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  1. Hopefully Flo are working the issues out with DCI before SA. No pic's issue. Just sound what ever the problem is equipment placement etc. I have Verizone fiber and high end equipment.
  2. I have one FB i get every thing that is posted L. All the pics you posted i get on one FB page. I can not tell if someone can not see it. Can not do anything about what people can or can not see. There are three section of video.
  3. Not true. Nothing more to say.
  4. Yes great place. Home away from home for BAC.
  5. Good luck to all tonight. Go BAC.
  6. Thanks L for posting the pictures up on here. Really nice quality pic's.
  7. MW just brought in a ICE machine so that the BAC kids have plenty of ice (up on FB). Class act.
  8. The sound issues have been there all along. Maybe they will come up with a fix.
  9. Thanks L for Posting BAC Arkansas tech University clinic. Looks like the kids were having a great time. Great turn out. Looks like things are coming together as planned.
  10. I here it's been average of 100 out there.
  11. Yes. There are a few old Ice cream stands around my area they make home made ice cream which is very good. If you want a big cup ice cream Kimbles over near the old Fort Devens. Go on a Friday night they have all the old cars there from 50;/60's/70's etc. Good food as well.
  12. The one that I like was Friendly's. From Springfield Ma I think.
  13. What do you think about having the TOC before SA/TX show.