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  1. YEA board resigns

    K, thanks!
  2. YEA board resigns

    That's why I was asking! I didn't have time to go searching... just going off a rusty memory. lol
  3. YEA board resigns

    With a new board and new director, what kinds of things are they going to have to tackle aside from the PR stuff? For instance, I've seen on DCP the mention of big outstanding debt. Do banks and debtors tend to give organizations in turmoil/flux like this a chance to right the ship if it looks like they're taking steps to fix the problem?
  4. Cadets 2018

    Amen. Make Cadets 2018 Thread Great Again.
  5. Tracking DCI Tour

    Next question... are you going to connect all of those flags with strings to show which stop follows what show??? Copyright those images quickly... this is so cool, I'd bet DCI, or someone, would be interested in using it as a marketing thingy! :-)
  6. Cadets 2018

    Thank you for this.
  7. lol :-D it's cool... we've all been there. Now, off to church!
  8. It feels like that now, yes. I do believe it will be very difficult... but there is too much history, too much passion wrapped up into this activity for a handful (implied from this thread) of bad actors to bring down drum corps. I cite the last post by YEA as evidence for this. I also cite my own high school that I teach at... our basketball team was on ESPN, the situation was so bad. And yet, here we are, two years later, playing basketball again and supporting the team with just as much, if not more energy and determination. The Cadets will survive; they might even thrive this year. And if all of DCI has to clean house of all those bad actors to do the same, I'm sure they will.
  9. I've always wondered what FTKs meant... now I get it... ugh...
  10. Cadets 2018

    I agree... the optics would improve. I just read the lyrics of the Sounds of Silence... yeah, there's no hope there. It would be a good idea to change it out.
  11. I was thinking about this today. I say yes... separate the performing ensembles from the parent organization. I wonder if the Dance Troop, Cadets 2, Indoor Cadets will be picked up by other parent organizations in PA. Or anywhere else across the country. Back to Bergen County?
  12. My attempt to work through all this on my blog. Comment if you'd like. Thanks guys. https://yhwhjanitor.wordpress.com/2018/04/07/what-to-do-about-george-hopkins/
  13. Cadets 2018

    Now that Mr. Hopkins has stepped down, I was thinking about their show theme this year. In the other thread, it was mentioned that this show theme is terribly inappropriate considering what was going on... But, the more I think about, the emotional weight of the situation coupled with a resounding conscious rejection of the concept explored in the title... this show could be the vehicle that the organization uses to heal and move on from this.