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  1. I'm old.....and so are you. (Maybe)

    Agreed. And I think anyone who loves the idea of what drum corps is has to learn to adjust. Drum corps is more than what's on the field, it's the every day struggle of what the individual corps go through to put the production on the field, and the coming of age experience for the MM's. I was just simply remarking that I wish the trend would revert back to a time when it was just music and movement. I know it'll never go back to that, and that's okay. Just a commentary on my transition to dinosaur status than anything else.
  2. I think it has finally happened. I've turned into the guy who wishes drum corps would be what it used to be when I marched. Not that I don't like what's happening on the field with Bluecoats, Crown, BD, etc, but the emphasis on, dare I say, show band style design ideas has me wanting some straightforward, in your face, minimal props, bad@ss drum corps. Music in Motion has been mentioned in The Cadets thread and I miss it. The performances are top notch, and I'll never stop going to shows, but d@mmit, I wanna see the above mentioned drum corps take the field (with helmets, shakos, etc) and throw down a show that just lets the crowd know what drum corps really was "back in the day." Will it happen? Who knows? Is this latest incarnation of DCI just an experiment? Once again, who knows? I like it, but I liked the old stuff better. $.02, get off my blood will get all worked up.!!!!
  3. Cadets 2017

    This. The Cadets fully become The Cadets when the shako goes on. When I marched Phantom Regiment in the 90's, when the helmet went on, it was go time. Any other time, we were laughing and joking, but when we geared up with the helmet, get out of the way because the Phantom Regiment is here. The shako puts the mindset that The bad@ss Cadets have arrived, both in the audience watching and the MM's themselves, I'm sure.
  4. Whats your on favorite show?

    1993 Phantom Regiment. Was THE show that got me hooked on drum corps. Yeah, I got to know Star of Indiana 1993 and Cadets 1993 and love them both, but I was wide-eyed sitting in the floor totally enthralled by Regiment. Good memories. Making me remember my first years of high school band and how I knew I would march drum corps one day. (sorry I can't name 10 things)
  5. Has the time come?

    Not cluttered on the field at all!!! (Please note the sarcasm). Supposedly the biggest marching band in the US. 800 members Bonus- HS band doing a little 2011 Cadets.
  6. Nice little zoo in Hattiesburg that's inexpensive and great for the kids if you get in town early. You can see the whole zoo in maybe 2 hours.
  7. Has the time come?

    Agreed. But I'm sure they'll increase the number at some point, though who knows if any corps even want to add MM as of right now. Logistics aside, how big can each corps get before it becomes too many?
  8. With Regiment sacrificing hornline for guard this year, it got me thinking... if staging and Blast style shows are the move DCI is making, could they up the total amount of members for each corps? What would the cut-off be? 170? 200? How many is too many? Would it hinder drill at some point? Watching Regiment take the field with 30 contras would be bad-### though...just a thought. $.02.
  9. Phantom Regiment 2017

    I have no problem with this show, though I will concede that it does not seem to be along the same lines as what the top 3 ( or 4, maybe 5) are doing. I think this show would've been very competitive in the 90's, moderately competitive in the mid-00's, but with what is happening today in drum corps, Blast style shows are what's in....maybe. It may change tomorrow. Who knows? I dig the show though, for what it's worth.
  10. How long until corps start using a variation of this type bus to travel with? Will it help? Better rest, better rehearsal? Is floor time, where a corps member can actually stretch out, that big of a deal? When I marched in the mid 90's we got a good portion of our sleep on the bus, floor time was awesome if we could get it... Bonus question..would this make housing sites change? Now all you need is a field and showers. No need for a gym floor. Discuss
  11. Favorite uniform(s) in dci

    1995-1999 Phantom Regiment. Loved wearing the black uniform.
  12. Roderic Saunders - early/mid 90's Phantom Regiment. Tommy (Andre) Feagin - late 90's Phantom Regiment. Marched with him in '98. Hell of a conductor and a great guy.
  13. Life Lessons Learned

    The value of travel as the best education. I lived a relatively sheltered life in south Mississippi before drum corps (overprotective religious zealot parents who never did really approve of my drum corps years, but that's a story for another day) and my two years at Phantom Regiment were a coming of age for me. Learning about people that I never would have been able to meet otherwise and seeing the country, albeit via stadiums, gym floors, and football fields, were some of my greater memories. 2017 makes 20 years since I marched, and I still get misty-eyed thinking of the experience. Now I just have to get my kids to follow suit so I can be a drum corps dad!!!!