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  1. BD 86.6 SCV 86.3 BC 86.0 Crown 85.1 Cavies 84.4 Cadets 83.2 BK 81.2 PR 80.8
  2. Great review. I think with you sitting a little lower, you got the full effect of the electronics. Most of those shows are built for the dome and bigger stadiums, so the balance reads a lot better up top. I was up off the 45 near the top and balancewise had way less issues with electronics, especially Cadets and SCV. SCV is a COMPLETELY different show when you get a higher vantage point. You can really hear acoustic and small group much better. I think this amplification can definitely take away from audience enjoyment in different areas, but the corps really are setting levels for the judges up top, not bottom level of fans. Sad, but true.. You reviews are hilarious btw!
  3. Well said. THIS is where discussions should be going. Saying the corps are doing well solely due to electronics and are being "morally deceitful" is just plain silly.. Let's not slight the kids live efforts, which are incredible across the board in 2017. Let's educate ourselves and others to make this an enjoyable activity for everyone.
  4. I greatly respect your opinion, but where you think deceptive, I think innovative. Having an extra brass ensemble weaving musically with a brassline proper while NOT having to stand on a prop in front the whole show IS the point. Anyone can do that, but move them across a field in any form or drillset and still have them interact as a totally different ensemble, now that's a new approach for our activity. It's light years harder to achieve and coordinate, hence frustration when some say it's cheating. I see both sides of the discussion having been a judge and educator in this activity for many years. Ultimately, getting balances right so it's not an amplified contest between corps is important and the responsibility of designers and staff to not overuse or abuse this technique. Totally agree with you on this.
  5. Fair enough. I think when you see the small group spread 70 yards apart, you'll realize why their use and need for amplification is different than just volume and boosting the brass sound. BTW: The original quote I used from cappy said morally wrong, that's why I mentioned that . I'm not a huge fan either of this use in drum corps today, but I think some are really trying to use it in a fresh and unique way, not just turning the volume up. Everyone has work to do to make this a valuable addition, not a detriment. It's still a process.
  6. How is this criticizing? One is an assumption while my observation is based on intimate knowledge of the product. It's good to have facts before you make a statement like "morally wrong" or "deceptive". You don't agree? Those are pretty strong words for a drum corps. You realize kids read this stuff so maybe we should think about them sometimes before we make assumptive statements without facts. Also, please don't mistake passion for criticism.
  7. I think you are misinformed about SCV. their whole concept is using a 12 person virtuoso ensemble as an additional group that adds another level of sophistication. If you think they carry the sole level of technique in the show, your obviously not paying attention at all. Do you also realize this small group does not even play the entire 2nd or most of 3rd production of show? In fact, SCV is playing most of the show with 64 brass, several times with 52 brass as some push props if key moments. I think to make a blanket statement when you don't really know the facts is dangerous to the kids. I don't think any of us love amplification, but given modern staging and drill demands, it's necessary at times. If you don't think they are playing real meat, go watch a brass rehearsal and come back with actual information. I think you'd change your tune pretty fast. There is a reason they are in the mix for best brassline, field judges can barely hear small group down there. Plenty of good stuff in their show if you choose to open your ears. Same for bluecoats, Phantom and Blue Devils. BD, however, does mike the whole hornline which is why it always sounds so clear and right in rhthe mix. BD is very talented, but have always used microphones very well too. Smart design and taking advantage of current rules. Like it or not, that's the game.
  8. So too does SCV. When was the last time they went on in final 2 in SA? 2004?
  9. I think we can all agree that the only way to beat BD is to outperform them. The design nod is not going to help anyone much if they don't perforn at the same level. Crown is at that level, but I don't think design is quite as strong yet as the other 3. I think Bloo has a chance, but my gut says SCV is strong enough in design and can potentially match BD in performance by the end of the season. Beating them head to head several times in numerous captions tells me they have a real chance. Regardless, Its a great top 4, maybe the best of all time.
  10. Pulling for a Cali sweep this season! Congrats tonight to BD and SCV. Several former Devs teaching at Vanguard, glad to see both corps having great anniversary years!
  11. That's a goofy statement with a month left. SCV was taking captions early season with a filthy show. I think they have a great chance with that design to catch BD at some point.
  12. Make sure you add in the 84.2 SCV just got..
  13. SCV 84.2 Wow, staying in the mix. Haven't heard others yet. Friend texted this one in.
  14. Agreed. I don't see BD coming close to reproducing their 2014 score. This show is not at that same level, neither in design nor performance. 2014 was an undeniable corps, whereas I think this season has 2-3 worthy challengers below them who could possibly catch them in the coming weeks. The winning show will likely not break 99 this season. 2014 BD will remain a high mark for many years to come..
  15. Simply that you can tell the corps is fairly talented, but that the staff is getting more out of their members right now in terms of the finished product than Cadets. "Paying for talent" means the staff they brought in and spent a lot of money to hire. Sorry if I wasn't very clear. That was a big story in the offseason.