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  1. EXACTLY ! I bet if this article never was published it would have been business as usual at the Crossmen this tour.
  2. HBD

    the new list of Class A

    Written in "Colobus" Ohio I believe.
  3. HBD

    the new list of Class A

    Who are the "Goveraries"?
  4. Go with the 1st part, that's the better bet. Give it some time, I'm sure we will have an SCV thread in the near future.
  5. Ted spent a few years teaching at the Bushwackers, a good guy and friend, If she is anything like her brother she must be a wonderful person. jay
  6. YES ! Listen to Frank, DONT miss this clinic, ALL are welcomed to attend.
  7. HBD

    Star '91 Question

    A good friend of mine Terry Keenan (27th) told me at a weeknight show in the Manning Bowl " wait till you see their new ending, George taught it last night on the fly" , So it's a good bet that they were in the Boston area when they learned it.
  8. HBD

    Cadets 2018

    I wasn't, Just wanted to give a little background to the discussion of the photo.
  9. HBD

    Cadets 2018

    No, Harrison NY is in Westchester county NY ( suburb of NYC) and is a pretty wealthy enclave. The band director at this school marched Bush in the early 2000's and is involved with the Brassmen parade corps now. They have a REALLY great music program at this school, great jazz band, concert band and choirs but they don't compete on a regular basis or not at all. Not all great music programs are dependent on holding a baritone properly or playing a quad lick clean. They have a large band, supported well by the parents and the school but it's just a small part of a really great music program. The great composer Steve Melillo taught at this school in the early 80's and today's band director was a student of his. These kids get a great education!
  10. HBD

    C2 '18

    I know for a fact Brendan is our new visual caption Supervisor at Bush for 2018. My guess is the C2 staff listing needs updating.
  11. HBD

    C2 '18

    I don't think some of these people are returning to C2?? Check the Bushwacker staff announcement , You may see a few names posted there.
  12. HBD

    2017 DCA Finals

    It was "The Bushwacker rule". Put in after our 3rd title, Disappeared after our 6th title.
  13. HBD

    2017 DCA Finals

    Eric worked a few camps in the winter and worked our Bush academy corps our beginner corps of middle schoolers we operate, He is a great educator! Life and work took center stage this summer for Eric, He is still looked upon as one of our wonderful staff members though.
  14. HBD

    2017 DCA Finals

    Sorry, But if you are talking about Eric, he stepped aside this season , Crown alumSeth Hastings is our bass tech this season and his brother Jordan ( Buc alum) is the assistant caption head. Credit where credit is due!