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  1. When did halftime get hijacked?

    This is a great point. Honestly, I philosophically have issues with sports, especially football (too dangerous), marching band, etc. being part of a school system at all! I think concert ensembles maybe have a place, but if you have something that the community values for entertainment that that community could provide (parks and rec, travel teams, etc.), then it shouldn't be in the school. Everything schools provide should be primarily educational experiences. Football games? Nope... you're just entertaining the community and sacrificing the kids' health on that altar. Want a band for parades? Fine, have a community band (or... dare I say a drum corps?!?!?! lol). I can't finish my thought process on this right now, and I know I'd be out of a job if my views were enacted, but there it is. :-)
  2. Never Forget

    Thank you for this.
  3. YAY CHAD PENCE!!! He was our tuba music tech in 2005! I'm excited to see what he does with BK's hornline! :-D Also, I LOVE that the same design team is in place. I've loved the ethereal direction BK has taken since the Firebird show. Most years BK puts on my favorite show.
  4. 2017 DCI survey

    I don't have a problem with the survey going to only people who went to championships and purchased the tickets through them. If that's their biggest money maker, why not cater to them? :-) I get they may have lost some of us with the direction of the activity, but if they've already lost those folks why not focus on the people who are still engaged and spending money?
  5. Cadets 2018

    Old pre-DCP drum corps site. I only saw it once, but apparently there was a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth... and also, a certain "her" who was especially bad... ...aaaand GO CADETS! :-D I have a student who wants to audition, but I didn't see any audition materials yet. Anyone know a timeline for that?
  6. You should change the title of the thread to "You Know You're a Drum Corps Nerd When..." I'm sure you'll get some fantastic responses :-D
  7. Cadets 2018

    Your point makes me happy... not that Academy didn't do as well competitively, but because I agree with your argument. The fantastic design choices of the Academy's uniform did not bolster their score in a way that outweighed what and how they performed. This gives me hope that: 1) Corps can still be competitive regardless of uniform 2) Corps can save money by doing uniforms for multiple years instead of feeling they need to reinvest in a new costume every year to fit their concept 3) Corps will realize this one aspect of the arms-race isn't more important than their visual identity, whatever that may be (c'mmmoooonnnn Cadets! bring it baaaack...) :-)
  8. How About Some Common Ground?

    If something goes wrong that is the staff's fault or, probably in Crown's case, nobody's fault, I think it depends on your philosophy on what DCI is/should be. Semi-Professional Touring Broadway-esque Competition: Huge obvious detraction from the music and effect of the show... Hose 'em. Youth Marching Experience Competition: Ignore obvious uncontrollable issue and focus on the actual kids' achievement the best you can. Maybe this distinction should be made between World and Open Classes?
  9. How About Some Common Ground?

    oooOOOOooo.... lol that's interesting... would've been better to wait until toward the end to start it, though... it was "deconstructed" for the whole thing!
  10. Cadets 2018

  11. The Cavaliers 2017

    I have come around on the Cavies' show this year. The show concept and arrangements pushed me away at the beginning of the season... However, by Finals the concept was performed so well by the members that I fell in love with it. It's really cool to see such a vision grow and come into its own like it did. Fantastic job this year, if any members or staff are reading! :-)
  12. The 990's

    Best thread on DCP! :-D well... okay, the lolcorps thread's pretty great... kinda miss it...
  13. Hampton loves marching arts

    He came around by the end... at least the choreography etc. wasn't crap. :-) Also, it perfectly captures the uninitiated's unease with the "clap at every caught toss" sub-culture... I know we all are trying to be supportive, but ... but... ... okay, fine, I like it, actually. Go kids!
  14. Doggo Drum Corps

    So fluffy you could die?
  15. Cadets 2017

    From the admin's perspective, it's probably much less stressful when you don't have to worry about putting out content before you're ready (plus not having to deal with negative press). I mean, do Broadway shows publicly share rehearsal run-throughs before opening night? If they do, good for them, but if it's less than perfection, you might turn people off to the show... and then you lose money... I dig the cone of silence... ...but I LOVED the "Always a Cadet" videos. :-)