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    12th place Corps ?

    Right now, if I had to guess, I'd say Crossmen, Academy, and Spirit of Atlanta would be the 3 Corps competing for that last finals spot in Finals this year.

    Madison Scouts 2018

    The Madison Scouts though are already Coed now arn't they ? Where did the Mgt. say that the use of a female in the brass line was a one and done ? I just assumed that once the Madison Scouts allowed females into their music ranks, that they wern't then going to go back once again to excluding females Its sort of like a pregnancy. You're either pregnant, or not pregnant. You're not " partially pregnant ". The 2018 Madison Scouts are indeed " coed ", no ?
  3. Yes.... a TOC show as recently as last season, if I recall correctly. ' Went on first.... 'Won anyway.

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Chris Holland, Boston Corps Director, just put out a call ( 5pm EST ) to any Texas Alums or friends of Boston that live in Texas to contact Boston if they have sewing skills and would like to volunteer a bit with some sewing. Boston has sewers currently sewing what will be an addition to their show, but could use a few more with skills, time, and live in Texas/ Oklahoma area to help out with this. So I thought I'd pass that info along here too, in case people could help out , or know of people that might be available in the region, and with such requisite sewing skills.
  5. The shreiking sounds we hear at WGI competitions for Guard tosses and catches, and now seemingly like everything else, seen bleeding into DCI with audiences nowadays, is similar in some respects to a sport DCI is increasingly compared to in many respects..... figure skating. In figure skating, audiences have been known to shreik with delight when a figure skater cataputs into the air, and lands on their skates on the ice without slippage. Virtually every jump that is satisfactorily completed by the figure skater in competition we hear the audience shreik out with delight. Its what we hear with the rifle tosses and catches now with WGI/DCI audiences now too. It does get to be a bit much, but on the other hand, to hear audiences engaged in shows, seems to me far better than hearing little from audiences during the performance and then just golf claps at the end for Corps in performance.
  6. Its visual. Researchers tell us the Young, more than ever, respond better and more spontaneously to the visual as opposed to the verbal. Advertisers thus limit their spoken word in TV advertisements, and relie heavily on the visual stimulai approach. SCV has a great brass line, guard, percussion line, and some of the best brass soloists in their show that I've heard in DCI in years. Watch what gets the most " wow moments" reaction from the young at DCI shows however. Its none of these things. Its a visual moment in their show, where no brass plays at all, nor guard work takes place. Its a non musical dance moment that drives the young audiences wild. Watch for it in upcoming shows from SCV. to see what I am referring too with this Its near the end of their show this season. Judges increasingly seem to be responding favorably to these non music " wow " moments too on the sheets... and it is kind of cool too imo, , even if in the performers University Music studies it is considered to have no real value there.
  7. Crossmen are likely to retain Finalist status this season, imo. But anyone that believes its not remotely possible some Corps could catch and oust them, probably is not following the GE overall models at the moment, imo. There is certainly some optimism there in that all important caption to believe that the Crossmen at the moment are by no means home free to retaining Finalist status come Indy, imo
  8. No problem. If we're on here long enough, we'll all make mistakes like this at one time or another. I've made more than my share over the years on here from time to time too, thats for sure. I even utilized the scores you posted.. haha ( Crown's Semi's Scores/ Finals scores were actually about as identical as could be... 96.5875 to 96.5750... despite the solos snafu's on Finals Night.)
  9. Excuse me ? I posted that Crown's score went up from Semi Finals to Finals last season in my post above. 97.575 tops 96.5875. In caption breakdowns, Crown's Music Analysis went up from 19.60 to 19.80 from Semi's to Finals, and their overall GE lost 2 tenths... thats it.. from Semi's to Finals. So when I posted above that the Crown's botched solos in both segments of their show had no effect on their scores on Finals Night, its hard to try and quibble with that observation it would seem to me. For context, my reply here was to a posters question to us if we thought Crown's musical tear we all heard last nite had an effect on their scores. I responded " probably not " and utilized this example as to why I think it probably did not effect their score last night all that much. Brass/ Music/ Percussion playing ( and marching ) do not carry the weight on the judging sheets like they once used too, imo. Thats my assessment anyway. GE drives the scores, and thats mostly visually driven now, imo. For example, If a visually created prop tumbles and falls over, ( wind created or a malfunction ) or something similar to this happens, that'll most likely effect the scores today now more negatively than a musical brass line tear heard, or any botched solos heard in any Corps show.
  10. Judges tonite would tend to agree. They are potentially medals worthy in Brass, Percussion. Guard. They march well and they play well, and they utilize Guard equipment well. They are scoring within medals range for certain in performer execution But these performer execution captions are not rewarded as they used to be on the sheets. Thats not a complaint. Thats just an observation of the change in whats rewarded. GE is what carries the scores/ placements. And with the disparate shows, and completely dissimilar instrumentations being utilized between all these competing groups, the sights and sounds coming from the field ( with singers/ electronic layerings ) are all equally great but completely diverse and unlike one another in virtually every respect, imo. So its not a matter as to which show design is " better ". Thats now indeterminable in my humble opinion. Its now a function as to what do the GE judges " like " and " prefer " more now. Not what is " better ". Thats pretty much impossible to tell us now, imo. Judges could reasonably do this in earlier decades when all the instruments of competition were the same to determine what was performed" better " and whose Marching was " better ". Those " better " executed music and marching things then showed up on " better " GE scores. Does this happen now ? No. Of course not. A corps can be subpar in execution in ( for example ) Percussion playing, but still score high in GE, and even win or place high despite subpar performer execution. So its all changed. Show Designers are tasked with figuring out what is being rwarded on score sheets and create show designs that reward such.. and spend more time and focus there, and not so much on performer execution and cleaning anymore .NONE of these top Corps march particularly well, imo with proper marching skills anymore, imo. All the top Corps have dirty feet, bad lines and spacings, etc and so forth imo .Thats not so much a criticism as much as it is an observation that these things tend not to be rewarded when done well anymore like they used to be anyway. So Boston needs to figure out WHAT most is being rewarded now in GE and respond appropriately to that moving forward. I believe they will. They did not move up from 13th/ 14th at this time just 2 seasons ago by not figuring those placements and scores out. They'll figure out these current GE scores and respond in corrective fashion too, imo.
  11. The biggest cheer in Denver... by far... most wow moment... was not a brass line play, guard toss and catch, percussion feature, brass solos or trios... it wasn;t music at all that generated the most wow moment of the night with the Denver audience. It was SCV's dance sequence, where they put their music instruments down on the ground in front of them, and do a clever hip hop dance in unison. We can watch for this in the future. It generated the largest audible response of the night's competition. Its near the end of SCV's show. It even tops the GE moments generated by the fabulous singer soloist the Bluecoats have this summer... All are packing a wallop on the GE sheets these days too. Corps are reevaluating what moves the scores and placements, and some Corps are more tuned in to this than others at the moment. We see this even in the lower tiers. Where some Corps arn't all that great in Brass playing or Percussion playing or marching techniques compared to their peers in their immediate grouping. Instead they have packaged terrific GE moments that do not include brass/ percussion playing nor marching, but instead great STAGING and Prop moments, and Guard creativity moments and visually oriented moments and/ or greatly talented singer(s) moments. They are moving ahead on the all important GE captions as a result.
  12. If you are going to have a captron that lags however, make it a performer execution caption, ie Brass, Percussion, Guard. Would the Bluecoats prefer to be 6-8th in Percussion ( performer performance caption ) or in GE captions ( adult design ) ? Well, despite subpar perecussion scores tonite ( 6th in Percussion ), the Bluecoats were a mere 2 tenths from actually winning the show. What place would they be in if they were top 2-3 in performer execution captions, but 6th in GE ? So i think by answering this, it tells us all what drives the scores and placements the most... and its certainly not Percussion ( nor Brass )... haha
  13. My guess..probably less than Crown's singer missing all her solos at Finals last season due to a Finals Night malfunction. Crown's scores if we recall went UP from the Semi's last season on Finals Night, despite the botched solos ( engineering malfunction ). So if solos in the show are botched, I don't see why a small tear in the brass line playing would be handled much differently in GE and in brass scores.. But of course... nobody really knows..
  14. Get Tony DiCarlo to sign off on it, and you might be onto something there, Bsader.. ( ...haha )