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  1. It looks like they have things well in hand longer a one man show... DCX committee Frank Dorritie is a performer, producer, arranger, educator and author. Nine of his recordings received Grammy nominations and two of these won Grammy Awards in Jazz and Latin categories. Frank instructed or arranged for the Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, Cavaliers, Bluecoats, Bridgemen, Madison Scouts and the Garfield Cadets, as well as a host of marching bands, jazz bands and brass ensembles. He has worked as a performer, clinician and adjudicator. Professor Dorritie is the Chair of Recording Arts at Los Medanos College where he conducts and coordinates instructional programs in music business, audio production, studio techniques and commercial music. He is an eight-time DCA Individual & Ensemble national champion and a member of the DCI Hall of Fame, World Drum Corps Hall of Fame and the Buglers Hall of Fame.Bill Ives marched with the Archer Epler Musketeers Senior Corps of Upper Darby, PA since 1980. He started in the color guard - rifle/ flag 80/84 DCA competition. Bass Drum since 1985 as a parade corps. Over the years he met many Archie Alumni from the 30's to the 60's. His fascination with Archie history grew to the point that alumni would come to the post to be interviewed about years in the corps and share memorabilia. Over the years every instructor, director, song and contest was recorded. Initially collection started with 8 uniforms and dozen scrapbooks. Over the last 27 years the collection had grown to (as of July 2017) 210 uniforms, 85 corps jackets, 800 records and a whole more. Current total is over 16,000 and growing. Preserving drum corps history is his passion.Bob Jacobs is an avid collector of drum corps memorabilia with a particular interest in pins and buttons. His interest in preserving the history of the drum and bugle corps art form led to his engagement with the Drum Corps Collectors & Historical Society as a co-founder. Bob has served as the executive director of The Jersey Surf since the corps inception in 1990 and is the Senior Director of Marketing for Drum Corps International. Gail Langan is a former IT Project Manager for IBM who managed their Olympic Games marketing website program, Gail's drum corps experience is both deep and diverse. As a student of the legendary Joe Genero, she played lead soprano for 6 years in the N.D.-Ettes, during which time they won the US Open, the Greater New York Circuit, and the World Open (twice) All Girl titles. Later she served as assistant brass instructor. Gail performed on both soprano and mellophone with the popular Park City Pride Alumni Corps from 2004 through 2015, thereafter joining St. Rita’s Brassmen Alumni. She also appeared with the all-female “Touch of Brass” ensemble at DCA. In addition, Gail has been a Drum Corps World staff photographer, a charter member of DCX, and a video producer responsible for dozens of projects for the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame, the Bugler's Hall of Fame, and the Drum Corps Stories series of interviews. Her photo editing work is included in the book "A Billion to One" recently published by the Museum of American Finance.Chris Maher marched with the Horizons from Westchester NY in the early 70s. Chris is an accomplished marching arts photographer, previous drum corps parent, longtime volunteer and supporter of the drum corps activity, and the founder of the website. Along with help from his insurance software company Modotech, Chris built the DCX website. Outside the drum corps activity, Chris is an actuary, software developer and small business owner. Steve Vickers started in drum corps with the Jets in Hutchinson, KS, following seventh grade. He was director of that group in 1966, then marched with the Sky Ryders from 1967 to 1970 when he aged out. After graduating from the University of Kansas with a degree in journalism, he worked for an advertising agency, the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce and Sears as advertising manager of the store. In 1973 he was hired as editor of Drum Corps World, based in Denver, CO, and a year later he purchased the publication, making a full-time living between 1974 and 2002. The tabloid newspaper eventually turned into an on-line magazine in May 2011 and is currently his full-time "hobby." He lives in Madison, WI, has served on the Madison Scouts Board for the past 31 years and is chairman of the corps' show in Whitewater, WI. He self-published three books on the history of drum and bugle corps in 2002, 2003 and 2010 and two books for Drum Corps International in 2007 and 2010. His outside interests include Broadway and movie musicals, the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and travel. DCX Support Staff DCX is grateful to the volunteers who keep the information on DCX up to date. Ron Allard marched with the Utica Executives Senior Corps, the Utica Royaleers Junior Corps and St. Joseph's of Batavia. Prior to his retirement he had several careers including as a Computer Operator for Met Life, a Project Manager for a Las Vegas gaming company and as a Field Service Technician for a Business Equipment company based in Alabama. He currently resides in South Florida.Jim Burnell got hooked on drum corps for life when his band director at Fairmont Senior High School in Fairmont WV showed him a hi-cam video of the 1984 Garfield Cadets. At West Virginia University, Jim marched for the WVU Marching Band for five years before moving to the Washington, DC area, where he currently resides. Since college, Jim has marched with DC's Different Drummers, Baltimore's Marching Ravens, and the Yankee Rebels, the Reading Buccaneers, the Syracuse Brigadiers, and Frontier drum and bugle corps before "retiring" in 2008. He remains an avid fan and hasn't missed a DCA championship since 2001 or DCI since 2011. In the real world, Jim is software developer with a focus on database development, and has been helping maintain the CorpsReps score database since 2014.Chris Green marched with Carolina Crown in the early 90s. Since then he has gone on to be a founder, designer, instructor and Corps Director for several DCI , DCA , and SoundSport organizations across the country. Chris is a former High School Band Director who now resides in Saint Petersburg, FL where he represents Fruhauf Uniforms, Director’s Assistant and MarchingUSA.Dan Unger marched with the Connecticut Hurricanes in 2015 and 2016. Playing in all of his middle and high school music ensembles, Dan has always had a large passion for music. In addition to high school, Dan has also played with the Quinnipiac University Chamber Orchestra and Pep Band. Dan is a very avid fan of all drum corps, going to shows since 2014 and enjoyed every performance he has seen. Dan is very excited to work on the DCX website, as he has a great passion for the history of Drum corps. He hopes to become a music composer for television shows. Others involved in on-going discussions DCX would like to recognize the following individuals for their interest and support of the DCX project over the years. Dan Acheson Tom Blair Dave Borck Jim Claytor Rick Connor Blake Crenshaw Ron Da Silva Dennis DeLucia George Fennell Scott Gordon Larry Hershman John Keays Ken Mason Mario Navetta Jodeen Popp Steve Rondinaro Dave Scott Brian Tolzmann Bob Zinko
  2. I'm going to say four main reasons... 1. Responsive tech 2. Mobile friendly tech 3. Database driven tech 4. No antiquated flash tech
  3. It is my understanding that the inventory online is also in congruence with what is actually available. In any event, you can email OR Contact us by email: Contact us by phone: (617) 268-4600 Company Fax: (617) 687-2551 Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Eastern
  4. I can't give enough praise for this years battery who were a bit underrated's a finals week lot video from Innovative percussion...what a great percussion book... ...and one more I good! and why's a 3rd...BASSES!!!!
  5. It is hilarious...Crown medaled for crying out loud and people are predicting doom and gloom...wake up folks...Crown staff is not going anywhere else anytime it or not...and the corps is not going anywhere but up either...
  6. There was no seem about was FACT.
  7. Hold over talent from a prior season means nothing if they haven't been trained properly...just sayin'
  8. So that means they can announce...double negative and
  9. The guard staff at BAC sure know how to dress the part...fantastic finish!
  10. No matter what the rumors are this year on staff changes that take place here and there...I honestly think it will be tough to top the huge staff changes that took place for Boston last year...that news will probably come along once or maybe twice in a lifetime... Anyway let 'em fly!
  11. 2018 Audition Locations for Brass & Percussion (Round 1): Click here to register for BOA - Indianapolis Click here to register for Boston, MA Click here to register for Miami, FL Click here to register for Dallas, TX Click here to register for Houston, TX Click here to register for Tampa, FL Click here to register for Video Audition
  12. True Blue Crusaders...
  13. From twitter-land... Now on the field at @DCI Finals: @bostoncrusaders. Their fire effect is one of the year's most memorable visuals. #dci2017 Jon Slay me @bostoncrusaders guard. Kristi Bergne Look at @bostoncrusaders comin thru with the choreo Heather Howland Best vocal of DCI this year goes to @bostoncrusaders. Gorgeous and haunting. #dci2017 #dcifinals Elizabeth House sorry but I love @bostoncrusaders #dci2017 DAV @bostoncrusaders Is she a good witch or a bad witch? Naughty Zoot! Great horn sound ! Thanks for a great show #guilty #dci2017 #helpher P. What an absolutely incredible show @bostoncrusaders I'm loving the theme Matthew Hogan Forever in love with @bostoncrusaders mello section Iceman_SCV @bostoncrusaders "And Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii, wanna fall in love" She is performing her butt off! Great work! luise lopez‏ ok but did the @bostoncrusaders' soloist have the elder wand or was that just me? Epic Chicken‏ @bostoncrusaders so underrated this year. Bravo and thank you!! Dan Hob #dci2017 that was a great show. Kudos to you @bostoncrusaders!!! Dani Armstrong‏ @bostoncrusaders has me shook Andres Martinez WOOOOOO! What an awesome performance!!! @bostoncrusaders kenna nicole @bostoncrusaders show was lit. Hunter Saunders That moment when @bostoncrusaders is like "Yo, we can play with the big boys too". Abby Mulle @dci2017: @bostoncrusaders POSSIBLY JUST SUMMONED A DEMON ON THE FIELD. Charlotte Thank you @bostoncrusaders I cried from start to finish. Elchkanzler Jäger THAT CLOSER @bostoncrusaders Superior Trumpet @bostoncrusaders have been at every show I've gone to this summer. This was the best show I've seen from them! Aubrey GraHAM‏ A near flawless run by @bostoncrusaders! They were… on fire DCI Mafia @bostoncrusaders killed it! great job #dci2017 #dcifinals Chuck Dow #### @bostoncrusaders you guys killed it #dci17 John Slick @bostoncrusaders has taken a massive leap in every way this seasons. And that vocalist who's also spinning the whole show is impossible! David Carlson Jr Replying to @bostoncrusaders Amazing show again tonight. Every time I see it gives me goosebumps. Nicole Slick‏ @bostoncrusaders yassss Cait @bostoncrusaders YOU HAVE MY HEART Jim McFall @bostoncrusaders Burning down Lucas Oil Stadium again tonight. #WickedGames #Guilty #dcifinals #dci2017 Momma DCI .@bostoncrusaders — So good they made us cheer on a fiery, violent death (& more!) all season long. Joshua Michael God, I love @bostoncrusaders vocalist. The rest of the corps too, but man I can't wait to have that on the CD's! #dci #dci2017 Puritan Thoughts As a puritan, I truly approved of @bostoncrusaders show. I lived for the burning at the steak at the end of "Wicked Games." JayDub Incredible performance by @bostoncrusaders - I'm a fan, totally, 100%, wow... just WOW! #DCI2017 Tired ##### #dci2017 GOT ME SHOOK @bostoncrusaders were amazing!! Bethany Terral @bostoncrusaders were.... lit ( skip ) hi i love @bostoncrusaders with all my heart :')))) Carrie Cruise That @bostoncrusaders show just. It just. I need a moment. Angela Sau I love your show concept,@bostoncrusaders. SO WICKED. Incredibly realized. And your vocalist! Won me over. #GUILTY #dci2017 #dcifinals Renee Robbins‏ Replying to @CouchmenDBC @bostoncrusaders By far, she is the best!!!! @bostoncrusaders Ryan Dougherty I've seen @bostoncrusaders 3 times this week, from as low as on the field to as high as the media booth. Blown away every time. Incredible. samela anderson When the @bostoncrusaders opened the door to release the fire the audience was SNATCHED #DCI2017 Rob (Crash_86 @bostoncrusaders should've come out for retreat with like 43 guard ... and an urn. Christian Galbraith‏ Also, @bostoncrusaders win the all time Visual award for that fire! Tucker Prestridge‏ Congrats to @bostoncrusaders on going from 12th to 6th this year! See you at 3rd next year ;) #dci2017 ben_miller6301 @bostoncrusaders WHAT A YEAR! Loved to see you guys up in the top 6 this year! Allison This season has been one for the books! @bostoncrusaders has a new place in my (heart) #dci2017 OuroborosBennieMac‏ @bostoncrusaders with the biggest jump from one year to the next since the invention of the 7 valved bugle. Jk, that show was awesome Mr. Invisible I WILL march for the @bostoncrusaders at some point lexie @bostoncrusaders had my favorite show this year like that's a show I would have so much fun with Christina‏ I just love @bostoncrusaders and I'm so proud of their show and how they scored and how hard they worked this year. Just wow my heart's full Tash.0 Your show was by far the best drum corps show I have seen! @bostoncrusaders Brandon Replying to @bostoncrusaders Although you guys didn't place 1st, your show itself was number one in my book. Congratulations. Amazing job, everyone. Em My goal for this weekend is to not cry while watching drum corps. It's gonna be a challenge. #dci #DCIFinalsWeek Em Update. I failed, @bostoncrusaders got me again