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    Our Lady of Perpetual Motion Cadets ( Brooklyn,NY '54-59), The Wackers Sr. Corps ( Vito Genovese AL Post 711, Apalachin NY) '60-64, The Star of Providence ( Providence, RI ) '66-78
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    "The Godfather", Blue Devils, 2006
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  1. Yup.. enough. The Corps don't foot the bill for the larger panels, OBG. Show sponsors " have input " on judging panel size. Not " no input ". Enough of this. Lets move on.
  2. No. I do not believe that I am " missing the point ". I never stated above that incomplete panels is not what the Corps want. As a matter of fact, very little happens in DCI unless the Corps agree to it,. I made no opinion on this practice above either.
  3. I don't think this point you have just made ( an accurate assessment, imo ) can be underestimated in its future implications either, MikeRapp.
  4. I responded to your comment above that show sponsors have ( your words ) " no input :" on the size of judging panels at their shows. That comment was inaccurate.. I see no reason for me to repeat that again. For what its worth, the other commentary you have provided on this seems fine to me however.
  5. I had ADD when I typed it.. lol!
  6. Lots of Calif. is just meh, imo.... but Santa Barbara, Calif is really a beautiful, scenic, seaside town, imo
  7. I have to admit it... I had to look up if Evansville, Ind was EST or Central... lol!
  8. Well, if there essentially no difference in a 5 person panel and a full panel in the scores/ spreads/ placements, then its logical to assume that Regionals and Championships would have " 5 person panels " too. Otherwise, why bring in larger panels if there is essentially.. as being alleged here... there is" little to no difference " ? if there is no difference, and the claim is to " save money " then why not go with 5 person panels all year then ? This way, DCI could save even MORE money in the process of the small, incomplete panels that we are being told essentially " makes no difference" anyway in the placements/ scores/spreads.
  9. So much misinformation. This is untrue. Show sponsors do indeed have a say in whether or not they want or receive full panels or partial panels at their shows. West coast show sponsors have requested them in the past.. were willing to foot the bill for it... and got DCI to approve it. So I don't know where you got your misinformation that " the local show sponsors have no input " on whether or not they full or partial panels, but thank you for at least proving me the opportunity to clear up that misinformation if its out there regarding show sponsors having a take it or leave proposition from DCI with " no input" on the matter. They do.
  10. While true, they obviously DO matter to a lot people, otherwise we would not have the lengthy discussions on scores/ spreads/ placements until as you said... " mid July ". But the fact that we DO have such discussions, belies the point you are attempting to make here, imo. People DO care about the scores/ spreads. placements before " Mid July " despite the fact that I would agree with you that they are of dubious value until about that time.
  11. I have no idea where to put the Mandarins in the placement mix yet, as their last score threw me for a loop... I missed their performance on Flo too. Looking forward to catching them the next time.
  12. Your predictions are conniptions. Its still June and you havn't even heard Gabriel blow his heavenly horn yet !
  13. INT was hip for awhile. Now they are just archaic, naughty, imo.... way too middle class, middle of the road for my eclectic tastes now.
  14. Well, hipsters live in big cities supposedly. But DCI demograhic now ( according to their own internal studies ) are predominently white, suburban, small town, or even rural.