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  1. I see these fortune tellers by the road living in these run down shacks with signs out front, and think " Man, if you could predict the future, what in hades are doing living in there " back to the Cadets.....
  2. I hope I will like the Cadets choir in this show... as it will be a predominent featured section in their Drum Corps this summer... 8 minutes of the show. Thats a lot. But I have heard the Cadets choir, and its exceedingly talented. So I'm looking forward to this years show from the Cadets.
  3. Yup.. as a fan, doing silly pre season DCI placement predictions has never stopped me before, so it won;t now. I know people that are betting in Vegas right now on who is going to win the Super Bowl next season, and they are NOT putting their money down on the N.E. Patriots... now how silly is that Terri ? ( lol!)
  4. Exactly. As a fan, I make pre season placement predictions each preseason , despite not knowing anything about the field show, nor anything about the other Corps either. So what ?
  5. People make placement predictions on DCP starting the day after Finals. So what.
  6. I suppose its much easier to get higher odds of being right As a TV weatherperson in Phoenix. Just say " tomorrow will bring sunshine and seasonal temps ", and you can forget the weather models, charts, graphs, and just go golfing till its time to come back to the studio to report the weather again.
  7. its raining, and in the low 50's here in N.E....but it'll be better as the week goes on, we're being told by the weather bureau. But the're just speculating too.
  8. I think so, friend. You doin' ok, too ?
  9. I don't know... anyone that tells us that they are " certain " about something that pertains to the future, are perhaps too "certain " of their own personal clairvoyance skills. The best anyone can do is speculate, more, no less.
  10. True, LabMaster.. going from 12th and moving into the 7th-9th range for this season ( the average placement prediction range by posters here on DCP from the DCP placement prediction thread ) is not that far off from last year's finish. Such a large jump in placement finish this season ( if this turns out to be the placement ) would then provide the Corps with lots of momentum heading into 2018, and with a transitional year under the belt of this staff working together and with the marchers.
  11. It could be a wicked good summer.
  12. Funny you should mention this, as earlier today, I got to hear ELP's version of Toccata... whoa.. heavy octane fueled jet propulsion in ELP's version. My ears are still ringing from just the engines being revved up on that sucker.. Man, ELP's version is just loud and wild to the Max. I have no idea if Boston will doing the ELP version however. My guess, probably not.
  13. Yeah, it'll be interesting to see how this all evolves as a theme.. Boston will have new uniforms, and brand new Yamaha Brass this season. Completely new look from head to toe for Boston this season, I'm hearing.