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  1. It's the latest fashion trend...haven't you heard?
  2. agree..perhaps a little too salty
  3. grow a pair dude
  4. Sorry but it is the worst sounding PR in the 25+ years I've listened to them seriously saddens me...
  5. A few quick observations... Absolutely LOVE Bk's brass it better than Crown PR I am shocked at your brass...whoever is training you should be ashamed...or visual is just way to dang hard and overwritten..perhaps things get better by seasons end...right now ...BARF SCV...Love the horns!...just clean it up that technical difficulty and I see a possible medal for you... BD...Love your screamers :) ...probably one my most favorite brass books in a REAL long time...
  6. Flomarching did not get the memo... "Live streaming begins Jun 25 7:30pm Eastern Daylight Time"
  7. Some action photos from last night's competition of Boston...compliments of @jwillis35
  8. I would not want to be the guy that had to constantly re-paint those rigs when the paint peeled from wear and tear and heat exposure...
  9. can't please everyone...would be a dull world...haha
  10. Thanks for the review...enjoy reading them from season to season...usually some insightful points..don't always necessarily agree with the commentary at all times...not really going to debate about your opinion when I was not at the venue...that would be silly of me...none of us are immune to our personal bias...not implying anything here either...
  11. Thank you...My lesson learned is I'm very bad at making predictions and should quit this contest/game before my results turn even worse...Week #0 will probably be it for me...but thanks for all the effort...I enjoyed it.
  12. That is true...I'm older and don't find it it's how you read it I guess...
  13. They are upset over past BD drum major twitter comment: "Old people taking time out of their boring lives to criticize young adults doing band much better than they used to do band is pure hilarity"