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  1. My high school did this, sort of. We learned dots in band camp, then just dressed the crap out of the forms for the rest of the season with very little concern for the original "dots". All about the intervals, baby! Kind of cool... band camp video compared to final video showcase vastly different drill. Like a game of visual Telephone! lol
  2. Cadets 2018

    K, well, if this whole Sound of Silence thing is happening, I'm super excited. I don't really immerse myself with the top groups of BOA, etc., and so it's new to me. It ain't Malaguena, you know? lol :-) It's recognizable for the majority of the target audience, and it's a powerful piece of source music. I plan on putting aside any baggage associated with the selection and pray for an incredible production by the '18 Cadets. Shoot, what if their theme was "Hello Darkness, My Old Friend"... oooo!
  3. I've worked with/talked to several guard instructors over the years... the three main approaches seem to be: 1) Write all the choreography, then change it to fit the drill. 2) Wait for the drill, then write choreography around it. 3) Write features and major impact points beforehand (and change the drill to fit them), then write the rest based on the drill. In my experience, the least stressful and more successful is #3 when all is said and done, especially if the drill writer knows ahead of time. #2 makes it super stressful on the guard members and instructors... no time to clean. #1 tends not to work very well unless the instructor is really flexible/knowledgeable and the kids are more experienced.
  4. Madison Scouts 2018

    It is a pretty awesome country, even with all its flaws. I mean... a country governed by its own people through democratically elected representatives...?!? That was crazy talk 250 years ago, yet here we are! Also, I mean, c'mon... look at our DRUM CORPS!! :-) lol
  5. Cadets 2018

    WOW!!!!! I didn't even SEE the flag until you asked about it! WOW!!!!!! I just..... WOW!!!!! lol That's incredible.
  6. Cadets 2018

    This will work for another 82 years... Then the "C>>>" will have to scoot a bit to the right...
  7. DCI Growth Explosion between 2018 and 2020

    Economy's perking up again... finally... so that's going to help. More disposable income floating around. Also, I think the SoundSport and Drumline Battle concept, while they may not be super big right now, have sparked the imagination of many corps-inspired folks by providing a safety net that, even if they miss Open Class, there's still a way to get into DCI.
  8. Music Modernization Act?

    Just briefly glancing through, "... amending Section 115 of the U.S. Copyright Act to change the way the Copyright Royalty Board determines rates from using a legal standard to one that reflects market value by trying to approximate a willing buyer/willing seller market rate." Sooo... no more paying the maximum for everyone if doing a medley?! Pay more for highly sought-after music and pay less for little sought-after music??... sounds right to me. :-) On the other hand, I don't see anything having to do with arranging rights. Mostly focuses on mechanical and sync rights... so it'd be interesting to see the impact on DCI's media content.
  9. Catching up on lost time

    Good luck!!! :-)
  10. The end (Georgia Dome)

    Cool electronic beat, too. Perfect soundtrack...
  11. Video edits 2017

    If they're charging astronomical amounts of money, to me that's similar to saying "no"... it's like they're saying "I don't really value you spreading my work to a larger audience, but I guess if you are willing to part with this exorbitant amount of money I can take it off your hands for ya..."
  12. Cadets 2018

    On topic... ;-) Is the rumor on the other thread true about no Bernstein in 2018?
  13. Video edits 2017

    The composers and song writers who say no to requests for sync rights are the ones losing out, I think. I get it about the integrity of your art, and respect it, but drum corps has introduced many artists to me which has led to many a purchased album. I don't blame DCI or Tresona... I think the writers/composers are being unwise in their insistence on artistic purity at the expense of their pocketbooks. Then again, there are principles that I wouldn't budge on too... so I guess it's just an unfortunate, unavoidable situation. The only way I see to avoid is if the corps themselves, while in the show design process, check beforehand to see if DCI would be able to get sync and mechanical rights BEFORE they put it in the show. Then later, when DCI goes to get those rights, they will have success.