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  1. mountaineers97

    Wausau, WI - July 5, 2018

    Correct. There are no penalties yet. What i don't understand is that all the shows still list a judge for this area. I suppose they are responsible for collecting scores, calculating totals etc.. To me, if you are not doing full panels then that judge should also help with judging a caption they are qualified in. Maybe someone with judging experience on here could let us know if its possible to do both.
  2. mountaineers97

    2017 World Championships Finals - Aug 12

    That was the cleanest run all year. Before that I didn't think they were going to get it done. Going to be close because you know BD will bring it too.
  3. mountaineers97

    2017 World Championships Finals - Aug 12

    Reminds me of the ending of last year's show that took forever to get it in.
  4. mountaineers97

    2017 World Championships Finals - Aug 12

    Way too much GOOO in the opening hit for my taste. This brass line is great. No need to cover it up.
  5. I was saying that exact same thing.
  6. mountaineers97

    2017 World Championships Prelims - Aug 10

    To me that will be the moment of the day and maybe year for me.
  7. mountaineers97

    2017 World Championships Prelims - Aug 10

    But there are none of the required props to be in world class. All kidding aside. This is what I think of when I think DCI.
  8. mountaineers97

    DCI Scoring methodology

    I feel that content scores early in the season should run from 70 to 80 for most corps since that is roughly the amount of content present in the show at that point. Achievement scores should be 10 to 15 points below this level at the start of the season. At the opening shows there is no way achievement is within several points of content that early. During the season as a corps improves the content should increase as new things are added but achievement should increase at a faster rate as the corps clean their show.
  9. mountaineers97


    Unfortunately that has become the norm. Not just here but the Internet in general. Not to get political but even major news organizations (both liberal and conservative ) pretty much are retracting stories daily. I remember when almost all retractions were due to misprint or getting a minor fact like a person's middle initial wrong was all you ever saw. Now whole stories end up being false or mostly false. The lines between opinion and fact have been mostly erased in today's social media environment.
  10. mountaineers97

    TOC - Broken Arrow, OK - July 18

    First Flo broadcast tonight. Not a good first impression. I left a baseball game ro watch tonights show. I guess I might head back to the game.
  11. mountaineers97

    Oregon Crusaders 2017

    So much for public domain.
  12. mountaineers97

    Petition for Michael Gaines to return to dci

    I totally agree. The first time I saw their show I loved the drill. You needed high cam to appreciate it because the story required many close-ups during most of the more intricate drill which was unfortunately missed on multicam.
  13. See my thead about those of us working today. Wish they had open finals ( or at least prelims) on dci live so I could watch these corps at least once this year.
  14. mountaineers97

    Dear DCI Live

    Don't see how this should be an issue. They do multiple feeds before from different shows even. Just keep the feed going and show dark screen until the theater broadcast is over that way we could watch the lower corps perform once this year. No extra work involved. Plus the event is technically still going on so that helps with the live performance agreement argument.