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  1. Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    Good news is only about 20 of those are brass age outs. Potential for 50+ return rate in horns is a great sign for 2018.
  2. THAT was a finals night to remember! Interesting side note: A number of that Phantom staff (brass caption head, percussion, music arrangers/designers, etc.) are now with SCV. Can they repeat history this season? Might be an interesting final two weeks.. Good luck to everyone tonight!!
  3. Yeah, I don't know. It's hot in the mix at times, but there must be a number of things going on to be 4th in analysis. Who gets cleaner faster, SCV Brass or BD Analysis? I'm sure SCV is so motivated right now and hungry. It's been 18 years and they have a real shot. Both corps having a huge anniversary, how cool is this? Exciting season for West Coast!
  4. They've actually been in 3rd for the last few shows against SCV and Crown. The bass synth is half of the problem, it's deafeningly loud.
  5. Agreed. If SCV brass tightens in just a bit more and BD gets 3rd or 4th in ensemble, we could have a 2008 all over again.
  6. Hard to call 3rd in Brass with an 18.1 a weak point, but every tenth matters at this point. SCV Brass is great and has improved leaps and bounds this year. That's a freaking hard show!! Good for them. What a last two weeks we have in store!
  7. Basically. USM is an awesome drum corps stadium, show has been going here for many years. Nice concrete, big front side, closed in partially, great sound for drum corps. Probably best stadium on the "swamp tour" although U of L new stadium is nice as well!
  8. Little Rock, AR - July 26. 2017

    Probably a little less than it was during BAC show...
  9. Pioneers need our help

    Considering we have had 1000's of buses, 100's of thousands of kids and volunteers, over 40 years, traveling all night long, its amazing we haven't had more accidents. It's a real testament to the corps that only a handful have ever had major accidents. We lost Jim Ott this way back in 1980, but thankfully very few others since then. Still feel terrible for Phantom and their driver this year..
  10. SCV 2017 - 50 Years of Class

    If they get BD and Crown CLEAN, it's a strong argument for Gold..
  11. Blue Devils 2017 60th Anniversary!

    I think most comments are coming from the fact they don't move a lot in the final 3 minutes of the show. Trombones on the props, jazz section park and blow, high brass licks parked, etc. When they move, its pretty impressive and field coverage is high, but other than Bumblebee licks, they just don't play their meat on the move. I guess you could say they're probably just smarter than everyone else. Its a bit easier to clean when you are in smart positions staging wise and form wise. Other corps complaining are just working too hard, not writing to the sheets. Same old-same old, BD outsmarts everyone..
  12. TOC - Broken Arrow, OK - July 18

    BD 86.6 SCV 86.3 BC 86.0 Crown 85.1 Cavies 84.4 Cadets 83.2 BK 81.2 PR 80.8
  13. Great review. I think with you sitting a little lower, you got the full effect of the electronics. Most of those shows are built for the dome and bigger stadiums, so the balance reads a lot better up top. I was up off the 45 near the top and balancewise had way less issues with electronics, especially Cadets and SCV. SCV is a COMPLETELY different show when you get a higher vantage point. You can really hear acoustic and small group much better. I think this amplification can definitely take away from audience enjoyment in different areas, but the corps really are setting levels for the judges up top, not bottom level of fans. Sad, but true.. You reviews are hilarious btw!
  14. Amping the brass line

    Well said. THIS is where discussions should be going. Saying the corps are doing well solely due to electronics and are being "morally deceitful" is just plain silly.. Let's not slight the kids live efforts, which are incredible across the board in 2017. Let's educate ourselves and others to make this an enjoyable activity for everyone.
  15. Amping the brass line

    I greatly respect your opinion, but where you think deceptive, I think innovative. Having an extra brass ensemble weaving musically with a brassline proper while NOT having to stand on a prop in front the whole show IS the point. Anyone can do that, but move them across a field in any form or drillset and still have them interact as a totally different ensemble, now that's a new approach for our activity. It's light years harder to achieve and coordinate, hence frustration when some say it's cheating. I see both sides of the discussion having been a judge and educator in this activity for many years. Ultimately, getting balances right so it's not an amplified contest between corps is important and the responsibility of designers and staff to not overuse or abuse this technique. Totally agree with you on this.