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  1. fireshane1

    Cadets Announce 2018 Program

    I wonder if they can be given a new role in the production. Perhaps if they played a brass instrument (or could be taught...very quickly)? Four singers= one additional brass player in each section. -Yes, I totally realize that is a horribly impractical idea...
  2. fireshane1

    Cadets Announce 2018 Program

  3. fireshane1

    Cadets 2018

    Agreed.....I’ll never stop loving drum corps, but the spandex trend is not a favorite of mine at all..... ....#### it, I just became an old geezer...
  4. How about we call it the Harvey Weinstein of drum corps. A powerful person in the industry taken down by years of his own indiscretions.
  5. fireshane1

    The future of the Cadets

    Poor Magic of Orlando, 1997. They starved...we ended up feeding them after shows more than once...
  6. So, I wonder if April Gilligan is coming back? Or if any of the great instructors of the past will come back now that the former director (his name isn’t worth even saying) is gone.....
  7. Chilling....when you read about the traits listed and then look back on the years of his behavior. ####.....#### him for what he did to all the people he hurt.
  8. This is my concern as well. He “resigned,” but is really just going to run YEA/Cadets from behind the scenes. As long as the puppet BOD is in place, there WILL be contact with Hopkins and there’s more than a good chance he’ll be briefed on the day to day operations of “his” Cadets. **For the record, they are not, nor were they ever, his Cadets.....ever.**
  9. As long as the BOD is still in place, Hopkins could very well still be running things from behind the scenes, even though he has “resigned.” There needs to be a completely new BOD that isn’t in his back pocket..... $.02
  10. fireshane1

    I'm old.....and so are you. (Maybe)

    Agreed. And I think anyone who loves the idea of what drum corps is has to learn to adjust. Drum corps is more than what's on the field, it's the every day struggle of what the individual corps go through to put the production on the field, and the coming of age experience for the MM's. I was just simply remarking that I wish the trend would revert back to a time when it was just music and movement. I know it'll never go back to that, and that's okay. Just a commentary on my transition to dinosaur status than anything else.
  11. I think it has finally happened. I've turned into the guy who wishes drum corps would be what it used to be when I marched. Not that I don't like what's happening on the field with Bluecoats, Crown, BD, etc, but the emphasis on, dare I say, show band style design ideas has me wanting some straightforward, in your face, minimal props, bad@ss drum corps. Music in Motion has been mentioned in The Cadets thread and I miss it. The performances are top notch, and I'll never stop going to shows, but d@mmit, I wanna see the above mentioned drum corps take the field (with helmets, shakos, etc) and throw down a show that just lets the crowd know what drum corps really was "back in the day." Will it happen? Who knows? Is this latest incarnation of DCI just an experiment? Once again, who knows? I like it, but I liked the old stuff better. $.02, get off my blood will get all worked up.!!!!
  12. fireshane1

    Cadets 2017

    This. The Cadets fully become The Cadets when the shako goes on. When I marched Phantom Regiment in the 90's, when the helmet went on, it was go time. Any other time, we were laughing and joking, but when we geared up with the helmet, get out of the way because the Phantom Regiment is here. The shako puts the mindset that The bad@ss Cadets have arrived, both in the audience watching and the MM's themselves, I'm sure.