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  1. Cadets 2018

    It is a real shame that I had that same NEGATIVE view of DCA when I was younger after aging out of DCI...I viewed DCA as a step-backward and that it was just for OLD people who were trying to HOLD-ON to their youth...I truly missed the mark and in retrospect realize how WRONG I was about DCA...The sad part is I only marched in a 14th and 16th place DCI corps at the time, but still perceived all groups in DCA as inferior...There even was some active recruiting (from folks that knew me) at the time from the Connecticut Hurricanes, but I declined their offer due to my unfounded perception as to what I thought DCA was all about...Honestly, I really didn't have any basis for my negative opinions towards DCA...I just didn't see DCA as being the COOL place to go...Perhaps if I started in DCA and moved to perception at the time would have been quite different...I feel quite different today about DCA, but that took me a few decades to develop...
  2. 2018 Rules proposals

    I decided to read the details of the ordinal proposal... I DO NOT like this at all...I am STRONGLY OPPOSED to this idea...just mark these sheets TOP SECRET...yeah right I believe that one!...haha
  3. 2018 Rules proposals

    Proposal: No scores – ordinals only Summary: Instead of scores, this proposal calls for corps to simply be ranked by ordinals (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.). The order of finish will be determined based on ordinals, with General Effect judges as the exception. The effect judges will still assign scores, however, those scores will only be used for tie-breaking situations. On the record: “This eliminates the ability, more or less, for someone to spread big or someone to make no decisions. All decisions are equal. Now, if someone wants to put someone in fifth in brass … OK … that is a substantial decision and that decision will weigh into the total.” This proposal makes the least sense to me and honestly leaves me scratching my head. Can someone please explain the logic here as to WHY ordinals would be a favorable way to RANK corps with the absence of scores?
  4. 2018 Rules proposals

    As a fan I'd like to see full panels from the very beginning of the season. BUT are full panels really needed beyond indicating to us fans any possible section weaknesses? I would think that early on show construction elements would be more important.
  5. 2018 Rules proposals

    Proposal: Add a “Brass 2” judge at large shows Summary: The brass caption is currently judged by a single on-field judge at DCI Tour events. This proposal calls for an additional brass judge to evaluate corps from an “upstairs” press box position at large regional events and the DCI World Championships. OPPOSED COMMENTARY: We already have enough judges sitting on their can in the box Seriously though, this would just be an overlap of other categories IMO. If you want more brass judging then ADD a 2nd judge to the field.
  6. 2018 Rules proposals

    Proposal: Brass amplification limitations Summary: Currently with no limits, corps are free to mic brass musicians as they wish, either individually or as a whole. This proposal calls for a limit on the number of brass musicians who can be amplified at any one time to be set at six. IN FAVOR Alternative: I would be more in favor of 10% rule (with rounding) instead of 6 50 brass = 5 ampd 60 brass = 6 ampd 70 brass = 7 ampd 76 brass = 8 ampd 80 brass = 8 ampd
  7. 2018 Rules proposals

    Proposal: Annual Rules Congress Summary: Changed to a biennial process in recent years, this proposal calls for instructors and judges to come together on a yearly basis to discuss rules changes as part of Drum Corps International’s annual winter business meetings. The proposal specifies that even-numbered years would be open to rules change proposals from the corps, while in odd-numbered years the Rules and System Task Force will be able to submit rules changes to allow for adjustments, amendments and clarifications. IN FAVOR As long as....the odd-numbered years would allow adjustments to ONLY those NEW rule changes made in the previous even year...not to adjust proposals from 2 years prior.
  8. 2018 Rules proposals

    Proposal: No scoring before July 1 PROS: Gives corps more freedom to experiment creatively without the fear of being “slotted” based upon the early scores. Corps can take more chances in "fixing" their program without the fear of loosing to other competitors. CONS: Just gives corps another reason to not have complete shows for early events. Making these events non-competitive MAY hurt ticket sales for early competitions whose price elasticity is already relatively elastic. Leaks were also rampant during the 2016 season when complete scores were not available and thus demonstrating that the public was opposed to this “lack of transparency” with scores. IN FAVOR or OPPOSED: OPPOSED ALTERNATIVE: Recorded commentary and critiques are made readily available to the public in lieu of scores up to July 1st.
  9. 2018 Rules proposals

    Proposal: Extend World Championship Finals to 15 corps PROS: Gives 3 more performance opportunities to another 450 students. CONS: Breaks with tradition of the current 12 place finalist positions that have existed since 1972. It dilutes the status of being a corps finalist for all the corps. IN FAVOR or OPPOSED: OPPOSED MY ALTERNATE IDEA: ANY corps that scores an 86 or above at SEMI-finals automatically earns a spot in finals. This would not make it pre-determined as to how many corps actually make it in. I think on average a 12th place finalist has averaged around an 84 ( my best guess). An 86 puts the corps in the middle of the upper tier of BOX 4 (70 - 75, 75 - 83, 83 - 89). Alternatively, I would even be in favor of making the 86 the cut-off point and exclude any corps that didn't reach that threshold and is EXCLUDED from finals. For example 2017 would have still had 12 finalists while 2016 would only have 11.
  10. 2018 Rules proposals

    Proposal: Increase maximum membership to 154 PROS: Gives 4 more performance opportunities to individuals for every corps. If there are 23 WC corps that equates to 92 more opportunities. There also is enough room on the tour buses for this 4-member addition. This 4-member addition seems to allow for greater flexibility between sections. GH will LOVE to add more choir members as :) CONS: Does this proposal address the lost bus space for alternates? or is that a non-issue? This proposal also assumes that ALL WC corps will always be at full strength. Any flaws in this reasoning? IN FAVOR or OPPOSED: IN FAVOR
  11. Star '91 Question

    I found a story about this online...although it doesn't answer your question..I suppose some newer folks have not heard the story...apparently they had another "new" ending that GZ wrote that he hated...they were in Massachusetts according to the DM account for this new ending cross to cross...
  12. An ill-conceived FloSports venture ...

    While I'm not jumping up and down in excitement from FLO...I actually thought the service (with it's flaws) was actually not that bad at all...I only subscribed for a short-period toward the end of season (paid one month fees only) and 1/2 of those shows I was in live attendance, so I didn't get any value from that. That said, I thought the level of service was as good as other DCI stream offering of the past sans the dvr option...
  13. I would have supported your show if I lived in the area. I'm very sorry to hear. Perhaps you may have a better option in the future? or does one year out of tour kill a venue? I'm very disappointed that BAC doesn't host their Connecticut Drums show anymore. It was last hosted I believe when Tom Spataro was director of the corps. The corps lost big time due to weather one year when the show was cancelled and that was the last time here in Connecticut. The venue changed a few times from Bridgeport high school to ECSU. I'm still left with pretty decent options, but must travel NJ, PA, or MA.
  14. Boston Crusaders 2018

    This is more understandable than the whole other Looks like BAC will be in more TOC shows this year than past... Possible shows for me to attend LIVE just from this list alone...June 30th...July 1st...July 2nd...July 3rd...July 5th...August 1st...August 2nd....August 4th(confirmed)... Three definite: Aug 1st & Aug 3( not listed here) & Aug 4th