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  1. Video edits 2017

    If they're charging astronomical amounts of money, to me that's similar to saying "no"... it's like they're saying "I don't really value you spreading my work to a larger audience, but I guess if you are willing to part with this exorbitant amount of money I can take it off your hands for ya..."
  2. Cadets 2018

    On topic... ;-) Is the rumor on the other thread true about no Bernstein in 2018?
  3. Video edits 2017

    The composers and song writers who say no to requests for sync rights are the ones losing out, I think. I get it about the integrity of your art, and respect it, but drum corps has introduced many artists to me which has led to many a purchased album. I don't blame DCI or Tresona... I think the writers/composers are being unwise in their insistence on artistic purity at the expense of their pocketbooks. Then again, there are principles that I wouldn't budge on too... so I guess it's just an unfortunate, unavoidable situation. The only way I see to avoid is if the corps themselves, while in the show design process, check beforehand to see if DCI would be able to get sync and mechanical rights BEFORE they put it in the show. Then later, when DCI goes to get those rights, they will have success.
  4. Cadets 2018

    lol why not? that's a good idea!!! :-D Seriously, though, that's why you do shako runs... you want the kids to know what it's like in rehearsal/audition before the actual performance!
  5. I say keep it where it is. It's hard to read the show as it is now, especially in smaller stadiums or lower seats and in just one viewing. I honestly enjoyed the 128 limit, as it allowed the audience and the designers to focus on just one or two elements.
  6. Cadets 2018

    Trouble in Tahiti, anyone????? May be a stretch, but I think this opera could work well, and if they tried to produce a drum corps version that was very true to the kind of "small stage" format, using the corps as the "scenery" and connective tissue for the singers, this could be used for an amazing and innovative production! Also, I could totally imagine the 90s Cadets playing some of the stuff from the score like this transition material (https://youtu.be/L1HoB7XbEOY?t=7m58s).
  7. Drum Corps Europe ceases activities

    This may be too soon, but... Would picking up the pieces of DCE's sudden withdrawal be DCI's chance to expand into Europe??? DCUK would probably be better able (culturally and proximity-wise) to keep things going, but... I dunno... would DCI even be interested?
  8. Drum Corps Europe ceases activities

    Not necessarily true... If they're burned out, they're burned out, you know? Or, as they state, their situations changed and their volunteerism untenable. When there's a will there's a way, but if there's no will....
  9. Corps and band have their roots in the military and classical music... not football. No matter what happens to football, pageantry and the marching arts will thrive and continue growing in one way or another.
  10. On one hand, I think the SoundSport, WGI Winds and the Japanese marching band INDOOR models will provide an out for most groups as football fields become more scarce. However, as the marching arts continue to grow and expand independent of their football overlords (ha), I think it would be a perfect opportunity for marching groups to start taking on the stadiums as their homes rather than parking lots, etc.
  11. I'd just like to add the thought that we've kind of returned to Div I, II and III anyway... SoundSport + Drumline Battle = Div III (educational/building mentality) Also, while I hate competitive inertia (BDB and SCVC on top all the time in Open; Buccaneers in DCA, etc.), changing an entire classification system just to alleviate a few corps' stranglehold on silver and gold seems a bit much. Someone else just needs to become better than them.... easier said than done, I know... *shrug*
  12. Cadets 2018

    Wow.... That page of reviews is unbelievably unfortunate. As a member, Hop talked such a good game... I put many aspects of his philosophy into practice as a band director. He's got a lot figured out when it comes to success and perspective of a performing ensemble. I will always respect him for this. But... I just don't see how an organization can run for so long and so "well" with such a tough office atmosphere and turn-over. 30 years of running something is quite an accomplishment... but if there's no training/planning for the future, isn't the whole house of cards built on his expertise and world-view? When Hop gets sick/unable to work for whatever reason, what happens to YEA!? And knowing so many people care so deeply for this organization, I'd imagine there is a ready-to-go group of alumni/YEA employees that have a plan for when he does step down... right?
  13. FloMarching makes a funny

    Even though I appreciate Flo's attempt at humor, I feel this thing was akin to a guy going for 1st or 2nd base on a first date... They haven't built a positive relationship with this particular fan base yet and so something that, say, DCI could get away with... well, not so much Flo. With a couple years of providing quality service, it would've been a lot funnier. :-)