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  1. Madison Scouts 2018

    In the 50's, 60's ( before DCI ) the acknowledged Drum Corps National Championships were the VFW and American Legion National Championships. Corps, both Junior and Senior, would compete in these National Championships where and when these Veteran Groups decided to hold their National Convention. So if it was Miami.. in October... well then, thats where and when the Corps would go. But of course, not all the top Corps in any given year could go. When the Championships were, in a few years, on the West Coast, most of the East ( and midwest ) Corps opted not to go as it was too expensive for them to make the trip out there for just Prelims, Finals. Same with many of the west coast Corps too when the Nationals that season would be held back east.
  2. Is Atlanta in or out?

    The rumor that an 80 member brass line equipped with the " G" Bugles were secretly assembled and then utilized to assist in the demolition implosion this morning is NOT accurate, I've been told.
  3. I always thought this was a pretty cool ( and fun ) visual move by the Cavaliers in their 2006 show at the time...... and still do.
  4. Cadets 2018

    Any videos from it yet, X ?.... Or maybe tomorrow ?
  5. As the territories in recruitment expand to the outer reaches, its only a matter of time before Corps hold auditions on some of the other Planets. And when it happens, it just HAS to be the Cavaliers that'll most likely be the 1st. Afterall, what DCI Corps is currently more familiar and comfortable with The Planets than the Cavaliers ?
  6. Boston Crusaders 2018

    The Boston Crusaders Sr. Corps, along with several other Corps, performed yesterday in Plymouth, Ma. for that town's annual Thanksgiving Parade, and then, as their custom, along with other Corps did a standstill exhibitiion that evening in one of the town's halls. The Boston Crusaders Sr. Corps is still going strong since its formation in 1990.
  7. Carolina Crown 2018

    Crown had terrific performer talent in their Corps last season. They've had excellent performer talent since they won a few years back.'.. heck, even before then, their brass line was excellent. ' Looking forward to this season's show from Carolina Crown. I usually love their shows most years!
  8. Carolina Crown 2018

    Nope. No place to put George that'd be satisfactory to both Corps.
  9. Video edits 2017

    Sounds like in the end the Blue Devils made them an offer they couldn't refuse.
  10. Its like the movie " Ground Hog Day" with it today.
  11. Video edits 2017

    Were you looking for the term " original Compositions"( developed and written by the Brass arranger of the Cavaliers exclusively for the Cavaliers ) ?, or did you really mean here what you typed, ie.... the Cavs played " unrecognizable music " these years ?. The reason I asked Ghost, is that " unrecognizable music " can mean didn't things to different people, and usually is dependent on their familiarity or lack thereof with the composer and/ or their works, or the genre of the music itself. " Original Music " written exclusively for a group, by contrast, is " unrecognizable music " to all but the composer themselves until put into practice or performance. Its no biggee, but wanted to clarify what you probably really meant to say. I believe the Cavaliers were utilizing some " original Compositions " on occasion in this time frame, if I recall correctly.
  12. The times we live in. The only saving grace are the pirated editions/ youtube versions and the like. But those home made reproductions are generally substandard quality compared to the commercially produced editions... so ya, this sux.
  13. Video edits 2017

    ooooh... good question... maybe some of these 2017 show deletions then might be retained on the CD's.. One can hope at the moment anyway.
  14. Full disclosure too: I have to look up the years/ shows on this topic with most of the Corps. I recall a lot of the shows from all these Corps... but the years they did them ? I have to look it up to get most of these years correct... lol
  15. Don't think it was Boston's show designers " goal " in pre season when they designed that year's show, but the simple answer to your question is ... " yes",...... it was selected by the Disney Corporation ( in attendance on Finals Night for several years back then ) as their most enjoyable show for them on that particular Finals Night among the 12. I believe it was this year's show you're referencing anyway, cowtown . . Boston did win it one of those years that Disney was doing this. I do know that anyway.
  16. Cadets 2018

    sure do... it was like night and day.
  17. Favorites from the Boston Crusaders: 2017...... " Wicked Games " 2000...... " Red " 2013...... " Rise " 2009...... " Core of Temptation " 2002........ " You Are My Star " Honorable Mention..... 2008" Neocosmos " ; 2003 " Bravo " 2010" Thy Kingdom Come "; ... 2004"Composition of Color" 2001" Harmonium ". Ok, but just not my cup of java: .... 2014." Animal Farm " ( did appreciate the edginess and the boldness with the show theme however )..... 2016" Quixotic ".
  18. 2018 Show Announcent/Rumors?

    Wheres Officer Krupke when really needed ? Dunkin Donuts ?
  19. 2018 Show Announcent/Rumors?

    Thanks for that update on the change in plans.
  20. 2018 Show Announcent/Rumors?

    Whats the west side story behind this ?