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  1. I saw a a bit more volatility in the sub captions than you saw, thats why I asked which shows you were referring to. I did not look at a lot of shows however... maybe 6-7... you very well might have seen what you saw in the shows I had not looked at. Thats what I think occurred here. It is fascinating what you saw though, no doubt about it.
  2. Bruckner8 ( The theorist ) however does not attempt to explain in dogmatic terms WHY DCI Competitive Inertia works ( he speculates on the why, but thats it ),.. only that it does work. To that extent then, his theory seems iron clad and unassailable as the placement results, over a sufficient historical timeframe, do stand up exceedingly well to scientific scrutiny, imo.... so far anyway.
  3. Yes, the Boston Crusaders won 29 Competitions in 1967 ( 29-2).. thats a pretty productive season by any measure. This takes nothing away in the least either from the 2017 edition of the Boston Crusaders, as this was undeniably their best Corps ever in the DCI years, if not ever.
  4. If my math is correct, Cadets have 47 total age outs ( courtesy George Dixon )
  5. Oh stop. Like everything, there are always outlier anomalies. Besides, I said " most " above. When the poster above asked us for examples of sports teams that can repeat as champions despite losing 40% (60) of their players, he was not asking us for the example of your local town's " Church Sports League " or your local town's "YMCA" pick up teams either re. their Champions repeat chances.. So No, I am not " incorrect" that most all national/ international organized sports leagues( LL, Babe Ruth, Bantam Jr. Hockey, Pop Warner, Legion Baseball, NCAA College teams, Soccer Leagues,, et al ) have pretty stringent transfer policies in place,... your local neighborhood's " Church league" and your local " Y's " youth pick up games wide open transfer policies notwithstanding.
  6. AL/ VFW/ World Open/ CYO Nationals were considered by many to be the the defacto National Championships competitions in the pre DCI years. Depending on the venues, it was not uncommon in some years ( from post War 2 to the DCI formation in 1972 ) for not every top Corps to attend these defacto National Championships however. Boston did not go to some of these de facto National Championships, for example, on the West Coast. (and West Coast Corps did not always make in East some years when one or more of these National Championships were held back east either ) Nevertheless, Boston won the World Open Championships in '66, 67, CYO Nationals 64,66,67, Al Legion Championships in '67 ( although in dispute, as Cavaliers can claim the '67 Al Nationals Championships, as unexplainably inspection scores were made an unprecedented set aside for Finals.. Boston won the prelims. )
  7. .. Sure.. why not... fire it up....because you can never get enough of a good thing
  8. Theres still time.
  9. " Cleveland ?.. Oh I've been there. I spent a week there one day ".... Casey Stengel, NY Yankees.
  10. Stay tuned on Boston's winter camps.. as my understanding there may be a further 2018 adjustment to accommodate WGI Percussion and WGI Guard schedules regarding Boston's Jan- April camp schedules... perhaps the March camp. We'll learn more as the Corps decides to officially announce it. Boston does have its winter camp audition schedules posted on its website already.. If You and Hubby are in Florida, and you decide to go visit Boston's camp in Feb, then, maybe I'll catch you to say Hi.
  11. The accolades in that article for the Boston Crusaders was laudable, so why nit pic. But the article said " capping off their best season in their 77 year history". Boston had their highest score in DCI history, and without any doubt their best Corps in DCI years, and even in the pre DCI years as well, imo. But for the record, the Boston Crusaders have National Championship winning Titles in " their 77 year History " as well as a few Medalist winning seasons at the National Championships ( when there were far more Corps than today ). The article probably should have simply stated " DCI years" as its " best season ever " timeline, instead of stating "best season " in their 77 years , But... its a minor point, not to quibble, on an otherwise fantastic write up regarding Boston's fabulous season this year.
  12. Now,.. you are going WAY out on a limb with this prediction, I hope you know.
  13. So much misinformation is posted on DCP daily, that I can't be expected to correct the record on here ALL the time... ( lol!) Boston has practice/ audition " camps " in Vermont, Massachusetts, Florida, Texas. ( locations can sometimes vary a bit from year to year ) Boston's most extensive pre seaaon " rehearsal" practice camps however, and by far, are in New England..., and have been for decades. This past season, Boston's largest bulk, of its pre season practice rehearsals took place in the Boston region. ( approx 90% of it ). These move in camps for the Boston Crusaders took place this pre season, 3-4 hours drive north of Boston,... in Castleton, Vermont. Thanks for allowing me to correct any misinformation you might have had on this.
  14. Kids in Little League, Babe Ruth League, Youth Hockey, Pop Warner, Youth Soccer leagues etc and all these Youth sports leagues don't get to choose their teams and Coaches. All Star teams are Select teams. Way different. Don't kid yourself, that people don't know the difference here ( or at least those on here that have Coached in such leagues, or have had kids go thru them). DCI is unique in that there is no transfer policy amongst competing teams. Every national/international Sports Leagues in the world have transfer policies in place among its competing teams in its leagues . Some have sit out a year policies. Some disallow transfers at all. Some disallow transfers within seasons.Those teams caught violating the transfer policies can be sanctioned and removed from play.. players, coaches disqualified, financial penalties imposed, coaches disbarred. Parents often pay for their child to participate in youth sports leagues. But the notion that because there is a Pay for Play they then get to automatically be guaranteed the right to pick the team and the Coach for their child to play in, is an unthinkable, inconceivable concept to most all these leagues, and so it is disallowed. I'm not suggesting that DCI needs to do what just about every other Youth sports league in the world does regarding a transfer policy, I'm only suggesting that the idea that Blue Devils are not going to dominate a " league " for the next 40 years as they have for the last 40 years is a bit delusional, imo. Of course they will. I also responded ( as a chronology ) to the poster above that asked us what sports teams have had a team win almost half the titles the last 40 years, despite player turnover. I responded by stating that the comparison between DCI and these leagues can not be made AT ALL,. There are reasons none of these leagues anywhere in the world has had 1 team win 40% of the titles the last 40 years. I explained why,, and explained why BD can be expected to win 40% or more of the future DCI Titles ( and medal in most of the rest ) within its World Class Division in DCI over the next 40 years as well.