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  1. 1995-1999 Phantom Regiment. Loved wearing the black uniform.
  2. Roderic Saunders - early/mid 90's Phantom Regiment. Tommy (Andre) Feagin - late 90's Phantom Regiment. Marched with him in '98. Hell of a conductor and a great guy.
  3. The value of travel as the best education. I lived a relatively sheltered life in south Mississippi before drum corps (overprotective religious zealot parents who never did really approve of my drum corps years, but that's a story for another day) and my two years at Phantom Regiment were a coming of age for me. Learning about people that I never would have been able to meet otherwise and seeing the country, albeit via stadiums, gym floors, and football fields, were some of my greater memories. 2017 makes 20 years since I marched, and I still get misty-eyed thinking of the experience. Now I just have to get my kids to follow suit so I can be a drum corps dad!!!!
  4. So, I just had a dream that DCI issued a new rule that, for the foreseeable future, all lateral movement on the field HAD to be done with a crab step, no matter what section of the corps was moving. Not sure if that would be ridiculous, or look cool as hell!!! Lol
  5. No, but it would be around 65 degrees for the high temp in January down here on the Gulf Coast when I would leave, and by the time I got into Rockford, is was maybe 15 degrees for the high temp, if it even went that high. And lots of snow!!!!
  6. I drove 1000 miles, one way, for camps at Phantom Regiment when I marched back in 97-98. From the bottom (any further south and you're in the Gulf of Mexico) of Mississippi to the top of Illinois. 2000 miles in three days is strictly for the young. My old ### couldn't do that now if I tried. Lol It was a blast at the time, though. Btw, wasn't a music major.
  7. What does a 150 marching member corps have for busses these days? 5 plus a staff bus? With the Scout Cavalier Regiment SuperCorps, they'll need around 15 member busses plus around 3 staff busses. Make it 20 busses for good measure. logistical problem at all. Lol!!
  8. Why not an even 50?
  9. All the busses will be double-decker busses. And twice as long....of course they will have to be custom built, but it's innovative and trendsetting!!!! Lol
  10. Phantom Regiment, Cavaliers, and Madison Scouts are merging to form a SuperCorps with combined memberships of 450 marching members. Will be performing jazz versions of classical music with symmetrical kaleidoscopic drill. It's gonna be great!!!!!
  11. Glad you feel better getting that off your chest. Another internet warrior getting angry. Glad you didn't "let me off the hook." I'm sure you're a blast at parties. Have a good day. I'll get off your lawn now.
  12. What is "old school" ??? pre-DCI, 70's, 80's, 90's, last century, this century. DCI is approaching 50 years which is double the lifetime of current marchers. When I marched in '97-'98, we thought the guys who marched in the '70's were old school, and the guys that marched in the pre-DCI era were "ancient." Lol. I guess that means the 90's are old school now and the 70's are ancient.
  13. As I said before, just my $.02 and worth what you paid to read it. I'm not going to get angry at an activity that meant so much to me when I marched. On the field, It's not the same as it used to be, and that's okay. The kids are still busting ### every day to put out a show they can feel proud of, even if it's not "old school" drum corps. I will always support that.And yes, I'm a former "Old School" member and I go to as many shows as I can every summer, and I wish I could go to more...
  14. So, I've been reading the debates concerning the future of the Cadets, the direction Phantom Regiment (my corps from the the mid 90's), and the direction that corps are moving themselves to. Do I like everything I see on the field? No. But on the same breath, when I marched in '97-'98, and the old-timers would show me videos from the late 70's, I was sometimes less than impressed. The glory days are always the days when we marched. Just human nature to remember the emotions, good times, and coming of age that we all experienced when we were marching members. Same feelings that these kids get today. The point of this nonsensical rambling is to say that the drum corps world is changing, but it is also staying the exact same as it has always been. Will the old-timers like where things are heading vs how it used to be? No, not as a rule. But guess what, I, along with 99% of the old timers will continue to pay for a ticket to go to shows at either a state of the art venue or some rickety country high school stadium. Why? To see the fire in the eyes of the performer, and to support the activity that shaped who each and every one of us are. Just my $.02. Worth what you paid to read it.