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  1. Boston Crusaders 2018

    What a wicked game you play.
  2. Boston Crusaders 2018

    As you can see they ordered Pizza, and they wanted to be sure they'd get their allotted slices, thats why..... ( lol!)
  3. Madison Scouts 2018

    Don't drive thru here though...... apparently, nobody does..
  4. Yes.. I saw that thread, and its a good question. I've said this for a few years now.. I'm really not sure why DCI allows Pioneer to remain in the World Class Division. I have nothing against Pioneer,. As a matter of fact, I like their tenacity, and in some years, their shows too. But I see no practical benefit to subject this Corps marchers most years to non competitiveness in a Division of competition that seems beyond this Corps abilities to be competitive in. Most Corps have years or two where they struggle competitively among their peer Corps. But Pioneer has years of non competitiveness in the World Class Division now. Pioneer's " peer Corps ", lets face it, are not World Class division Corps. Open Class Corps are. Thats the appropriate division for Pioneer to be in, imo. Nobody asked me, but thats where DCI should put Pioneer now... whether they like it or not. And it'd even be better for their marchers, imo if DCI did so.
  5. Then think again. How does one define " success " in Drum Corps ?. It all depends, I suppose. if the definition of " success " is placements and scores at the top of the heap, then we know who the successful Corps are. If the definition of " sucesss " that is utilized is " introducing large numbers of youth over the years to good music, good brass, good percussion, and teaching them discipline, teamwork, perseverence, self confidence, courage, maturity, time management skills, and a whole host of skills that are honed from Drum Corps participation and competition, then the Spartans ( Open Class ) are a huge " success " story, as they have been enriching the lives of youth in this fashion for well over half a century now. As such, they have been highly "successful " in their chosen mission, and at a level they have freely chosen and fits in every way how they intend to operate their Drum Corps. They have successfully shaped the young formative lives of thousands of participants that have come thru their ranks since the end of WW 2. Far more in numbers too of the marchers in Drum Corps that marched in Corps that lasted a few years, then folded. So the Spartans are a huge success story as an organization for example, with my definition which might be a bit broader here than others which limit " success " to the scores and placements that a few judges put down on pieces of paper,. Don't get me wrong. I too judge organizational success in part by scores and placements as well. But the Spartans ( and a few other Open Class corps ) are likewise " successful " operations, as they stay within their budget, within their resources to be allocated and utilized, and have successfully molded in a positive way thousands upon thousands of youth over the last half a century. And marchers are still attracted to their offerings there just as much as they were at the end of ww2. Sounds like a highly " suceessful " track record and longevity for a youth organization by any measure to me.... well, at least with my broader definition for " success " that I personally utilize anyway. And the Spartans have no interest in moving to World Class. And why should they ? Why mess with over a half a century track record of " success " that is working as intended by both them, and the original founders of DCI itself ? There isn't... and thus, no need too, imo.
  6. Madison Scouts 2018

    Perhaps... in the meantime, R & R beckons for many of us DCP'ers .
  7. ' Having an Open Class.. separate from World Class... makes sense as it accommodates perfectly those Corps that stay within their resources, and for those Corps to operate in an environment that is conducive to what they perceive as their primary mission ( distinct as it is from the World Class Division Corps ). Plus, quite a few of the Open Class Division Corps are in far better financial shape and stability than some of the World Class Division Corps are currently. Many of these Open Class corps operate smartly within their means, thus in many cases being able to serve the needs of youth in some cases for far longer than many of the former World Class Division Corps that are now but a distant memory and as a regrettable result no longer serve ANY youth of any levels of ability. So no, lets not tinker with whats not broken. The Open Class Corps have found themselves a Division that for many of them fits their budgets, goals, needs, and mission just fine.
  8. Boston Crusaders 2018

    No.... Roger Goodell ( ok, so its the same thing.. I know )
  9. Madison Scouts 2018

    Its a good time to be on the DCP hwy at the moment too. Traffic is light, no road construction , nor bumper to bumper travel... looks like clear sailing all the way to Summersville ( or at least to Winters Park, Springsfield )
  10. Madison Scouts 2018

    Just guessing here... the 2017 Madison Scouts attire was a one and done, right ? Meant to tie in with their chosen theme of 2017, but in 2018 will go out with something different ? Anybody connected to the Scouts know at the moment ?
  11. Madison Scouts 2018

    Now easy there Big Fella with your references.
  12. Madison Scouts 2018

    To be fair, if DCI does so, they should only consider adding a" DCP View Analysis" Caption only AFTER after they add a "Singing Perf. Analysis" Caption. First things first, in other words.
  13. Madison Scouts 2018

    Haha...if that happened, this DCP site would explode in fluffy pillow fights among the DCP Devotees that would make College Sorority Sisters pillow fights seem like a genteel Victorian Era Afternoon Tea gathering.... lol
  14. Madison Scouts 2018

    Actually, if we count thread views regarding interest, Madison Scouts fare very well among the Top 12. So far : Cadets 2018......................... 63,723 views Phantom Regiment 2018.......14,825 views Boston Crusaders 2018.........11,068 views Madison Scouts 2018.............9,205 views Santa Clara Vanguard 2018....8,725 views Blue Devils 2018......................7,550 views Cavaliers 2018.........................5,078 views Bluecoats 2018.......................3,643 views Blue Knights 2018...................2.192 views Blue Stars 2018........................1,560 views Carolina Crown 2018..................328 views Crossmen 2018...........................313 views
  15. Boston Crusaders 2018

    I can't help it. I see this out and about now, and I think of You Know What :