time soon.
  8. I get your point... and the Corps/names you are referring to. But to be a little more precise, if its who I believe you are talking about, he was not convicted of Murder. The Homicide charge was later dropped before trial , If I recall ( under unclear, mysterious circumstances in my view... but thats beside the point). He spent some time in prison for involuntary manslaughter with that incident, I believe however, ( bad enough).
  9. Before much of this DCI Corps mess developed, there were lengthy discussions here on DCP suggesting that DCI HQ. essentially had little to no legal authority over the actions of its member Corps. That discussion defending the essential powerlessness of DCI HQ went on for days and days on here too. Some were unconviced of DCI HQ' legal authority. It took DCI HQ stepping in to convince them otherwise. DCI HQ put one of its organization's premier elite Corps on Probation, spelling out specific steps it would needed by that Corps to convince DCI HQ of its responsibleness that would allow that Corps probation in DCI to be lifted. DCI HQ was not the implied powerless entity suggested in some quarters at all. DCI HQ, even told the new YEA Board that DCI HQ was going to have access to that Corps financials too as part of DCI HQ probationary status it imposed upon this Corps.
  10. In retrospect, I do believe you have the timeline correct it would appear. Morrisson essentially was well aware of Moody's repetitive sex texting to H.S. female and the revocation of his teaching license for a 5 year period. Morrison hired Moody during the 5 year teaching license revocation timeframe. For context during this timeline, Moody was deemed a risk to be in any school classroom, and thus was barred from being there. Fred Morrison, the Crossmen Corps Director knew about the sexual misconduct and the disbarring from the schools, but decided to hire Moody anyway and allow him to travel from school to schools on day and night trips for 9 weeks in the summer. No background checks were needed for the disclosure of Moody's disgusting past with the H.S. female student as Morrison admitted he knew of it, and hired the guy anyway. Most importantly, the reporting in the press seems to indicate that when the subject of Moody being there was brought up as being a risk not worth taking ( by more than one there at the Crossmen ) Morrison's reaction reportedly was not to explain it, nor attempt to justify it. The report stated that he would cut off conversation about this curious decision to take on this huge risk. The quote was " he did not want to further talk about it ", He made that clear to staffers, and others. The timeline that set in motion the departure of Moody from the Crossmen was indeed the revelations in the national press about the alleged sexual assaults by George Hopkins at YEA/ Cadets. If we recall, the press report was that Moody was getting ready to go on on summer tour once again with the Crossmen. Had the GH alleged sexual assaults not surfaced, its likely that Moody would still be at the Crossmen tonite. Morrison defended the Moody hire with Moody's retention throughout. Except when the news media began investigating DCI. Then Morrison quickly decided he needed to do a 180,. He decided he needed to be further away from Moody now than all the states public schools decided they needed to be away from Moody. Moody now suddenly became a risk liability to MORRISON.. But Morrison was ok having the young marchers, recent age outs, and young staffers of his Crossmen Corps within elbow's length of Moody on summer tours for several years.. How ironic... and how sad. People on several occasions apparently told Morrison that Moody was a huge risk, and not worth taking. The former Chairmen of the Board of Directors of DCI found out the hard way, how right they were.
  11. BRASSO

    Drum Finishes 2018

    In keeping with the fundraising times, this Corps states that for a $50. donation they'll open this up for a May reveal :
  12. BRASSO

    Cadets 2018

    I say/ think this all the time now, MikeD.
  13. BRASSO

    2018 HYPE

    So are you saying there is Hype for Hpype taking place around Boston in 2018 ? (... haha )