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    Boston Crusaders 2018

    This practice clip came out a few days ago on BAC's battery during Finals week. ' Thought I'd post it. BAC's Percussion section finished up the season strong.
  2. Don't feel bad. Ted Kaczynski ( The Unabomber ) graduated Harvard. I kinda wish now he studied the Woodwinds at Julliard instead.

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    Terri here started young, ( we have pics ) and is well trained in preparing superlative pasta egg noodles
  4. 27, as it turns out, is not remotely close.. Its 46. ( source.. Phantom Regiment's report of numbers they sent to FloMarching. )
  5. DCP'ers did a very good reporting job on the whole it looks like. Most were within 2-3 in age out numbers for the TOP 12 Corps of what FloMarching are reporting from the info the Corps themselves forwarded to Flo. The only minor standout of more than 2-3, was BD that had 4 more ( 55 ) than the 51 reported here on DCP. But even thats pretty close. There really was only one reporting numbers for one Corps... Phantom Regiment... that was way off. Flo has Phantom Regiment with 46 age outs, far more than the 27 reported earlier here. But.. that was the only outlier, most all others were pretty close to what Flo received from the Corps themselves.
  6. Ironically, for years and years, we heard so many complaints about Corps doing more visuals over the music being played. That the music was being written as an afterthought, an adjunct, to the drill writing. They wanted more of their " park and bark" music moments to return. Well, now Corps are in fact doing more stationary playing, more of the old styled " park and bark ", but now increasingly on vertical, heightened props. I heard more brass solos from the medalist Corps here in 2018 being played than in any recent memory. I'm hearing increasing melodies & harmony than before... and if you like trumpet " screamers ", when was the last time we heard a Corps ( BD ) feature " screamers " in their shows like the last 2 seasons ? The high velocity drills are still evident, but nowhere near the levels we used to see from the medalist Corps. The Music seemingly IS returning, and being rewarded on the sheets moreso the last couple of years. For just one example of what I'm referring to, none of the medalists shows this season looked, nor sounded anything remotely like the Cadets DCI winning 2011 show " Angels & Demons ", imo. There were few props in that show, few " park & bark ":, few brass soloists, few trumpet " screamers ". It was a winning show built primarily on outstanding Visuals and Guard, with full field coverages.. and high velocity drill pattern creations mostly throughout their winning show. Not a lot of " melody " in the music.. certainly not compared anyway to the melody heard in the music of the medalists of earlier this month, imo. So those that like " screamers ", and " park and bark ", and more " melody/ harmony " in the music, and " lots of brass and/ or percussionist soloists " in their shows, but they believe they are not getting these things lately, then they must be watching/ listening to different medalist shows the last 2 seasons than I and some others are.

    Boston Crusaders Pre-DCI

    CYO Nationals Champions... '64, '67, '68 World Open Champions.... '66, '67 Shriners International Open Champions....'67 North American Invitational Champions....'67 American Legion Nationals..... '66...2nd VFW Nationals..... '66 ... 3rd VFW Nationals......'69... 4th VFW Nationals...... '70 ...2nd The Dream... Runners up' '67, 68 American Legion Nationals.... '67, won the Prelims, would have won the Championships, but judges decided to waive the inspection scores, thereby Cavaliers won. Boston were runners up.. 2nd. The Boston Crusaders won 29 competitions in 1967.

    2019 Corp Audition Dates

    The Couchmen have not decided on audition site locations yet, but want their fans to know they have come together already in committee and agreed the first camp audition date will be Nov. 31st. Stay tuned for further updates from them.

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    ... then followed up with " King Midas In Reverse" ( The Holliies.. '67 )
  10. OP works in the business world, 'never marched, 'never taught any levels of music anywhere, plays the drums on the side in his spare time. Why are we giving this OP armchair QB so much attention for a diatribe on SCV being" an epic music fail" ? He's entitled to his opinion, of course. But his elitist, condenscending smugness in his writing style and approach to us, especially given his total lack of DCI / DCA/ marching, teaching, or judging experience of any kind, is rather laughable, imo.
  11. BRASSO

    The Cadets 2019

    In the early years of my marching, the percentages smoking in my Junior Corps was maybe 65%- 75% if I recall. Myself included in the regular tobacco smokers. Later, after I came out of the Service, marched Senior Corps., Alumni Corps, the percentage of tobacco smokers in line had dropped through the floor ( I had quit by then too )... This was well after the US Surgeon General's report came out. What are the percentages of regular tobacco users marching in DCI Corps today ?..., Cadets included. I'm guessing less than 10% ?
  12. BRASSO

    The Cadets 2019

    In the early 60's, when medical science was finding increasing evidence of the health hazards of cigarette smoking, few envisioned the day would come where smoking would be banned in public venues. If you said it would happen, they'd be the look of increduality with that. But science did not slow down. In time, smoking percentages in the Country dropped precipitously, and banning in public venues did become the reality. These things don't happen overnight however. DCI outdoor shows seem safe for the foreseeable future, imo. Long term ? if the Science research continues on its current track, the notion that football participation rates won't also fall precipitously, seems a bit naive, imo. We are already seeing participation rates falling in Pop Warner football, and in some school districts ( one poster cites an example above ). I see no evidence that participation rates won't accelerate in losses over the coming years. And without football being played on football fields, its hard to imagine Marching Bands that do halftime shows at football games on football fields not being effected as well. And DCI Drum Corps is currently tied at the hip to the outdoor Scholastic Marching Band Community. What effects them, naturally can be expected to effect DCI Drum Corps as well. But who knows when we'll see such effects....'won't effect DCI the next few years anyway. It's probably at least a decade out at least, imo. But... its something to watch and be cognizant of, imo Now... back to the 2019 Cadets........
  13. if someone paid him $3.50 for the post here, they only got 2 cents worth then, imo... if that.
  14. BRASSO

    The Cadets 2019

    WGI growth will be where the future growth of units, will continue to be, imo. If football loses its lustre with suburban Moms due to medical science showing the long term cognitive impairments that football participation apparently causes, then outdoor football field styled MB/ Drum corps shows will likely ebb, then disappear, giving way perhaps to WGI styled indoor staged competitions. It'll not happen overnight, but certainly seems plausable given what medical science is increasingly finding of late regarding the long term health damage that football participation causes. Ironically, in the deep south, in the early 1900's, schools/ colleges banned football on dozens of campuses there. Reason ? Deemed too dangerous. A health hazard. Maybe we'll come full circle in time across the country, who knows.
  15. BRASSO

    2019 Predictions!

    it really depends upon what part of Florida one is referring to. " Many " in the Panhandle, absolutely consider themselves in " the South " and as " Southerners ". Just 35% of the current residents of Florida were born in the state, most were born outside of the state. A large segment of the non native born Floridians that live in the large swarth of Florida, from Tallahassee over to Penscacola and westward, migrated to there from southern states. They consider themselves in " the South " there and as " Southerners " as much as Alabamans do, their states neighbors. Once one goes South of Tampa on the West Coast, Gulf Coast the region is inhabited by Germany born, New Englanders, Midwestern born for the most part. On the Atlantic side, from Cape Canaveral to Fort Lauderdale, its inhabited by Europeans, NY/ NJ former residents in many cases. They do not consider themselves " southerners ", and are not. Miami is a different, diverse City unto itself. It is neither " Southern " nor " Northern ". Time Magazine in 2001 referred to the hugely Cosmopolitan City of Miami as " The Capital of Latin America ". Many of its Miami residents here in 2018 would probably agree.
  16. BRASSO

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    True.. on your 1st paragraph. I agree, Liahona.. it was a huge staff overhaul. 2nd paragraph.. 'agree as well... staffers in certain captions too have moved from one Corps to another , and because of familiarity and instruction, some marchers have followed that instructor to his/ her new Corps ( like BAC in Guard lately ). Happens a lot over the decades too. Paul Rennick, Percussion instructor, also comes to mind. Rennick went from Phantom Regiment to SCV... Several x Percussionists from Phantom, still age eligible, followed him to SCV to then march there.
  17. BRASSO

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    DCI itself took a risk on George Oliviero in the early formation of DCI itself in the 70's. Oliviero wasn't much past age 30, if at all, when DCI gave him the reigns to pretty much single handedly write the GE Captions that were then voted on, and passed by the Corps, for its implementation in DCI judging. George Oliviero was judging on Finals Night at around 30 years of age too. There are other examples of the young being given heady responsibilities in DCI. Just not so much lately, thats all.
  18. BRASSO

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Boston lost staffers/ marchers to other Corps for decades. Nary a peep out of Boston with it. Its just the way the game is played, and has been since the beginning. Boston has learned to play the game better of late that all. Good for them to see this reversal of their predicament of late, imo.
  19. BRASSO

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Good question/ point, Liahona
  20. BRASSO

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    True. And to be clear, no one has said otherwise on here either. Boston improved its staff quality ( and marcher talent ) by going outside its current ranks at the end of the 2016 season. I would imagine that Corps that intend to move up in 2019 from 2018 will likely do the same this off season too, Slingerland... including with their marcher talent too. They'll bolster staff and marcher talent by going " outside " their ranks, and not do so internally for the most part either. Look at all the staff resignations on the current" merri-go round" thread. Where do we suppose the staff replacements will come from with all these Corps ? " In house ", or ": hiring established staff from other Corps " ? You tell me. Nothing new here. It happens EVERY year, where staff/ marchers change Corps within DCI. Staff by the multiple dozens. Marchers by the hundreds. I'm not trying to go hard with you on this, Slingerland.. just to point out that Corps going outside for staff replacements and marchers is certainly nothing new here, nor unique to Boston. The only thing unique to this might be the quality of the staff Boston recently brought in, but certainly not the fact they did so. Changing Corps is actually the norm for 90% of these DCI Corps in every off season, Slingerland. Some have more staff replacements from outside than others, but most all have them to one degree or the other from year to year.
  21. BRASSO

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Incidentally, the notion that inexperienced, young people can't write great shows. great music that'll place well/ be entertaining is something we really don't know... one way or the other, imo. Most Corps mgt do tend to become risk avoidance with the risks they are willing to take on with new, young, unproven show designers, music arrangers, visual designers, program coordinators. I suppose thats understandable when we are now talking million dollar revenue budgets on the line with these show creations. On the other hand, if a Corps is not in the Top 12-14 or so, why not take a chance ? There are examples of young, unproven, people doing amazing placement successful shows in the past in DCI. So its not like we don't have examples of where its been done successfully in the past.
  22. BRASSO

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Except that the reply above was the comparison between what Star of Indiana did and what Boston Crusaders have recently done. As if they were simiilar, but they are far from similar in most respects. Context is everything, Slingerland. Star of Indiana started out with the 2nd richest person in Indiana in 1984. ( Bill Cook.. multimilliionaire ) who had a Son that marched Star, and who looked at what it would take to quickly move a Star of Indiana up the ranks quickly in DCI. Star was funded with principally his money, and the Corps never started in Open Class. They started in World Class, and shot up the ranks quickly and almost immediately with their well funded Corps right from the outset. Cook brought in top national staff from other Corps almost from the beginnings of their Corps there in the mid 80's. Boston Crusaders however, had no principal revenue source. They had been up and down for years since the 1940's, even into their bankruptcy years.. almost folded on a number of occasions. A few years back, 2010, the Mgt changed hands, and they put in a 10 year plan to raise more money, seek out multiple and diverse revenue streams, and restructure their organization from top to bottom. It took a fews years of even moving down in placement, in order to position themselves to raise the money they would need to be more competitive long term. There was no sugar daddy here that fronted most of the the money to improve things from top to bottom, and right from the getgo.. When staff at other Corps wanted more artistic freedom, more money, and/ or just a change of scenery or fresher challenges in 2016, Boston financially now was able to take advantage of staff looking to make a change. Nothing new under the sun with this, as dozens and dozens of staffers and marchers change Corps each and EVERY season in DCI and have done so for decades in DCI. Corps at the top do not develop marcher talent " in house " either, lets be " intellectually honest " with that as well. Most top 12 Corps with feeder Corps don't get even a quarter of their marcher talent from their " in house " feeder Corps. Where do they get the bulk of marcher talent ? Not " in house " . its mostly from other DCI/ DCA Corps. The Star of Indiana AND the Boston Crusaders should be applauded for the manner in which they were able to attract staffers and marchers to their Corps. But they are not similar much at all in how it was done. Star of Indiana had a phenomenal run of 9 years ( from 1984-1993), and were exceptionally well funded throughout. It took Boston over 75 years to be organizationally strong and creative enough and to develop diverse and multiple revenue streams for themselves in order to finally take advantage of the staff/ marcher opportunities that presented themselves to the Corps in 2016.. Just sayin'.
  23. BRASSO

    Your 2018 Top 6

    DCP was consistent with FloMarching's polling in this regard too. Music City got high marks for their show this season from their polling of fans there too. Many of the young enjoyed their show as one of their favorites as a demographic too.
  24. BRASSO

    2019 Predictions!

    I don't care what anybody says, this is NOT true..
  25. FloMarching produced an article right after Labor Day last Sept., ( Sept. 9th )whereby Corps reported to them, their age out numbers for that summer season. Here on DCP, we had to alter a little bit the numbers that DCP'ers were providing on here from the end of August to when Flo came out with theirs. The numbers that DCP'ers were providing, in most cases, were not that far off from what Flo was reporting. But they wern't the same, and in a couple of Corps cases, what Flo had, and what DCP'ers posted were more than 3-4 off. I hope FloMarching does a similar report on each Corps age outnumbers right after Labor Day this season. We could use them, and likewise make adjustments accordingly.. In the meantime, keep the numbers flowing on what we are hearing thru the grapevine, as its a fun thread, imo.