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  1. Blue Devils 2018

    The Blue Devils Organization plans things properly and early. Audition camps have been going well. Blue Devils " C " Corps made evaluations for their future Lead Conductor, and via a Video submission by the applicant and the Parents, Blue Devils " C " has chosen Liz Hanzup to be their DM for the 2026 Season. Congratulations Liz Hanzup !
  2. I dislike seeing a tie in a placement competition. But I could get over it pretty quickly if these two wound up in a tie. They're both iconic shows, and so good.
  3. Cadets 2018

    Thats fabulous !.... Your airline staff was working on a neat music video at your airport, so thats why your flight was cancelled. But everybody's enjoy your extra day.... and sing a long to the happy beat ! :
  4. 2017 DCI A/V

    Whatever this is, if utilized, it better work. Or the fans might disappear. For real.
  5. 2017 DCI A/V

    or maybe the props are large, but just hidden from sight ?
  6. 2018 Rules proposals

    6 will never happen.
  7. Several Years back, DCI coordinated with some of its member Corps to put together some Xmas/ Holiday Music for Drum Corps fans. Some of the Corps agreed and took time out from their busy schedules and put out some nice songs for Fans. Considering the very limited time that could be devoted for such an enterprise to ever really clean and perfect the songs, I thought all the Corps really did a very nice job with this. I hope some others here might enjoy it during this festive Holiday season. So enjoy!
  8. 2017 DCI A/V

    I thought I heard they went with a different punch line.... no ?
  9. 2017 DCI A/V

    INT might be the perfect one to utilize this new technologies, imo. Right now in the middle of the shows, as we look out onto the field, we see this already in their shows, no ?. Maybe INT has been doing this with a 150 performers out on the field for a few years already,......... and receiving invisible, secretly protected , judges scores too. Also, we know where INT is ranked and slotted each year in any invisible, secretly protected scores too, right ? So INT just might be the most cutting edge unit in DCI.... who knows. Or else maybe this is all just a mirage with INT too, who knows. INT with a 150 performers on the field at a night show in 2017 ?
  10. Boston Crusaders 2018

    DCI's produced clip from a couple of days ago with snippets of Boston Crusaders show as a promo trailer for the sales of CD/ DVD's. DCI utilized a few seconds of each Corps show to highlight a bit of what would be seen/ heard on the CD/ DVD. In Boston's case they utilized a bit of their 2017 closer... featured here :
  11. Cadets 2018

    '' Trouble in Tahiti " ? ( Leonard Bernstein... 1952 )' ? Actually though.. some music that originated in New York from Paul Simon's early music composition career in the 60's might fit the bill even better, imo. I think I heard that Lenny's music that was previously agreed with plans to continue to do for 2018 has been scrapped.. and that the Cadets are going with something else now for this season. Paul Simon 's song " Sound of Silence " seems to be one of the 2018 musical offerings from reports. The show so far seems intriguing to me..
  12. Boston Crusaders 2018

    This dog seems nice in this pic. Not sure if the owners are naughty or nice however with this.. haha!.... maybe he ate Santa's cookies once too often , MikeD? ( ...haha!)
  13. 2017 DCI A/V

    In a few short years, some Corps will be creative and find a way where their performance will not become invisible by the hand of others.THEY will choose what the eye of the audience will see in their show performance...not Tresona, or similar. For example, I give you this possible look into the future of Drum Corps. Imagine the endless possibilities with it too :
  14. New Corps in New States

    Yes....,. Pringle's potato ships. The sea salt reportedly makes 'em go fast.